PreSonus Studio One Professional
PreSonus Studio One Professional

Studio One Professional, General Sequencer from PreSonus in the Studio One 1 series.

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All user reviews for the PreSonus Studio One Professional

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 16 reviews )
 12 reviews75 %
 3 reviews19 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Editorial review
  • 03/09/10Presonus Studio One Software Review

    Presonus Studio One Software Review - Presonus Studio One: Crystal Studio

    Fed up with Cubase? Sick of Logic? Bored by Sonar? PreSonus will take back your software in exchange for Studio One. But, is it really worth it?

Users reviews

Mcjs's review"Usability, usability"

PreSonus Studio One Professional
Very easy setup, very light program, light and very fast installation of upgrades (and not too often, unlike with other brands).


Rarely overloaded; X79 PC I7-3820, 32Gb RAM, 480 Gb SSD and six 1T HDDs; CG GTX580 and GT610, 4 Full HD displays. Interface: It depends, but mainly a Steinberg UR28 due to the possibility to toggle between different monitors. It has never crashed.


It must be 5 years since I use it and follow the product. I used to use Protools and have Live 9 Suite, too (after having Live 8, etc.). This is my reference DAW, even if I have several programs to work with on the projects I get from other studios. I'm nevertheless thinking about buying PT11 and Cubase 7 for compatibility reasons. PT because I'm used to it and it's the software I work the fastest with. I'll still follow Presonus products, even if I'm not a big fan of the hardware. Studio one is super intuitive, practical, easy, and fast User manual? Does it have one? Oh, well... I've never read it. There's no need to. For me, the first criterion to choose gear is that there's no need to read the manual. With S1 it was love at first sight, from the first versions. A small drawback: The controllers and MIDI pianos. They could do better in this respect. It seems they've had a developer or a whole department on leave since 2007. Another small drawback that has always been a hurdle: The 64-bit versions accept only 64-bit plug-ins. Fortunately, almost everybody has made the jump, but I still have to bridge some 32-bit plug-ins, which I don't want to do without (the compulsory Sonar patches, for example)

Bugenzo's review"Awesome and very intuitive!"

PreSonus Studio One Professional
No problems.


PC, I7 processor, 8G ram, MOTU 896 MK3
Perfect stability


I've had studio one for two years now. I currently have studio one 2.5 Pro.
I find this DAW very intuitive with a perfect drag-and-drop operation.
Everything can be done really fast so you don't lose your inspiration.
The section dedicated to mastering is awesome: You can edit a CD in a couple of minutes.

Anonymous 's review

PreSonus Studio One Professional
This may be the simplest thing in the world to use if you want to record audio. Short of Audacity and Garage Band, of course. The truth is, Studio One was designed with one thing in mind: flow. And flow it does. You truly feel like your gliding over it when you first start, thanks a little to the graphical user interface. What is special about Studio One is that it operates the way you would expect a computer to operate, or rather the way a tablet would operate. The entire world of Studio One is drag and drop, and it is very refreshing to not have to learn a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to access rudimentary features that other digital audio workstation programs have buried underneath features they brought to the forefront for marketing purposes. Granted, they are useful, but they do not need to be in a user’s face.


Studio One is a little light on features, I would admit, but it is a program in its infancy, and the goal of Studio One, remember, is to make music production elegant, and not a process or a labor. It should feel like you’re dancing over the DAW. There are a few things that should be addressed, but as far as the structure of the DAW goes, there is not a single other program that does things as intuitively as Studio One does, nor as quickly.


What blew me away was the quality of the built in plug ins. What was lacking were some actual plug ins; a de esser, for example, does not come with the program, but the reverb is unreal for a DAW plug. And the EQ feels incredibly solid. The best part about this program, however, is the mastering integration. This makes it possible to sit down and pound out a project, or a rough cut quickly. I love everything about Studio One, and now that the second version has come out, I can only cross my fingers and hope that they did not go the way of the bloated program.

Lougarou's review"Optimized Workflow!!"

PreSonus Studio One Professional
Installation without problems, clear and not too lengthy manual. Lots of things to learn in practice, but that goes without saying.

No incompatibilities with any of the VST/VSTi that I used and still use with S1.
VST/VSTi parameter recognition as soon as they load.
Fast and effective control surface recognition and setup.

Fast, flexible and effective setup of external soundcards.
Ultra-fast learning curve: I spent 3/4 hours to get a hold of it, tops. That same evening it took me 5/6 to redo 3 songs I had recorded with another DAW!!!!


HP DV6 notebook with 4 GB RAM.
PRO 24 soundcard.
S1 runs smoothly, stably and without any issues: It flows.
30-40 tracks with, at least, EQ+Dyn on every track plus 20+ VSTi (+ plenty of automation !!!): no problems.


I've used it for nearly a year and have tested (and continue to test) Samplitude, FL Studio, Reaper, Cubase, Sonar X1. The two latter aren't in my life anymore, not because they were not up to the task, but rather because they are too complicated to allow a good, effective workflow. I keep Samplitude because it has always been my favorite DAW (for mastering especially!!!), I use FL as pattern player (drums in particular...) and for some artistic effects. In my opinion, S1 is on par with REAPER.

But in terms of speed/workflow, S1 is the BEST. You can work really fast with Studio One!!!!

The BIGGEST ADVANTAGE of this DAW is the workflow: A musician wants to make music and the developers of Studio One understood that really well when conceiving the DAW!!

And you can even mix and master everything with a stunning simplicity!!!


Wedges2's review"My favorite DAW"

PreSonus Studio One Professional
Studio One is very much like other DAWs so if your switching from another one it will be a pretty seemless transition. If getting started with Studio One without any prior DAW experience it still will be pretty easy. To me the features in Studio One are very easily accesible. The layout is so clean and organized. Studio One runs fine on my Gateway running Windows XP. (2GB RAM, 2.0GHz processor)


It isn't very CPU intensive and I'm saying that while using a bad computer for music. I've been using it for over a year and I'm still sticking with it. It rarely crashes. I use Studio One for recording vocals only, so I can't speak on making beats. I know FL makes it much easier to connect midi controllers and integrate hardware. With my setup when using Studio One, which is all hardware, I don't have problems with it.


Studio One is truly great when recording and mixing a song. I've never had such an easy time mixing in any other program. Recording is a breeze as well.

The stock plugins with Studio One are up there with plugins you have to pay for. I know I love the delay, EQ, and reverb. I've never used the compressor but I'm sure it's pretty good.

If you want a smooth time recording a song, editing audio, and mixing it FL is definatly the program for you. To top it off it comes with a "Mastering Section" that I've used for mastering an album. It's very easy to make the levels of the tracks even, and to trim the beginning and ends of all the song. It integrates in with the "Song Mode" so if you make an adjustment to a mix it updates automatically in the mastering section.

Overall Studio One is great in my opinion. It is about the same price as other DAWs but you get more bang for your buck with the plugins it comes with it. I'd recommend it.

mickpecq6's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus Studio One Professional
Easy installation and great config, no recognized incompatibility of days.
Understanding simple with a clean interface.


Runs on a laptop Packard Bell i7 dual core 3.1 Ghz, 750 GB HDD and 8 GB of RAM, Windows 7 64-bit. External audio interface Motu Ultralite mk3 hybrid. This works well with a more than acceptable latency of 8 ms.


I own version Producer for 5 months and I am totally satisfied. I also work with Ableton Live Suite 8 and Reaper 64 I should be less since! I especially like the simplicity of the interface, quality plugins and stability provided!
It is a choice I would do without hesitation

mikyreale's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Version 2 Producer. A Must"

PreSonus Studio One Professional
On my mac book, an amazingly simple!
No inconsistency, it recognizes my imédiatement Presonnus Inspire 1340 keyboard and my Alesis Q 25.


Until now pretty happy, but I did not work on a big project.
At least on my config (Macbook Intel Core two Duo 2.4 Ghz 4 Giga more RAM in Leo.


I've had it three months, I went through the version and then migrated to Artist Producer for a problem of VSTi instrument in unmanaged version Artist.
The pro version is for those who really want to mastering, but hey, I'm not able and I leave that to professional studio after having done my part in me ...

fruityloopseur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice little card"

PreSonus Studio One Professional
Installation is very easy. Installing the driver (next next ok) and everything works immediately.

ASIO codec configuration panel is simple and easy to access.

Then the problem is on my laptop, asus 4gb ddr ram, intel dual core 2GHz, I have constant problems sizzling whatever the choice of latency. On my desktop computer (2g ddr ram, amd athlon 64 dual core 3ghz), no problem, even at the lowest level of latency.

The manual? kessesé it manually?


The supplied software (studio one) is quite limited sequencer (not import new VST) but otherwise very easy to use and quite powerful. but the card is compatible with a large number of software so just take another one if it's not for you.


this is the first usb card I use.
The preamps excellent (it's a bit which made the reputation of the mark)
phantom power supply for static type microphone is available, no problems.
The catch is that PreSonus recommend returning the instrument level line as a drum machine, synthesizer, drum machine or even a mixer. Yet I do it anyway with TD-4K home roland and all is well (setting the knob to the minimum so as not to activate the preamp), and lowering the output level of the battery. The level does not saturate and peak LED (available on boiboite) does not light.
the problem is that a mistake can cause the twisted preamps. At your own risk!

48khz sampling is enough to house the production, quality is very good.

MrIceStorm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a nice shot Presonus"

PreSonus Studio One Professional
The installation is done it without problems?
- Perfect, and even on Vista

The general configuration is easy?
- Yes

Have you experienced any incompatibilities?
- None to date, Vst recognized without any worries.


What is the configuration of your computer?

- AMD Athlon (tm) Dual Core Processor 5400B 2.80 Hz
4.00 GB
- Windows XP Professional SP2
- Sound Card: Presonus Inspire 1394 IEEE

The software works he correctly on this configuration?
- Yes

This software + hardware is stable?
- Except woes of Vista in general, the software is stable on this version of Windows.


For how long have you been using it?
- A few months

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
- Not really.

What thing do you like most/least about it?
+ The effects are of a quality unstoppable.
- = Interface a bit difficult to take in hand.

What is your opinion about the value for the price?
- Excellent, puisqu'acheté with 90% discount.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?
- Totally.

ricil_MMI's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Wonderful"

PreSonus Studio One Professional
Very simple installation
Recognition of other VST and carefree
Installing a PRESONUS 16.4.2, grandmother could do it!


Core ™ 2 Duo E4000 Series
2 GB Dual Channel DDR2 800 (OC bis 1066 MHz)

Presonus 16.4.2 FireWire

Windows XP (SP3)

No worries with this configuration
Can be some bug with Native Instrument (GR4) if abused by activating a 15 simultaneous effects per track

For cons, I had some surprise with Seven in PRO version
Functions, kind of drag midi file or disappeared or mixdown deffectueu

I therefore counsel under WIN XP


After a year and a half of use, no regret at having to pass under one studio
I worked with Logic Audio (V3 and V5), Cubase (VSTi)
I shall never return because the use of Studio One is user friendly, intuitive and final rendering is huge
Mastering tools like "multiband dynamics" are awesome and so on ....

The possibilities with this software are simply magnificent