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  • ENGL Z-7 Midi Interface

    ENGL Z-7 Midi Interface - "Works perfect with the Savage 120/SE"


    I was playing out a lot and got fed up with all the tap-dancing on my pedalboard so at one point I decided to go the midi-route. I had to buy a tool to be able to switch my amps (Savage120/SE) with midi and the answer was the Z-7. The Z-7 is a small …

  • ENGL Z-10 Footswitch

    ENGL Z-10 Footswitch - "Rock solid switcher for Savage120"


    When I bought my Savage120 years ago, I also got the Z10 to switch the channels of the am. You can also buy a midi-unit for this amp but the Z10 was the right choice for me at the time. I used it for about 8-9 years with the Savage 120 and later wit…

  • ENGL Z-12 Midi Footcontroller

    ENGL Z-12 Midi Footcontroller - myriam63660_en's review


    - simple to use, beautiful and built like a tank…

  • ENGL Z-12 Midi Footcontroller

    ENGL Z-12 Midi Footcontroller - " Panzer !!"


    I use it for late June / early July, bought OCCAZ a very nice Afien! Used for a few rehearsals and two lives so far! This is my first MIDI pedal, but not my first foot controller! Before Bossant on a Line 6 Spidervalve I used (and still uses flat …

  • ENGL Z-5 Footswitch

    ENGL Z-5 Footswitch - Countdown's review


    A small return on the Z5, used with a Powerball (V1). It is a 6-button footswitch to control (in my case) the Powerball in full. Better than 2 Z4 ultimately, since with the latter must switcher buttons simultaneously to switch from clean to high g…

  • ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher

    ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher - " great"


    switcher twelve o'clock very practical and easy to use I used it with the heads brunetti pirata 141 engl screamer mini mesa recto carvin V3m no pb for use with all those heads used with a line6 M13 I plugged in the z11 out footswitch …

  • ENGL Z-4 Footswitch

    ENGL Z-4 Footswitch - " A beautiful ENGL footswitch, which comes at a high pix!"


    I am using the ENGL Z-4 from September 2009, as a footswitch for my preamp ENGL E530 Modern Rock. This is my first footswitch, but that does not prevent me to enjoy its high quality manufacturing, aviation and its look. This footswitch is all t…

  • ENGL Z-15 Midi Footcontroller

    ENGL Z-15 Midi Footcontroller - JoCkEr_cyril's review


    I use it on a Marshall JVM 410H ... ben people has nothing to say except that it is the bomb ^ ^ a bank for each scratch ... the four channels are usable, and 3 modes too! explanations: the amp possde 4 channels (clean, crunch, OD1, OD2) and each cha…

  • ENGL Z-12 Midi Footcontroller

    ENGL Z-12 Midi Footcontroller - metal's review


    MIDI pedals everything simpler and more efficient! It sends program changes 1-128, the latter being distributed in 13 banks of 10 presets (00 presets and 129 can not be sent of course). A footswitch to mount at banks, another to go down and 10 …

  • ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher

    ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher - CHAM-NEwTT's review


    I've had three weeks. It is small it fits on the side of my head thanks to the small roadster pad members. Just plugged in, it works immediately and without hassle. It's perfect in use. It's still a bit expensive for my taste, but it's worth…