Radial Engineering Hot British
Radial Engineering Hot British

Hot British, Distortion from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

charly's stuff 03/29/2013

Radial Engineering Hot British : charly's stuff's user review

«  very expensive and not very good »

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see website builder
1 lamp 12 AX7 in the circuit but for me this is a joke or a commercial argument fallacious.
footswitch defective only after a few uses. the price of the pedal is a shame


there aplein to switch to sculpt the sound by cutting, adding the medium, making the sound more so creamy. it is very easy to use. may be less for a beginner.


the sound is very dynamic unless you place a treble booster pedal in upstream élaircit a little signal. big headroom but sound very much like a honeycomb in final.csonne lamp transistor and not a penny. Moreover, is it really serves to separate effect pedal in garland


disappointment. pedal very expensive and of poor quality which made exorbitant is not justified. you have been warned. if you want a good distortion lamp think blackstar ht series pedal.