Allen & Heath ZED-R16
Allen & Heath ZED-R16

ZED-R16, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Allen & Heath in the ZED series.

All user reviews for the Allen & Heath ZED-R16

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 12 reviews )
 7 reviews58 %
 1 user review8 %
 2 reviews17 %
Value For Money : Excellent

mrjason's review"Worth the high price"

Allen & Heath ZED-R16
The Allen & Heath ZED-R16 has 16 mic preamps and 16 channels. There are 4 band EQ’s and even MIDI controls. There is phantom power on each channel which I found to be a huge help making each individual channel usable for use, and there is even the full 4 band EQ on each channel. The only option this board didn’t have that I wish it did was some effects. It would have been really nice to at least have some basic reverb and chorus effects.


This analog mixer can be connected to my computer via firewire without any issues. The mixer is rather large though taking up a lot of desk space and it cannot be racked. This is something to take into consideration before purchasing because it was a lot bigger than I expected. All of the mic inputs are XLR connections. There are even 4 ¼ aux outputs and 2 XLR outputs going to the main speakers.


This mixer has plenty of features, to work with and it is very solid. Outside of it not having any effects it is still very good and can work with effects via DAW. It is built well and despite its size it is not very heavy. I would not say it is portable though due to the fact that it is pretty big but if you needed to move it from place to place it could be done easily. The faders are 22x60 mm and made very well.


This mixer is worth the money, I have used other Allen & Heath mixers before and they have never given me any issues. All of their products seem to be well built and last a long time. The price of this mixer is pretty high but it has great preamps on all channels. The preamps are warm and quiet, we really didn’t even need 16 at the time but have grew into them and are still using this mixer frequently.

44's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good console"

Allen & Heath ZED-R16
Non Rackable.
Complete connectivity
No built-in effects
MIDI sync
Full parametric EQ
44.1 / 48kHz
Any automation


Easy to use
Logic mapping afternoon with a little complex
Manual too succinct
perfect ergonomics


Its transparent
Effective EQ
No breath


Very good sound card 16 simultaneous inputs in-line (firewire)
Relatively little space

jellroy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Almost perfect"

Allen & Heath ZED-R16
Everything has already been said.


To equip my studio / snooze room, I was first left for the Presonus Live 24. I discovered the ZED R16 and frankly, I do not regret it.

My use of the beast is multiple, I have a studio of 36m2, the machine connected to a PC dedicated to multi-core ultra quiet studio, no Internet connection:

Recording group (16 channels at once via firewire - Nickel, not bug)

Project studio (recording instus, with voice tracks recorded already running, total comfort for musicos, live monitoring with plug'in - no latency nickel)

Rehearsal with my band - trio - guitar, bass, drums, synhté, two voices, a Mac plugged into the stereo inputs - all in the table except for the battery - the master of 2x400W amp and speaker: great as well, in comfortable settings, everything revolves.

Mixing - converters are of excellent quality, older projects remixed with bcp console sound better.

Super versatile, the possibilities are great hesitate! Routing, management of life-changing faders for mixing


I worked so far in my home studio with a Motu Ultralite, I also had before it a Waveterminal.
Day and night!
Very good preamp,
I am not using the equals when making sounds, but repeatedly. Effective.


I use it for some months, and once acquired the grip, it proves formidable for its sound and versatility.

In this price range, I think it is unbeatable!

If it all over again, I rachèterais by coupling a second one I have. 32 tracks in a simultaneous ...

angelbled's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" IF I can sleep with ..."

Allen & Heath ZED-R16
Or brochure


- Easy to take charge
- Manual: small and not complete but hey trs
- Yes


- The console is not transparent, it is gray and red edges (;-))
- Good but not Eq top
- No breath unless you put everything back, but it is not


- I use it for three or four months
- Yes, Motu, ESi, the "Beringher (avoid), Presonus and that's it

- Most: 16 between + 8 ADAT, ADAT, finish, simplicity of operation, quality sound of thunder, pre amp, output many ...
stability ...

- The -: Systm MIDI, not yet understand the stuff that's all. in 96 khz small crack numrique ... , Driver download on the net ...

yo_666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I think I'll go a long way with her"

Allen & Heath ZED-R16
_ No rack
_ 16 analog inputs Mic + Line + insert on each track (and inserts on the general). No direct out (but at the same time, the interface is integrated fire wire)

_ 2 Firewire 400 (44.1 / 48 / 88 / 96 kHz)
_ 16 in / out ADAT (44.1 or 48 kHz)
_ 4 In (2 pre / post and 2 post)
_ Outputs: 2 Control Room L / R; Mix L / R; Phones + pat
_ 2 pairs of monitor outputs
_ Hand out stereo XLR output
_ 4 subgroups
_ Dimensions: 645 x 465 x 95 mm
_ Weight: 13 kgs
_ Parametric EQ on mediums
_ 100 Hz low cut filter on each slice
_ PFL on each slice + mute switch on each slice

_ No effect
Frankly, for this price is still very complete!
Come on, I put 9 because the faders are only 60mm


Configuration very simple because analog.

A little manipulation to con regarding the installation of the driver (downloaded from the website of Allen & Heath (who wanted to avoid me to connect my computer to the net, I had my resorts to good old ethernet cable access), but once done it works nickel.

Everything is reachable, even with big fingers ^ ^
Hard to feel lost with this console
Downside: English manual too short, especially with regard to the MIDI. Frankly, when we see that all are highly detailed manual Behringer and translated into several languages, we say that Allen & Heath could make an effort, but hey, at least they focus on product quality, all that remains so the most important.

Besides the big joke that this SONAR LE can record 8 tracks simultaneously that, so I immediately got my way in this regard DAW as soon as I'm aware of that.

So beware if you plan to use fully the console, it will either "ugrad" your version of SONAR, or use your sequencer darling if you already have one.

The big black point I think: the MIDI configuration, but with a bit of time (thank you Christmas holidays) we finally get out ...


Bon, bah there, how can I say? This is really the killer!
On the first evening, I plug in a bass line and I feel I have changed my strings! It's beautiful, precise. I feel full of harmonics that I did not have before with my Behringer X2222USB (I do not seek to compare these products, but this was obvious).
Before, I wanted to change my speakers (Alesis M1MK2 because I really thought they were too muddy and there they are really bright with this console (well, I know I'd end up changing, but not immediately, unfortunately).

The blast, so you end up having when he injects a signal well weakling ... recorded on another source first)
_ EQ is really good and is very musical.


I'm putting together my home studio and I wanted a console that allowed me to iron my tracks in my console at the mix and work with both inserts plugins or hardware
I have long eyed the PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 but my choice was directed on the ZED R16, because unlike the Presonus, rebalance it allows 16 channels in the DAW when mixing, rather than a stereo signal.
Moreover, it is a little cheaper, and I think its preamps are still at the top.
The second FireWire port allows linker a second console, and saw that I think go a long way with the ZED R16, I do not neglect the fact of buying another one later, to have 32 channels.
It's all in a very good quality at very affordable for anyone who wants sound other than the mouse and take the lead with the hardware and plugins at the same time.
The feature I like best: sound, routing, MIDI faders, switches to route the signal at will between console and DAW
Minimum: 60 mm faders (and again), the manual, and the MIDI setup.

I would do this choice with your eyes closed and I look forward to my next session with.

fredfunkyfab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Allen & Heath ZED-R16
I was looking for a card 16 entries upscale slowly I turned on the small studio consoles, after having studied the consoles Presonus Studiolive, the SSL XDESK, TL audio ... I still was not satisfied and then I stumbled on welfare: The Allen & Heath ZED R16. I'm not back ...

- 16 Inputs I / O FireWire, so it is an inline console.

- Preamps Pro, those that fit the big console Allen & Heath GL2000 being propiétaire one that I use for some years and I'm a fan absolumment I easily persuaded:)

- A midi control interface with 12 pots, 8 switches, a transport bar, 4 faders (see photo), ideal for driving my software, finite tendinitis related to the intensive use of the mouse ...

- Several pairs of outputs for different attacking plays.

- Parametric EQ complete HF, HM (QFG), WB (GFG), LF.

- All the functions we expect from an analogue desk pro: Mute, PFL, insert and phantom power on each slice, cut down to 4 (2 pre, 2 post), Talk back ...

- 2 Firewire 400 (44.1 / 48 / 88 / 96 kHz), 16 in / out ADAT (44.1 or 48 kHz).

- No effect.


- Drivers available for download on Allen & Heath (for Mac and PC).

- A note: My laptop (2Ghz dual core) would not recognize the console, I had to uninstall and reinstall it again to make it work.

- A small regret, the manual is really not enough, no explanation on setting MIDI (except as provided for cakewalk with the console, however it is understood that A & H does not make a commercial for Cubase or Logic Audio .. .). I contacted Yann70 (see reviews above) so he sent me the pre-configured ZED R16 Input Output + file import from noon to setup my software cubase (thank you Yann!).
Everything worked then.

- A lot of time anyway to configure the controller interface, but that we assign to happiness ... what you will, more loss of time with the mouse, I practically never used the keyboard of the laptop is really very practical ... very useful for "drops" for example, to zoom ...
We can control and create all the shortcuts from the pots and switches in "Midi Control.

- Finally a must: it has 4 buttons next to each of the 16 faders.
(Digital Sound Post EQ, Pre-Insert Digital Back, Back Digital Post-EQ, fader = noon). You can then choose to save with or without EQ.
Ditto for the insert (Ins Pre Dig Ret). Finally you can control the faders on the console software and "mark" levels through Fader = noon.

- You get used very quickly to 60mm faders.

- I used it in several contexts, including recording 16 tracks, absolumment no problem. The fact that the console is inline saves me a lot of time on some mixes that I have to quickly have an inline console at this price, it's really hard!


- Yes totally transparent. Upon its receipt I compared with my LG 2000 which seemed "flattering", its more accentuated when the ZED R16 is much clearer, well balanced with mediums present. I do not even talk about my little Mackie is very far behind ...

- The EQ is unbeatable, full parametric, there is no more effective for use in studio or live (almost all consoles in this price range offer semi-parametric equalizer ...).

- No breath.


- I use it for several months.

- I have not tried many styles, makes this console has no real competitor in this price range.

- I know the world of studio and live (professional musician for twenty years), I could listen to high-end SSL consoles, Laffont, Trident, Amek ... We're Talking 'materials exeption but I can say is I am totally satisfied with this model. The important thing for a good or a good live mix is ​​to know your equipment (and very good listening in the studio).

- What I like most: Of course the sound quality of this preamp, ease of use, intuitive side, the control surface is an inline table where you can mix directly with the console . The strength and quality converters, firewire.

- Finally I saw that you could buy a custom fly on the net.

- What I like least: RAS

e-rod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Allen & Heath ZED-R16
<ul class="eigenschaften">

Features: 16 Channel Console

Entries: 16 XLR Microphone / Line

Inserts: for mono and General

Equalizer Mono / Stereo Channel: 4-band EQ with 2 parametric medium full

Aux Send / Stereo Return: 2 x pre / post 2 post x / 2

Subgroups: 4

Volume Control Channel: Fader 60mm

Outputs: 2 Control Room L / R; Mix L / R; Phones; output tape

Effects: None.

2 pairs of monitors

2 Firewire 400 (44.1 / 48 / 88 / 96 kHz)

16 in / out ADAT (44.1 or 48 kHz)

Dimensions: 645 x 465 x 95 mm / 13 kg



It is a true analogue desk, with very good digital converters.
This is a table that enables the recording studio.

I come from a Yamaha Promix 01 (great for live performance, but for studio bof bof).
I had the opportunity to have a 03d with a very good price, but no longer, not for the studio.


The console is clear, with excellent pre-amp (the same as the GL3800 series).
The 4-band EQ are the two mediums are real parametric and in addition they are very good.
It's really incredible for this price range.
It is very very clean, no breath.


<ul class="ul">

For how long have you been using it?
few months

What thing do you like most/least about it?
- The pre-amp., Eq, sound converters.
- All jacks are balanced
- Inserts on all tracks including the master

- Missing function "recall" would be perfect to be able to save and reuse them manually.
- 60 mm faders

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
I read a lot on the net. I contacted the importance Switzerland ( because I hesitated between the GL and the WZ
And they said to the studio we had to take into account the Zed R16, which I did.
The GL may be better to live in terms of routing.
But my first criteria is SOUND! So ... FABULOUS.

What is your opinion about the value for the price?
It is simply unbeatable

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
My dream would be an Amek Big, but I have neither the means nor the place (the zed is 5 times cheaper than a Big in hand).
There is also Oram / Trident, but it is three times the price of Zed.
So yes I would do the same choice.


e-rod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Allen & Heath ZED-R16

yann70's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Allen & Heath ZED-R16
Received last week, installed on Wednesday and Thursday night mastered! <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" />

Very beautiful, highly functional and flexible use. I go out of 6 years from MOTU (828Mk2, 828 MK3, 828 UltraLite MK3).

Go see the side of Motu forums, and you find that 80% of subjects are allocated to input / output routing! A real mess!

Here is a bit like going into the MAC world. One wonders if we have not forgotten something, so things are simple, clear. Everything is configured in a jiffy.


Drivers to download on Allen & Heath.

Installation on Mac in one click

It turns on the console and everything works.

Recognition in cubase, all inputs and outputs appear, a real pleasure.


No info on setting MIDI console from another app that sonar.

After a bit too much hassle to set it all without success, I wrote a post at Allen & Heath, and two hours later, I received a pdf file of explanation to set up cubase and the icing on the cake, a preconfigured file cubase Zed R16 Input Output + Import the configuration file noon.

Super short pro. My problem was solved in a jiffy.


It's just amazing!

Dynamics of madness, not a sign of breath, so I got scared at first boot. The potassium were thoroughly and I do not notice was there!

So it's very dynamic, very precise, warm. Compared to what I know very well, Motus, the sound is much less metal. It's a real treat.

I am not a specialist EQs, and I do not put your nose in it because I get mad and never know if it's better or worse!

Well I saw a piano that sounded Equalisation very badly, in a flash main.Et I am amazed at the result!

What good do 5 years of study of sound engineer to sound the beats! Bet Allen & Heath! <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" />


In short you included with my superlatives! This console is just great!
I read everything I could read it before buying (SoundOnSound (very detailed), keyboard home studio, forum English, French, etc ...) and this is consistent with what I expected of have. I would even say that it has exceeded my expectations.
She frankly unanimously wherever you fall on com.

You can darken your eyes closed if you have a few tunes. It is a wonder at all.

rascar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Allen & Heath ZED-R16