Electronic instrument news

  • Elektron Octatrack OS v1.0

    Elektron Octatrack OS v1.0

    07/01/11 in Elektron Octatrack

    Elektron Music Machines has released OS 1.0 for the Octatrack DPS-1, described as the single biggest Octatrack OS update so far.

  • Eowave Ribbon Now Shipping

    Eowave Ribbon Now Shipping

    07/01/11 in Eowave Ribbon

    Eowave is now shipping the Eowave Ribbon, a lofi synth and USB and CV Gate controller.

  • Expert Sleepers ES-4

    Expert Sleepers ES-4

    06/30/11 in Expert Sleepers ES-4

    Expert Sleepers has announced the ES-4, a Eurorack format module which converts a standard S/PDIF input to five channels of control voltage.A

  • Moog Music Slim Phatty Review

    Moog Music Slim Phatty Review

    06/29/11 in Moog Music SlimPhatty

    Five years after having introduced the Little Phatty, Moog decided to launch the compact synth in module version. Did the Slim Phatty succeed in making the famous Moog sound available to anyone?

  • Moog Little Phatty OS Update

    Moog Little Phatty OS Update

    06/21/11 in Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II

    Moog Music announced the release of Phatty OS v.3.1, a firmware upgrade to the Phatty family of analog synthesizers.

  • Reactable Mobile

    Reactable Mobile

    06/19/11 in Music Technology Group Reactable Mobile

    Reactable Mobile brings the Reactable synthesizer to your mobile device.

  • Music Computing StudioBLADE (Gen2)

    Music Computing StudioBLADE (Gen2)

    06/11/11 in Music Computing StudioBLADE (Gen2)

    Music Computing, the makers of the StudioBLADE line of keyboard production stations, has announced the Gen2 versions.

  • Blue Cat & Feeltune Collaborate on Rhizome

    Blue Cat & Feeltune Collaborate on Rhizome

    06/10/11 in Feeltune Rhizome XE

    Blue Cat Audio and Feeltune have announced a partnership for the integration of Blue Cat Audio plug-ins into Feeltune's musical workstation, the Rhizome.

  • GotharMusic Gotharman's deMOON + .v3

    GotharMusic Gotharman's deMOON + .v3

    06/01/11 in Gotharman's Gotharman's deMOON + .v3.

    Gotharman announces the relaunch of its deMOON synth in a Youtube video.

  • Moog Lunar Impact

    Moog Lunar Impact

    05/29/11 in Moog Music Lunar Impact

    Nova*Musik have teamed up with Moog Music to announce the Moog Voyager Performer Lunar Impact.