TC Electronic Konnekt 24D
TC Electronic Konnekt 24D

Konnekt 24D, FireWire audio interface from TC Electronic in the Konnekt series.

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All user reviews for the TC Electronic Konnekt 24D

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 30 reviews )
 17 reviews57 %
 5 reviews17 %
 2 reviews7 %
 1 user review3 %
 5 reviews17 %
Value For Money : Excellent

mrjason's review"its a road warrior"

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D
The Konnekt 24D is a full featured interface that has powerful but quiet pre amps. It has firewire connectivity and two high quality mic inputs that can be switched on the go to hi-Z instruments like guitars. It comes with Cubase LE which is a great value for an interface of this quality. You can use it as a stand alone interface as well and it won’t need to be hooked up to a DAW if you do not want it to be but it does get its power from the connection to a computer. The effects are in real time (DSP).


This interface was not the easiest to set up, but it didn’t take long. I used it for about 6 months back in 2009 and still own it but do not use it any more. The plug ings that come with it are very good and they add great value to this interface. I was using this interface for a portable set up of mine.


The preamps are very good, they are clean and they also have a lot of headroom. To be in this price range you probably will not find something much better. There are 3 input gain lights on it and 3 knobs. The interface seemed to be built pretty well and could handle the tough life on the road. Out of all of the times that I used it, I never saw any physical wear and tear on it and it never had any issues as far as not working properly and I was using it almost every day in a different place.


This interface was not made to give a great sound quality because for the price you could not expect that. The quality was decent, and worked well for me to get some ideas down while I was out and about. I really enjoyed working with it, it is a shame that they are not making it anymore.
Audiofanzine FR01/03/2011

Audiofanzine FR's review

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D
Originally written by Ray Manzarek on Audiofanzine FR.

- TC quality, effects (integrated reverb), MIDI.
- Windows 7, 3 GB Ram, notebook.


Problems start here. With my configuration, the drivers aren't reliable at all. The computer didn't support my sound card at all (it already happened to me with another sound card I had to return). To get a minimum stability, I had to download a firmware + an old driver update.
I could hardly record audio (lots of drop outs). I mean, the drivers are regularly updated. I guess the latency is short enough, but the software provided (TC Near) doesn't gave any info about it, it crashes and crashes the whole system.
Computer monitoring was not possible. No sound.
However, it was ok in standalone mode: I took advantage of the reverb quite a few years (very good quality).


No installation problems. Obvious compatibility problems. I strongly advise all HP Pavillion users against this product.
I think the sound card is a high-quality product but it is totally incompatible with my computer.


Overall opinion:
This sound card is useless considering I can only use it in standalone mode.
I would not buy it again. I'll buy a Mac because I'm fed up with compatibility problems.
- I returned it.

musiclol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent in every way !!!"

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D
At the time, I bought it for the firewire, versatility, MIDI, ADAT I / O and S / PDIF, 2 headphone jacks ... ..
And quality preamps.

I record analog synths, vocal mics (AKG 414 etc ...) my piano and sometimes guitar and bass ... On Macbook pro (2012) and iMac (2008) by location.
I said that my shots are used frequently in pro productions, mixed posteriori Studio Pro.


I never had a problem of stability, with no computer (I have used several with the same card.

I've never met limits tracks (I recorded to the maximum possible on this card with external ADAT preamp etc ...)

Latency is very low with a recent computer.
I mainly use Logic 9


Children installation, clear interface nothing to say ....


I used for almost 7 years with happiness and fun!

Most managed by the internal DSP are excellent, they are also useful in monitoring the socket (you sing with a small compressor and a super reverb in the headphones without latency) that plug in to the mix.

In a word, this card combines all the good ideas from all others in its class.
The two headphone outputs, one who mute the speakers, inputs 1 and 2 lined rear selectable by a simple switch, 3 scene memories for use in stand alone ....

I am a professional musician and I regularly use a lot of other cards in lots of circumstances. I certify that if there is a difference in sound with RME, it is almost inaudible. However, it is much more flexible to use and much more clever!

I just bought the Studio Konnekt 48 more inputs for remote control car at the price it is sold now it's just a killer !!! Provided I keep my old 24D for mobile situations or config "B".

Finally, I acknowledge the long period of TC electronic bashing to be partly responsible for the abandonment of the area by this brand .... This is unfortunate ...

veda95's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Swiss Army knife!"

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D
Used for taking voice, composition noon and mix.

All connectors needed to do everything!

Preamps very decent compared to others in this range.

Outside of the compressor (Excellent) I do not use the plug before tc which I do not ecstatic malgrès the general opinion.


Pretty simple and practical, including stand alone.
Some cracking in minimum latency windows but mac PrtSc.
Big community to address potential concerns.


No worries, I highly recommend.


I use it for 4 years now, I have now changed to a m-audio ProjectMix but I kept konnekt as preamps so it is better than the m-audio.

I think for the price to keep long, at worst converter a / d when I would have a beefier preamps.

Quality unbeatable price!

zorro54's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" pure merveile."

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D
What characteristics have motivated your choice? and enter the number of output and dsp

With which instruments or systems (console, preamp, DtD ...) you use it and how connections? art dps 2 micro Rhode nt2 pc and mac

For what purpose? Taking voice and guitar singer

What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard, ...)? config average mac and pc not the pc desktop but not the pc gammer!


The drivers are stable? malgrer which could pass this pass ar gift I do not know I have to buy in 2012 okaz drivers are super stable both mac and xp on w7

16 midi track with virtual instrument software kontakt with effect etc. ..

guitar track with effect

voice track with effect

latency below 8 on all apps no perceptible lag or scratching al in ear headphones studio pro beyrdynamic 770 (at least with my old ears)


Installation presto mac and pc (less than 5 min)

general good grip


I used for 3 months

j I try to avid fast track c is worse! the rms in a friend I have not seen the difference? buddy as I no longer have to invite he was surprised by the sound quality of the device compared to what he has read but its good c was with the old drivers!

I did not use it to its maximum, what I say enough for me and that it can bring happiness to a lot of people, for € 200 is hard to beat.

I do it again without hesitation NIOHC this project even heavier style orchestra etc. .. for that you can pair up to 4 therefore enough to enter and exit.

I'll add this map view comments demmarer very badly because of crappy driver, but the new driver excellent and nickel hardware part!

covax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D


No stability problems. Use on a laptop.


Software interface very clear. Storing three configs that are very useful when you have habits.


On occasion we find less than 200 €.
I joined the test performed (section article).
The acoustic qualities are preserved and the DSP effects are very good.

I use it very little but I keep it. Ideal for good catches despite a standard microphone (SM58)

Kaprikorn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Stable ... or not"

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D
Used primarily on a Mac with Bootcamp (Windows Seven 64-bit) for FL Studio 9 and more rarely on OSX with Logic 9, I made a few shots with voice. I use regular DSP integrated (but not use live)


On Mac, it runs like a clock with very low latency.
On Windows, it's another story ... It depends. Latency is higher than in Logic (although reasonable) and sometimes my DAW (FL Studio) suddenly emits no sound (overload) and the card is full ("unable to stop this device ")
I then have to reboot or enable / disable the firewire controller in Device Manager)
However I do not want to throw stones on TC Electronic: My Windows is a 64 bit BootCamp partition and I do not know if there are possible causal relationship.
The drivers are no longer updated since this product has been replaced by the twin impact.


Installation is simple. Updates (firmware and / or drivers) have always gone well. The setup is even more simple apps that come with the card are made (Control Panel, DSPs)
The manual is very thin but wide enough.


I use for almost two years and I'm happy. I love the DSP (C Fabric, Fabric R Assimilator) that make me seriously want to buy a Powercore.
However, I will soon buy a PC for free use Apple Bootcamp and it will test for the Konnekt 24D if I encounter the same concerns or drop out of saturation, I think I would change card unfortunately.

These small personal inconvenience does not affect the qualities of this card: It's like having a beautiful sports car. We always groan when transitioning to the pump but we are still happy to ride with. :)

eponyme9's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent Product"

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D
Purchase for 2 reasons:
- Recording studio preproduction before
- Rehearsal at headphone with a rock band

I use you with a MacBook 2Ghz + 2GB Ram + Leopard (Firewire)

Nothing is perfect so I put 9.


The drivers are stable (in 8 months, only 2 or 3 crashes).
Used with Logic Pro 8.

In preproduction recording session, I record each instrument.

In rehearsal, the entire group is plugged on the card, connected to Logic Pro 8:
- Low (with pedalboard) connected to input 1 + Plugin Wave Bass Amp Simulation & MarkStudio 1
- Electronic Drum connected with Addictive Drums midi
- Voice plugged into Input 2 XLR (+ + plugin Wave equalo Q10)
- Piano connected to input 3 (+ plugin API Wave)

In rehearsal, it is possible to check in real time, with 4 simultaneous tracks and great sound
- Finally, if perfection exists.
Everyone has his headphones connected to a housing multi-headphones, itself connected to the card.
With plug-ins on Logic and quality converters, the sound is impressive.


Installation went very smoothly.
The manual is very useful on the Internet.
Map quite accessible overall, provided it look a bit.


I've had it 8 months.
I had never tried before another model home.

The pros:
- A number of entry sufficient for my projects
- DSP reverb quality (and availability of a compressor)
- Sound quality converters and preamps
- The look
- The price of 200 euros used (in perfect condition)

The -:
- For now I see none.

Moqx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D
Map to home studio
Low input / soties quality and a priori
Laptop 2GB RAM Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz
Using the TC Konnekt 24D for 3 years almost daily
Guitar + singing + vst twelve o'clock


Quite unstable firewire drivers
Plant regularly recommended for the live or Mac then?
Cubase, EZ drummer, East West, and NI ... legal software
Pretty good latency and update


No hassle of installing


3 years of use
Value for money review: pay € 509 for 3 years of life
Neutrik input jack / XLR slammed so I'm pretty neat stuff in
Problems of signal outputs which leaves only intermittently now, when more than 3 hours of use
LAMENT considering the price paid, quality review which explains the small year warranty ...
Warning for those who want to buy the TC Impact Twin the same model in terms of components so short-lived potential
Ray Manzarek02/03/2010

Ray Manzarek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D

- Quality TC Effects (reverb integrated), noon.
- Windows 7, 3GB of RAM on a PC laptop.



So far it thickens. My home operating systems were not stable at all. The computer does not really bear this sound card (what had already happened with another card that I returned). To acquire a modicum of stability, I can download a firmware + update an old driver.

I was barely able to register (cuts, drops outs). Drivers are updated fairly regularly I think. I think the latency was quite low, but the software supplied with (TC NEAR) did not give me any info and crashed and caused the whole system with him.

Listening from the computer was impossible. No sound.

However stand-alone use was clean, I enjoyed a few hours of the reverb - very good quality.



The installation itself was made without problem. Incompatibilities obvious to anyone with an HP Pavilion I strongly recommend this choice.

I think the map is very good but compatibility with my computer was impossible.


Overall opinion:

Useless if I can only enjoy the stand-alone card.
I will not repeat that choice, I go home I have more than enough Mac incompatibilities.

- Return to Sender.