ENGL Z-12 Midi Footcontroller
ENGL Z-12 Midi Footcontroller

Z-12 Midi Footcontroller, MIDI Pedal from ENGL in the Z series.

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metal 10/03/2008

ENGL Z-12 Midi Footcontroller : metal's user review


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MIDI pedals everything simpler and more efficient!

It sends program changes 1-128, the latter being distributed in 13 banks of 10 presets (00 presets and 129 can not be sent of course).

A footswitch to mount at banks, another to go down and 10 to send the PC you want in banks.

2 7-segment displays show the séletionné PC (for PC above 99, the decimal point in the right affichuer lights to indicate that we are in the PC 1XX).

Solid construction (who said German? :-)), Stainless Steel, metal switch. The space between the switches is large and very pleasant, access to the switches is therefore no problem, even with big shoes (to be honest I even tried with fangs :-)). And without making a monster machine (50 x 15 x 5 cm).

Under the pedals, four large rubber feet that maitiennent well the craft to the ground.
Also note that the surface of the pedal is slightly oblique, which also facilitates access to the second row of switches, no risk of crushing those at the bottom when you activate those at the top. Pe is a detail, but the pictures are found on the internet for it ...

Level connections, an input for power (7-15 volts AC or 9-20 volts DC) and one MIDI output. A big advantage of the machine, the possibility of power via the MIDI cable (phantom power), by the PIN 1 and 2. MIDI switches Z-11 and Z-7 in ENGL provide the power, among other things, as a result, only one cable to connect.

Level setup, the only thing to configure is the midi channel (1-16) which are sent to the PC and it just have to hold the bank up and bank switches down and select the PC with UP and DOWN . we leave the menu by pressing a switch from PC ...

I barely used in the last repeat, but I already kingdom! To replace my home FCB1010 Beri, which I found too big and too complex since I use my pedals now than to send to my PC switch Z-11 to control my amp in any two effects. The FCB1010 is a great product, as far as needing all the features. I have not had to try other pedals before, it conquered me.

However, I find the price too expensive, even for this quality. Fortunately I found one of OCCAZ for just over 100 euros (170 CHF).

The more I think: balèze construction, simplicity, and especially access to phantom power switches.

The only unless I see the price to nine

I would buy eyes closed!