Echo Audiofire 12
Echo Audiofire 12
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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 13 reviews )
 10 reviews77 %
 3 reviews23 %
Value For Money : Excellent

gae247's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Audiofire 12
12 inputs and outputs FireWire 500 € (about) yes! With the possibility of chaining 3 = 36 inputs and outputs!

Connected to a mac (Logic) with firewire, it should of course add preamps but from my point of view this is an advantage because it gives the possibility to choose several different colors, different qualities ... choose your péamplis whatever.

So I can record 12 tracks at a time can go up to 192Khz. (Without the last update).

No problem to install it I had problem with cons of "clicks" strange noises. This is a problem ... I think buffer but can ruin a take.

Its default: no headphone output ... it would take at least one!

I would do this choice.


Stable drivers on mac
Logic 9 and it works. Audacity crunches (you must know where to change the buffer ...)
12 tracks simultaneously.


No problem to install cons I mismanaged buffer sizes.


2 years.
I had several cards, and other ente motu I prefer my audience.

The +:
Good sound cheap
No headphone output

Q / P: super!
I would reiterate yes. To mount as you have to put a lot of extra money.
doc benway03/14/2013

doc benway's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" does its job"

Echo Audiofire 12
I was looking for 16 ins 16 outs in jack for use directly out of my console, here is already 12! After 2 years of use, I think buying a 2nd switch for 24 in / out.
So I have a trident preamps with 16 plus 8 good preamps (neve, telefunken, through design, rft), no need preamp on my converter.


I use AC with reaper is stable with a very short latency (4ms? I know) you can get a 0 if listening with software echo (a small mixer that allows manage returns headphones enough if you do not use effect).
Well it crashes at startup when it gets too cold in the stud '... Prevoir time the piece!


Everything works well and quickly, it is very simple. The site is comprehensive constructor.


Well, I had a digidesign 002 before that, the big problem was to move from a protools reaper, change sound card I did not pose any concern.
I like being able to freely configure the 12 outputs, stereo headsets 6, to monitor several forums, sending to the console for analog summing, etc ... The fact of being in jack only allows me to not get lost always seek a more gear ("hey, what I can put on my 2nd ADAT in?")
I think for the price, it's perfect. This is 5 times cheaper than the "pro" style prism or lynx, certainly less strong on the length, but I do not think its worth much difference. I'd love to hear ca moreover, a comparative test lynx / audio?! ..
A word salvation!

tekool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it does its job well."

Echo Audiofire 12
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
12 inputs and 12 outputs

For what purpose?
Com, live

With which instruments or systems (console, preamp, DtD ...) you use it and how connections?
Mackie 1402 VLZ3


The drivers are stable?
Never had any problems with windows 7

What software do you use most often?
ableton live

How many tracks you get to record / playback simultaneously?
12/12 but (6 stereo)

What latency you get?
8ms latency General


The installation is done it without problems?

The general configuration is easy?

Have you encountered any incompatibilities?

The manual is clear and sufficient?


How long have you been using?
6 months

Did you try many other models before buying it?
Edirol UA25ex

What feature do you like most?
the number of inputs / outputs, price, quality converters, low latency routing possibilities

What feature do you like the least?
No headphone jack, the conversion rate remains at 96khz max with the latest firmware.

How do you rate the quality / price?

With experience, you do again this choice?
Drew davies08/20/2012

Drew davies's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great"

Echo Audiofire 12
I recorded three albums with this card,
the sound is very good, as most interfaces today, but especially faciilité of use and stability, extremely simple to use, not a single crash after five days in the studio (4-6 hours per day 96khz) on can completely forget ..
The software always has free and easy download (mac or pc) on their site, installs quickly and without problem,
And even worst driving 100 miles there is no office, ca to switch to the action soon ..

For the fourth album I spent in motu .... every day new problems, very unstable, complicated interface neccesite much time to master card which put out if you have problems with mass (adapter on the motu, transformer internal echo) gain preamps very weird and then if you want to connect two together, hello galleys ... I've already seen similar problems with other cards, but very frankly with the echo that never happened

I regret having sold the echo to the motu, and I will return to this map, which in its simplicity can focus on MUSIC and not the computer







OrganicWaves's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An excellent converter, not really an audio interface"

Echo Audiofire 12
Converters-very well made
Few-functions "gadget", we go straight to the essential
Construction-and high-quality finish
Console software-simple yet effective
I use it with a '08 and a prophet waldorf Q, in Live and Pro Tools. There is no digital connectivity, no preamp, no volume knob, just a on / off, 12 inputs and 12 outputs analog TRS jack 6.35 format, MIDI and wordclock two. It connects to the computer by firewire. Mac is a simplicity more than disconcerting, it is recognized by all the software I use. When you turn the computer automatically sets as the main exit. Level converters is very specific, very defined, both in terms of dynamics (32-bit, there is more headroom than the ear can cash), that of the stereo image. FHZ response is very correct, tuned it does not differentiate between a note played live on my synth through headphones, and the same note played through headphones after registration. Ultimately the only small criticism I can make it is that the mix lacks a bit of momentum.


No drivers, one branch, we lights, it works (OSX 10.6)


Any inconsistency, or in Live or PT. Confituration ultra simplistic (SR, the word clock source)


I use it for just over seven months and it's a real treat, the true professional gear, you can count on, despite the endless sessions it does not crash EVER. The converters are truly remarkable. An excellent compromise if you can do without integrated preamp and digital connectors.
john chapman10/27/2011

john chapman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it laughs over there"

Echo Audiofire 12
please visit manufacturer:

it turns a PC with intel Corei7, 16 GB RAM, Windows 7

Namely: the last update does not allow recording 192Khz with windows 7 (at least with me), you must install one before that works as well, why? According to the manufacturer's fault to Microsoft. (Not surprising)

That said I have never registered 192kHz, given the volume of a project at this frequency ... Mp3 to finish anyway ...


Use: recording studio
I record, mix and mastered for almost a decade, as "amateur warned," I worked in several studios over the years I have accumulated preamps (Api, spl, Hearing, drawn, and manufacturing houses ...), so no need for preamps built into the card.
The choice of the latter was therefore quite fast, as it is almost the only one to offer only analog inputs / outputs. This has also allowed the brand to focus on the quality of the converter. it shows!

I could use in my young life, many other interfaces, M-Audio ProFire (FRO), TC Electronic Desktop (very well), Motu ultralite (bof preamps), Alesis IO I know not what (very blah ) PreSonus FireStudio (preamps very blah), RME Fireface (very well), etc ...


installed in 2 minutes, no problems rolling!


I have this interface for a year, ideal for studio and live output consoles, 12in/out, ability to chain multiple maps, impeccable stability (it is the least we can ask ...), Virtual Console very well thought, simple and effective for multi monitor, via a mixing console, etc. ...
the converter are the level of RME, so go ahead with closed eyes and ears wide open

LDVC@'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 12x192kHz/24 bit GNU / Linux"

Echo Audiofire 12
My choice was made on 192 kHz (required) 24-bit cards in these chainent easily to a real studio computer music latest Ubuntu (GNU / Linux).
I tested the 12 on my computer AudioFire G31TM-P21 / E6600 2.4 GHz / 2 GB / 500 GB HDD in RAID 1 configuration successful in 192 kHz!

This card will work later with the special computer computer music with Ardour on Ubuntu ... (Bi-quad Opteron 2.3 GHz / 16 GB / 4 SATA2 drives in RAID10 / 3 or 4 graphics cards dual-screen)

While keeping the possibility of a second AudioFire 12 for a true 24-track I / O and any router with an analog console ... (If you consider 1 button = 1 function).
Meanwhile, the pilot is to start with a BCF2000 in Mackie mode.


Drivers are stable, I discussed the installation with Ubuntu 10.10 on the Linux computer music.

Drivers are frequently updated on GNU / Linux when necessary. In this case, the card uses the driver ffado.
Latency of 4 ms at 192 kHz (256 samples per period / 3 periods per buffer), no Xrun. The lowest latency 1 ms at 192 kHz on Ubuntu Xrun few non-patched-RT (64 samples per pépriodes). Try with a core-RT!
Recording 12 tracks at 192 kHz with Ardour for instance.

(However, for trouble free use possible "super-computer computer music" will surely be totally isolated from the network.)


Installation is easy, we did the procedure on Linux computer music. Note that the 192 kHz works for us! (Apparently Windows users have concerns)

MIDI support is suspended ... apparently not yet supported by ffado for this card. It will ...

The configuration ... (Easy for me) seems relatively easy.

The manual ... A5 cardboard box in a CD with drivers for windows and mac I believe.


I use less than 24 hours.

I love the most: everything in this board AudioFire 12, it must be able to channel 7 or 8, Sygen Chain 4 cards AudioFire 12 under Ubuntu 10.10 for 48 tracks in a real word clock to 96 kHz ...

Value: one has for his money. I love
mortimer Valla08/09/2010

mortimer Valla's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Audiofire 12
These are the 12 ways that motivated my choice. sampling at 192 kHz is interesting but seriously I do not use it. I use this card with an analog console Alto L16 I had chosen for its interesting capabilities in this price range routing.
I use the card in a home studio to record everything: guitar, bass, drums, vocals.
I'm using a macbookpro core 2 duo 2.93 with 4 gigabytes of RAM and SSD 128 + FW 800 external drive Coy.


no worries drivers. you plug it works ...
I made 10-track simultaneous recording and playback at the moment.
I have not watched the latency ... no problem to save the battery which is my instrument and for which I'm pretty fussy.


Installation is super-simple one branch and it works. no compatibility issues. no need for manual. Just a small note was quickly lifted by anxiety forums AF on the outlet. we receive a U.S. connection and esy question 115v. actually just buy a cord and the French supermarket AudioFire adapts itself to 220v. one point less for that ...


I have this card for 3 months. I've had for 3 years a Edirol FA 101 which I was very happy but I was limited to 8 microphones in the storming of the battery. echo map seems more neutral and slightly more metallic the Edirol.
what I love most: excellent value for money.
what I like least: the little anxiety when connecting to the sector's value.
I would do without this choice problem as much as these cards are chainable where 24 tracks at a lower cost.

Necropope's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect!"

Echo Audiofire 12
I bought a studio sound engineer friend with whom I worked several times,
So I was in familiar territory.

Studio use only, group metal and rock.
Recording guitars, drums, bass, vocals, piano, synthesizer, drum machine etc. ...
My kit has seen my page Audiofanzine!


I'm using Cubase SX 3 and everything is clear, simple, fast, all the drivers are not stable or bug restart.


ease of installation and use child!


This is by far the best model I worked with!
Incomparable value for money!


Deytoo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Audiofire 12
Sound card 12 inputs and 12 outputs
comes with driver and "console" virtual 12/12 (if you can call it that ...)
for me it is what it takes
without preamp


I use it to register but also as "console" for the scene ... rock band bass drum with grat track that passes through FY


Quick and easy installation
it's not complicated. 12x12 faders. You rule and you have the sound ...


I use since 2007:

to save: A preamp on each track. Yes it is very expensive as budget. by prémp ...
BUT the sound is there. you just need a good mic, a good preamp. and AC drives, the sound is magnificent.

for live: excellent! if you know what you have done and the stuff behind! beginners beware!