DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion

DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion

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FX86B Death Metal Distortion, Distortion from DOD.

29 user reviews
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DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: DOD
  • Model: FX86B Death Metal Distortion
  • Category: Distortions
  • Added in our database on: 04/18/2004

DOD introduced the FX86B Death Metal Distortion in 1998, replacing the FX86 in DOD's lineup. Although its circuit was updated for the final chassis design, there was little difference between the two versions (and early ad copy simply referred to the new pedal as the "FX86", without the "B" designation). The vast majority of FX86B Death Metal Distortion pedals were made in China as part of the "VFX" series, but at least the very first production run was made in the U.S.A.

  • Controls: R.I.P. (Level), Guts (Low eq), Pain (Mid eq), Scream (High eq)
  • From the manual: "The FX86B creates a grinding wall of noise perfect for harmonic corruption of the highest order. The FX86 emulates the death metal and grindcore sounds of Napalm Death, Carcass, Brutal Truth, Pungent Stench, and others. One advantage of the FX86B is that it will oscillate when the R.I.P. (LEVEL) control is turned up, allowing oscillation at any amp volume. There is no distortion control. We just turned it up and ripped it off!"
  • Death Metal boxes and manuals In this image, a pedal's original box is on the top row, and its manual is on the bottom row. Left to right: FX86 box and manual (printed in the USA 2/1994); first-issue generic FX86B box and new-design manual (labeled FX86; printed 2/1998); box and manual from VFX-series FX86B ("made in China")
  • Technical info:



  • FX heritage: FX86 FX86B

DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion user reviews

Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 29 reviews )
 17 reviews59 %
 5 reviews17 %
 1 user review3 %
 2 reviews7 %
 4 reviews14 %

MGR/Anonymous's review"DOD Deathmetal Distortion"

DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion
This pedal is uniquely painted in mostly black with blood spattered graphics on the sides. I play metal all the way but not necessarily Death Metal. However that doesn't mean this pedal isn't right for me. I've played on and off for about eighteen years but am now back in the groove of things and full out into band mode.

I actually acquired this pedal for free (no joke). My buddy gave it to me along with another when I started playing again this last time, they were no longer of use to him.

What I love about this pedal is its clearly designed to fill your sound with just pure dirty distortion. Its disgustingly rich with gain and has just the right amount of EQ's to mess around with. I hear some players complain that its too cheap sounding, which may be the case for certain types of playing style, however if you've played as long as I have you know that one pedal is never gonna fulfill all of your playing needs unless you buy something like the Digitech RP1000 or something similar, I don't rely on one single pedal I like to collect a variety. If its a case of needing to be louder during solo's than I suggest placing a Crybaby Wah behind it in your effects loop.

There isn't much I dislike about this pedal unless as I said your looking for a louder, cleaner sound, than play around with others. But if you want a ridiculous amount of distortion than this is the one for you.

Its built to last, it gets kicked around so much around here if it were built cheap I would've noticed by now.

In closing, I'd have to say if your starting out and don't want to break the bank but need something to play metal riffs; you'd be wrong to not even at least try one of these out. I have plenty of other much more expensive gear to play around with but I always end up playing a few songs through the DOD Death Metal Pedal....why?....Cause its fun Dammit!

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MGR/mtebaldi's review"DOD Deathmetal Distortion"

DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion
DOD is known for offering very cool effect pedals at very reasonable prices. I should I review a discontinued product though? Well, not only this is awesome distortion pedal but also, as chessy as this may sound, it made the musician I’m today. Back in Brazil, this was the pedal that made my high school band, the heaviest in town, and trust me when you hold such a title, not only you will get to hook up with a bunch of girls, but you gain the respect of anyone on your school.

My brother bought this pedal for our band in Brazil in 1996, in my country, if you want to buy any electronic equipment and pay half of the price you go to our neighbor Paraguay. That’s where he found the DOD Death Metal. I recently purchased one on ebay, I paid $35.

<a href=""></a>

What I love the most about this pedal now, besides all the stories I can relate to it, it’s how thick and heavy I can get my guitar to sound. I currently leave the level knob (R.I.P) on 12 o’clock, the low knob (guts) on 3 o’clock, the mid knob (pain) and the high knob (scream) on 1 o’clock. But through experimentation I always find different settings that gives my guitar very interesting sounds.

The flaw here is from DOD for discontinue its production.

DOD pedal are really though, this death metal have been through rough times and still work perfectly. That’s how exactly a guitar pedal should be. You can power this pedal via 9 Volts batteries or through power cord. It comes with 4 interesting named knobs (R.I.P, Guts, Pain, Scream) that gives you control for respectively leve, low, mids and highs. A led light on right on center indicated when the pedal in on, or if you are running out of battery juice.

The heaviest guitar sound you can get by a small and inexpensive pedal. Look for it on Ebay now.

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MGR/Imperium's review"DOD FX-86B Death Metal Distortion"

DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion
One Day As I was Searching For A Better Distortion Than Amp Distortion, I Came Across This Pedal On I Read The Description, Heard A Few Sound Clips And Was Blown Away. I bought This Pedal For The Main Reason Of That It Has A Bus-Load Of Gain And 3 EQ's Intead Of The Usual Crappy 2 EQ And Gain. I Paid Like 50 For It, And For What Its Worth Off The Hook

Like The Name Implies, Death Metal. The Pedal Itself, Is The Perfect Death Metal Stomp Box, Assumeing You Know How To EQ. You Can Get Anywhere From Extremely Scooped-Mids To Peircing Leads To Heavy Metal Overdrive Tones. The Range Of Tones Is Outstounding, Its Possible To Get Disturbed, Dimmu Borgir, Godsmack, Carcass, Pantera, And Opeth Tones From This Bitch. The Gain On It Is Fuckin "Whoa!". The Gain Is So High That The Best Application For Is Nothing Less Than Heavy Metal. Words Cannot Describe The Crazy Amount OfGain This Thing Has. The Battery Placement Is Great As Well, Right At The Top Of The Pedal. Very Easy To Get Too.

Like AllThings Man Made, This Thing Has Some Flaws. The Only Problem I Have With ThisPedal Is That The Placement Of The AdapterJack Is Set On The Side Kinda Awkwardly Under The Output. If You Can Look Past That, Just Shutup And Play. It Can Be A Bit Too Bass Heavy At Time Depending How The Low EQ Is Set

The Quailty And Construction Are Pretty Well Made, So Far In The 3 Years I've HadIt, its Survived Being Dropped On Concrete, Dropped out A Car Window, Run over With A Bike, Been Thrown Againt The Wall, And Beer Spilt On It. Dod Did A Damn Good Job Puttin This Bitch Together.

Overall, If you Like Gain By The Busloads, And Extreme Amounts Of Tone Shapeing, Then Definately Buy This Pedal, Plug In, Power Up And Play.

This review was originally published on
MGR/Steve H.08/18/2004

MGR/Steve H.'s review"DOD FX-86B Death Metal Distortion"

DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion
I purchased this Pedal a few weeks ago, needing some heavy distortion. I bought it from who was having a sale on them. I paid $35.00 for the pedal. Which is great because normally it is about $80.00.

I love the distortion that this pedal punches out!!! It is so crunchy and heavy. I also like the look of the pedal. It is black with red splatters all over it to simulate blood. Also, for the Level it says R.I.P., Low it says GUTS, Mid it says PAIN, and High it says SCREAM.

The only thing I don't like about this pedal is that it is capable of blowing speakers really easily, which it says in the manual. If you turn the low and mid up and the high down, it can easily blow it.

The construction is awesome, it's got a solid metal contruction and the pedal works great. It never gets stuck or doesn't work.

If you need a heavy distortion that screams metal, you gotta buy this pedal.

This review was originally published on

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  • DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion

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