ENGL Z-5 Footswitch
ENGL Z-5 Footswitch

Z-5 Footswitch, Pedal/Controller from ENGL in the Z series.

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blanknimrod 04/02/2006

ENGL Z-5 Footswitch : blanknimrod's user review


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J uses the head with my z5 engl screamer 50 head ...

It's true that first you say wow to the cow's asshole taking the opportunity to make us cough up a footswitch to 150 euros ...

But it's really great practice, my way of composing a t largely influenced by the opportunities of moving from one channel has a soft crunch and distortion channel or large disto ... This footswitch is the only way to fully enjoy ENGL heads ...

It's good stuff (there's nothing normal in ENGL say), c beefy ... cable from the super fragile I feel I will CRER trouble when he goes let go but we'll see ...

voila, at all good for now!