MOTU 828
MOTU 828

828, FireWire audio interface from MOTU in the 828 series.

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All user reviews for the MOTU 828

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 3 reviews38 %
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AlanForPresident's review"Used for many years, and I was very satisfied"

MOTU 828
The Motu 828 interface is run by fire wire and not USB which is one of the reason I took a lot of interest in it. When the Motu 828 first came out all the kept saying is that it was going to change the face of computer integration with audio interfaces and in some ways it did just that. The Motu 828 was very easy to use and to install it on my machine. It was very powerful and I was excited to get rid of my PCI card and get into the new era of audio interfaces via fire wire. I was pretty young when I first purchased this, and really wasn’t sure if I wanted to make the leap from the PCI card that I just bought. But needless to say I have kept this interface all the way till the year of 2010. So it really lasted me almost 8 year or so. I used this interface with Cubase LE for a while and later using it with programs like FL Studio.


I didn’t experience any driver updates, maybe I wasn’t aware of them when they came out but for my system I had no issues and no need to update. Even when I switched the Motu 828 to my Quad Core computer years ago, it still worked great and with the same drivers that it came with. Also, the latency on this interface was very low, but I have had lower latency with some newer interfaces. The Motu 828 was very stable and the price when it first came out made it a tough buy at the time because it was not cheap.


I had no compatibility issues on either system I used it on. I cant remember the specs of my Dell desktop that I first used it on , but the second computer I used it on was a quad core pc with AMD and it worked perfectly. The manual was easy to use as I remember correctly and it wasn’t to long or hard o understand. All of the main functions of the Motu 828 where right on the unit and easy to use.


They have upgraded this interface to the MKII and then the MKIII. I have had a chance to work with both of the upgrades that MOTU has made, but the original Motu 828 has set the standard for the other products they have release. I do not regret my decision to purchase the Motu 828. I bought it with every penny I had saved and got well over my moneys worth.
M Elise12/10/2008

M Elise's review

MOTU 828
I believe this was one of the first consumer oriented external firewire devices on the market. It originally sold mail order for $800.00. I bought mine around 2001 or 2002 and am still happily using it (2008) to record onto my home computer. It features two preamp inputs with individual adjustable gain with phantom power switch and XLR or 1/4 inch inputs, 6 more balanced inputs with 1/4 inch jacks and level controls for each pair of two, LED in/out lights, headphone jack, master volume level knob, monitor level knob, stereo main out jacks, 8 individual balanced out jacks and some optical and Adat jack options I don't use or know much about. It has 24 bit 64 and 128 oversampling converters. It has a software control panel that is easy to use.


I have installed this on two different Macintosh computers and have never had any difficulty whatsoever with the installation or functionality. The manual is clear.


I have never had any issue with the Motu 828 except that often when I turn it on the clock does not sink up with the computer and the clock lights continue to flash. This requires me to turn off the Moto 828 and turn it back on again. The second time I turn it on it always sinks right up to the computer. My drivers are updated and I have had this issue with 2 different computers each running Tiger OSX. I have no idea if this issue is peculiar to me or an issue with Tiger or a characteristic of the unit. It is annoying but not terribly bad. I use the 828 with Logic software.


The Motu 828 sounds great to me! I don't hear any negative coloration of the sound whatsoever. I don't have a lot of experience with soundcards but it sounds professional to me. It sounds better that my Tascam US-122. I don't know how it compares to the newer products but overall it is a great product and I've been very happy with it.

Lau.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" discription"

MOTU 828
I chose this interface because it is not expensive to Argus in 2013 and I planned the linker with adat for 16 tracks to record synths, samplers, guitar and microphone


Well it worked a month and nothing ... Suddenly she was no longer receiving juice, once she was no longer detected ... spent a technician to take a look there ... without success ...


see above installation

in recent macs it was not detected either (tested after the failure), and w 7 32 bit or 64, nada ... xp can not be tested ...


I use it more than once ... it seems to have slept in a closet for years and once emerged from his cryogenic said bye bye soon enough.

What I like most is the price if it works fine for a hundred euros you have a good sound card, coupled with the adat 150 euro + or - there is a 16 tracks ...
I do not like the inability to direct monitoring of more than one entry ... not stand alone either

for comparison, in the ear, I would say less good at rendering sononre the presonus mobile firestudio the motu ultralite, analog mixer Mackie SR24 / 4 (love it!), the TC Electronic Konnekt 24D .. . better than m audio fast track and Alesis IO2 course!

if it had functioned with this budget and I would choose it again

tontonbrahms's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 828
2 amp (60 db gain) and 6 line inputs (40 dB gain)
8 balanced outputs on jack


Mac, and Motu dp for 15 years, there has never had any worries.
The drivers are remarkably stable, and now they are generic advantage, ie a single installer for all MOTU sound cards present and past.
It's not like M 20 with its audio drivers for sound card that are just rotten!!

OTHER BENEFITS with DP, is the ability to chain multiple sound cards, even different brands, to increase the number of input / output for sessions ...




A good map and well built.
The converters are much better than the Mbox 2 eg.
The volume pots and monitor because they often spit like carbon and I do not know or find for the change (for stereo line), against those with input are cermet (waterproof) so no sound reason to fear.

In short, a good map to find 200 Euros in occas ...

dalcl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 828
External card 2 XLR preamp, line 6 + 8 line outputs ... blah
I have time used for the moment to record a small demo of my group, plus a small yamaha console, and an ART preamp crap.
Recorded the group into several parts because of small room ...


Quick installation on my PC, everything is done alone without problems, but however when I tried to put the person with whom we recorded it did not work, not recognized, so I have brought my computer .
Very simple configuration or I did not have the manual (OCCAZ), and no problems


The drivers seem stable, I have not tried to update.
I use Cubase SX 2. Latency is 11ms when the same, but considering how j'enregiste ca does not bother me ... Finally ca's up my ca
I recorded 6 tracks with no problems, I think we can go quietly.


I use it for 2 months.
I like least: euuuhh ...
I love the most: the preamp with a lot of gains, not a pet of breath, even a block, very neutral, he released what he gives.
I tried a few other sound cards, I think the preamps are better than a mbox 2 for example, or m-audio ... Really happy with the result.
The original price was a little pricey I think this model is no longer leaves it seems to me, I had to OCCAZ € 350, and really happy, we do not often this quality at this price point (ca is not too difficult in its values ​​there in OCCAZ).
Yes, I would do this without any problems choosing, MOTU thank you =)

moonlightsoul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 828
Everything is good.
The quality of the preamp.

With a Portable 1.4 ghz ram 1giga

Well suited to the PC and used with all software.


Yes everything is ok, no problem set apart with the update Win SP2


Everything is ok nothing to say


I used the last 3 years.
This is my first pro sound card.
and I am not disappointed with the investment.
The value for money is justified, and today the prices are okay al argus, making it a good choice for those who debuted as confirmed.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 828
Chosen for its converters, the firewire port, chosen for its all transfers (made of voice, backups, fantastic mix, managing samples, etc.)
asus motherboard firewire / cpu p4 2ghz 768 ram dd 80GB
16 is a mackie monitor it, it is to connect a patch that manages all routes (route output 1 / 2 between the 3 / 4 for example


Installation of maddening facilitbr /> no incompatibility (if! SoundForge crpite c but I who have a parameter of the zapper lol)
VERY simple and manual config .... dispensable


Drivers nickels, logic compatibility perfect for me
0 latency?? they say 17 ms but I hear right??
I have not tried more than 4 tracks simultaneously, nickel ...


I think 9 months of use, simplicity and quality of construction and converters +

in - really hard g l ... 48v can be the trigger that makes a little pinball ... to say something ...
I knew the isi do not talk about the digi 001 enterrec is clear, then qq e cards yamaha style more I know what, the gallery c ca install and disconnects that by opening the pc not so c even CATEGORY
quality good price, I think 7000 francs c qu'iml this requires a pro card today, you pay no frills no gadgets, just between terminals and a firewire ...

yes yes and yes, c a central point of the studio and I can not complain c top, since I am zen ...
just a default I have no laptop (with a laptop and a firewire headphone you have a pro-level transfer all c too much!!

Cheers's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 828
I was looking for a firewire card to spend some time thinking about the titanium powerbook.
I used this card already in a pro studio with a mk2, so I could test it.
Saying anything, it works great.
My home config (for models) G4 dual processor 450, 512ram, Mac OS 9.2 and Logic 4.7


Big problem installing a complete gallery Journe ... it was the firewire cable supplied with the card that was defective, an exchange with that of the writer and everything is back to normal.
Motu does not guarantee the cable ...:-)


No problem, I use it with Logic.


Very good, the quality of the converters and preamps are excellent.
I do not regret my choice, I bought in the United States, cost includes all taxes and port 800.