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Peavey Guitar Amp Heads news

  • [NAMM] Peavey introduces 6505 Piranha micro head
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    [NAMM] Peavey introduces 6505 Piranha micro head

    01/23/16 in Peavey 6505 Piranha Micro Head

    Peavey announces the new 6505 Piranha micro head, the newest addition to their 6505 Series of amplifiers.

  • The new Peavey ValveKings hit the stores

    The new Peavey ValveKings hit the stores

    03/19/14 in Peavey ValveKing 100 Head MkII

    Peavey announces the availability of the new generation of ValveKing guitar amps, a series that was introduced in January at NAMM.

  • [NAMM] Peavy Triple XXX II Video Demo

    [NAMM] Peavy Triple XXX II Video Demo

    01/15/11 in Peavey Triple XXX II

    New Peavy Triple XXX video on AudioFanzine

  • [NAMM] Peavey Triple XXX II

    [NAMM] Peavey Triple XXX II

    01/14/11 in Peavey Triple XXX II

    Peavey announces the new Triple XXX II three-channel, 120-watt guitar amplifier.

  • [NAMM] Peavey 6534+ Head

    [NAMM] Peavey 6534+ Head

    01/16/10 in Peavey 6534+ Head

    Peavey announced the new 6534 Plus guitar amplifier, the next evolution of the high-gain 6505 Series.

  • [NAMM] Peavey Butcher

    [NAMM] Peavey Butcher

    01/16/10 in Peavey Butcher

    Peavey announced the new Butcher guitar amplifier, a 100-watt, all-tube head that specializes in “innovative versatility and timeless, brutal British tone,” according to the manufacturer.

  • [NAMM] New Peavey Hand-Built Amps

    [NAMM] New Peavey Hand-Built Amps

    01/20/09 in Peavey Studio Special

    Peavey announced it has expanded its Peavey Custom Shop to include custom-built amplifiers based on three all-new, hand-wired models, the Studio Special, Sensation and Masterpiece.

  • [NAMM] Peavey Penta Rossington Ed.Head

    [NAMM] Peavey Penta Rossington Ed.Head

    01/19/09 in Peavey Gary Rossington Limited Edition Penta

    Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington has collaborated with Peavey on a signature edition of the Peavey Penta guitar amplifier, the new Penta Rossington Edition.

  • [NAMM] Peavey VYPIR Tube 120H

    [NAMM] Peavey VYPIR Tube 120H

    01/17/09 in Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 Head

    Peavey has expanded its VYPYR Series of modeling guitar amplifiers to include the new VYPYR Tube 120H Head and matching VYPYR 412 loudspeaker enclosure.

  • [NAMM] Peavey JSX 50

    [NAMM] Peavey JSX 50

    01/17/09 in Peavey JSX 50 Head

    Peavey and Joe Satriani have collaborated to create the new Peavey JSX® 50 guitar amplifier head, the latest project in the Peavey JSX Series of signature amplifiers and enclosures.