Line 6 POD HD400
Line 6 POD HD400
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Line 6 POD HD400

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 6 reviews )
 1 user review17 %
 5 reviews83 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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yoTrakkz's review"takes a beating and keeps working"

Line 6 POD HD400
This is a digital amp modeler. I don't think that it can be edited through a Mac or a PC. It's also not MIDI-controllable. The knobs are all on top. It's a completely digital technology. there are basic 1/4" connections.


These digital amp modelers have gotten easier and easier to use over the years, and this one isn't really an exception. It's pretty easy to find the tone you're looking for, as they are all pretty easily labeled. Even if you're not a hundred percent sure, it's easy to surf through all of the tones pretty quickly. Using the effects isn't too hard either, it seems like there is an intimidating number of knobs but closer inspection reveals that they are all pretty basic. The manual will explain everything to anyone who doesn't fully grasp what the modeler is capable of doing.


I have a bit of a problem with these types of machines, but I'm not sure that my views are shared. I'd heard that this was a good amp modeler for clean tones. When I tried it, I hated it. I realized that most people who say that are probably looking for a supremely clean sound, and not a hint of dirt or overdrive. I like to get at least a little bit of those things from my clean tones, as I play R&B and blues. I was disappointed with this modeler for that reason, there wasn't an acceptable compromise for the clean tones. They all ended up being either too clean or too dirty.


I certainly can't crank up my amp and let it rip. Therefore, I must say that if you're in my situation and you aren't a complete tone freak like me, you might be happy with this. Realize, though, that you'll be more than likely to get frustrated with it. These things don't necessarily improve with age. In fact, they're constantly being updated. So be cautious when purchasing.

tjon901's review"Slightly better user interface than the 300"

Line 6 POD HD400
The HD400 is the middle of the line of the POD HD line. You can tell it is right in the middle of the line feature wise. It has a small screen like the 300 but more buttons like the 500. It is slightly more useable but with the same small screen it is still hard to make your own patches on the unit. The HD line is Line 6's new version of amp modeling. Instead of putting 80 or so models on an amp they have cut it back to 16 and modeled them in much greater detail. If you connect the unit to the internet you can get a few more amp models in updates. With the HD line compared to the X3 line its quality vs quantity. You can make an X3 sound really good but it will require a lot more tweaking. Many of the amp models in the HD units sound good straight out of the box


The usability of this board is slightly better than that of the 300. The added buttons on the 400 are for the effects loop and up and down on the preset patch bay. Even with these added controls the screen is still small and it is hard to edit patches on the unit. This unit compared to the 300 is slightly easier to use in a live setting because of the up and down preset button. Apart from that the unit is pretty much the same. There is a 3 way mode switch which is unlabled. It switches between amp mode, looper mode, and preset mode. The unit has all the outputs you could want on the back with headphone jacks unequal outs stereo outs and what not.


Sound wise all these models sound pretty much the same in theory. With the 400 and 300 you may not be able to get as good a sound just because it is harder to make patches. With the difficulty in making patches you may not want to take the time to optimize your patches. All the amp models sound as good as the amp they are modeling. These models are the most popular models in the Line 6 lineup and they are modeled in super detail. I mostly use the high gain models and I am pretty disappointed that there are not many of them. If you are a blues or country player or someone who uses a lot of clean tones this amp is the perfect modeler for you. I think these kinds of amps were easier for them to model in HD so they included more of them. These sound good as well but im sure to the tone knobs they all sound like garbage.


This unit is the middle unit of the HD line. It has some of the features of the 500 but is mostly like the 300. If you are just going to do home studio stuff I would suggest getting the 300 and using the PC patch editor at all times. If you are looking for a unit to play live with but cant afford a 500 this is much better than the 300 in live situations. It is much easier to switch between patches with the 400 than the 500 but you still have difficulty editing patches on the unit due to its small screen.

tarz200tdi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pod HD 300 with FX Loop ... not transparent!"

Line 6 POD HD400
Everything has already been written.

Little explanatory purchase patterns for me:
I had a Pod HD 300 which I was pretty happy, but also with an AMT SS-11, I also wanted to use me as POD multi effect only in 4 connection cables, the POD HD 300 not allowed not.


When not used the "line6 state of mind", it can be complex, but the sound editing software is to simplify! For a good start, download the advanced guide is also highly recommended, but it is very well made and available in French.

After that the possibilities are many, we arrive fast enough to navigate and edit directly on the camera with a little practice.

On the gear itself, for me it is identical to its little brother, except I have no problems footswitch on it (although they are the same), but still some reservations about the strength of the pedal ...


As preamp:
Used with
> Gibson SG Faded
> Fender Jazzmaster classic player

Output is in line headphones (marshall major) or Mac (iMac), or amp on a EHX 44 magnum + orange ppc 112 cab.

> In line mode, I am very satisfied. While it will never be worth a great tube amp, but it was still something very convincing. Again, things are not immediate. I found quite quickly cleans and crunch that suited me completely. for distortion sounds, it was longer. I understand that some say simus hi-gain oriented are bad ... However I would say just the job they claim to sound a musical way (gain settings / volume, equalization, the simus HP and microphone are to handle sparingly ... interactions are sometimes bizarre).

> In amp mode is less simple and immediate but it does pretty well. I have long used the method "preamp" for my sims to minimize, because they can not disengage completely, the simus HP. Since then, with the last update that enables this release, I passed in "full" by choosing not to simulation of HP, and it's more natural. After the limits in this mode probably take at least POD itself to the full of power and speaker on which the brought out: that is, if it sounds rotten, do not forget to ask for First, the quality of your gear downstream Pod ....

As multi-effects:
This is where it bug for my taste ... The effects themselves are rather than quality or high quality, but PROVIDED THEY TREAT THE SIGNAL pod and not necessarily something else ... For example simus modulation and time are objectively super beautiful ... except when dealing analog signal coming from outside ... then it becomes ... toc.
In addition, the FX loop is not transparent for two sub: my AMT sound to fall, but four cables connecting all fishing, dynamics, musicality signal collapse ... So well I have a pedal board full analog with the AMT (electric mistress, carbon copy etc ...) that is hyper music on one side, and the other Pod ...


To conclude, with the goals I had, I just drew a blank through the Pod HD 300 to 400 ...
However, having paid 400 at the price I sold her little brother, I do not insomnia.
It's my favorite "b-rig", which allows me to both bosser guitar quietly at home, but also to replace my analog rig in case of failure or maintenance of it ...

Morality (for me): the good stuff, but not necessarily responded to my initial expectations ...

JeanMoks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super satisfying!"

Line 6 POD HD400
Will not go back on the characteristics (known and overcrowded ...).

Note the design strength (I was expecting something more lightweight)


The general configuration is fairly simple as long as one passes by HD-Edit, where everything is clear and super vision.
We see the effects chain and how to apply the simulation parameters (amps, speakers, microphone and positioning of the latter).

on the other hand, direct editing of the beast is more difficult and requires a two-line LCD screen a bit tight.

The manual is clear and comprehensive, but again, with HD-Edit you can easily do without.


I would on this point the same remark as some I've discovered with disappointment that the reverb effect accounted for a ... mandatory. So it does really only 3 different effects combined.

The looper seems small at first (24 seconds), but in the end, that's enough when you want to loop a little riff to embroider over.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of models (I had heard the worst of this kind of tool). This is frankly realistic, especially on clean tones or with a little crunch.
The number of simulations is more than enough to me.

The factory presets are not used much, except to make a comprehensive demo of the possibilities of the beast.
Even if carricaturaux, some effects are fun.


I use it for nine months, especially for playing guitar with headphones and import it into my DAW.

I am super happy and I would do 10 times that choice.

The value for money looks good to me, but I have not found its strength in a live environment (which is still its primary function ...).

Quibble (in form) to the tuner that is not really accurate, not very useful.

Fabca's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A beautiful sound progression"

Line 6 POD HD400
I'll let you look on the Line6 website for full details, I might forget.

Compared to the model above (HD 500), 400:
- Modeling and identical effects
- No MIDI, is through the usb
- No microphone input
- The looper has a memory of 24 seconds against 48 for the HD500

The all-metal enclosure with air and solid switch are accessible.


The configuration is easy with the software HD Edit, however, less on the pedals:

+ / - Even if one appreciates the knobs that give a feeling amp / pedal, the pedal on the issue is more suited to live for a quick touch up the missing optimization.
+ / - To truly create sound, I strongly recommend the use of dedicated software.

I use the HD400 in several different scenarios:

** Connected with 4 cable method on my tube amp **

+ + The "FX Only" is excellent and allows for a bypass of the models without affecting effects. Very useful in this case.
+ + The switch "Effects Loop" He makes it easy to switch on or off the channels of preamp of the amp.

With these two switches it is possible without changing the wiring, use the amps preamp keeping the effects of Pod or use the Pod models while using the amplification stage of the amp.
In short we feel that designed the Line6 Pod HD with the use of method 4 cable head and it is my argument in the purchase of this equipment.

** Connected via USB on a Mac **

+ + Connection simple, drivers of high quality with very low latency. It is recognized directly by Logic Pro and Garage Band. You branches, you record.
--- Re-Amping is no longer the party and I really regret! This feature this on my Pod XT Pro was really an asset that I regret. The only way to the joys of Regout reamping is through Pod Farm which is a patch with its disadvantages (processing power used, editing with the mouse etc.)

---- Coup de gueule on the effects! Compared to 8 simultaneous effects of the HD500, Line6 effects Announces 4 400. This borders on a little tour de force marketing, because these effects is offering a 4 is already used for the reverb and is not reassigned ... which reduces the number of editable effects 3.
And contrary to the HD500 that puts an end where you want in the string and use several times the same, the 400 is forgotten. There are three slots effects and effects are automatically assigned to a slot, so we can have a distortion pedal (slot 1) + Chorus (Slot 2) + a Delay (Slot 3) 2 but not delay or compressor + distortion pedal. Great lack of flexibility on that side, if you really want to program your sauce go on the HD500.

- The manual is brief when with him and does the basics of use, it is necessary to download a manual on the most advanced Line6 site.

- In addition, the lack of On / Off button is surprising and this is really annoying to have to disconnect the power outlet to stop the POD!


** ** The models

Unlike the 500, the 400 is not capable of handling two simulation models both which may limit our creativity, so it's a detail that is important in the choice when buying one or the other.

+ + I'm really surprised and in the right direction by changes in Line6 modeling. I have a Pod XT Pro and I had a Flextone III. With the HD is the day and night!

On the Pod XT Pro get a good High Gain a lot of work on the patch, recover or offset frequencies loud with effects ... on the HD I forgot what it was like "galley" to get a decent sound. I find myself often use the same models without touch or very little.
Even in rehearsal, I like to play on the modeling of Pod injected into my amp is saying!

** ** The effects

After my rant about the effects in the use, I admit here that sound quality level they fooled me.
+ I frequently use the Whammy harmonizers and intelligent and they do not make me default. I even have a patch to simulate a bass with my guitar that impresses inaudible by the latency of the effect and accuracy (as it is to play note by note, according to harmonize mixes the pedals).
+ The distortion pedals are much less garish than my Pod XT Pro, the Tube Screamer is much more controllable on the HD XT.
+ + + The potential effects in terms of "weird" are amazing and if some patches are useless factory, they show us what this unit is capable of and this could open us some inspirations noise.


I use the Pod HD 400 for over a week with a few rehearsals under his belt and I like its ease of use and improved net made of modeling.

In rehearsal, its use has been in spite of the intuitive expression pedal that I find really hard to activate, the coup out of fear of excessive force it will not activate any time.

I just wish that Line6 one step back on the functions present on the older generations (Re-Amping, Power Button, MIDI as the 500).

Looper is a function over a foot to save 200 euros if you're not sick of the loop.

I hesitated long between the HD 400 and HD 500, I really wanted something simple to use, without hundreds of buttons on the front and with quality effects. I must say that the 400 fills me with noise and simplicity, but the lack of flexibility of the chain effect I would sometimes regret not taking the 500 ... difficult choice between simplicity and possibilities.