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Dean Markley Guitars user reviews

  • Dean Markley Overlord Classic Tube Overdrive

    Dean Markley Overlord Classic Tube Overdrive - "try it on the bass!!" has images


    tube overdrive and fuzzy tube sound UTILIZATION I tryed this little monster for a guitar,but finaly i use it with the bass! Put the HI pot on 1! mid on 4 or more,even on 10! bass pot on 5! AND DRIVE button ON 2!! volume level depends on your …

  • Dean Markley DMC-80

    Dean Markley DMC-80 - "Strong Solid State Amp"


    Dean Markley DMC80 Stereo/Chorus 2x10. The amp is 100% Solid State, 50watt X 2..100 watt output. It has a Tank Spring Reverb, and Chorus. Very Loud for a Combo amp. The review by Moosehermans information was Wrong..this amp do not have any other ef…

  • Dean Markley ProMag

    Dean Markley ProMag - "Cheap pickup... fake sound... do not buy!"


    I purchased a new Larrivee L-03 acoustic in late summer of 2009 and decided that I, for some inexplicable reason, needed a pickup for it. However, I only had a budget of about $50. The only thing I could get within that price range was the Dean Markl…

  • Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric

    Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric - "buy em!"


    I also use the 10-46 blue steels, and, as in that review : http://en.audiofanzine.com/guitar-string/dean-markley/2556-Blue-Steel-Regular-10-46/user_reviews/r.13625.html, the thing i like most about the Blue Steel's is the tone and the longevity in wh…

  • Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric

    Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric - "favorite string"


    I've been using blue steel strings since 1995. The reason i keep using them is they stay bright and strong sounding the longest of any string i've used. I clean my strings and fretboard whenever i'm done playing and literally, i can keep a set of th…

  • Dean Markley PT-13 Chromatic Pedal Tuner

    Dean Markley PT-13 Chromatic Pedal Tuner - moosers's review


    The Dean Markley PT-13 is a chromatic tuner pedal designed for use with electric guitar and bass guitar and suitable for use with any electronic instrument you might need to tune. It's definitely designed for live shows, although it's useful in the …

  • Dean Markley K-75

    Dean Markley K-75 - "Decent Practice Amp"


    This is a tube amp made by Dean Markley. This amp has 50 watts of power delivered to it, and has two channels (clean and drive). It has a three-band EQ for both channels, as well as reverb. Channel switching and reverb are both capable of being opera…

  • Dean Markley Tahoe

    Dean Markley Tahoe - "Another solid acoustic pickup from Dean Markley!"


    This is an acoustic guitar pickup that is made by Dean Markley. That brand has this type of pickup down, if you ask me. The Pro-Mag is a standard amongst acoustic guitar players. This one is a little bit different, but the tone is the same. In which …

  • Dean Markley DMC-80

    Dean Markley DMC-80 - "Ok for a solid State"


    This is a solid-state amp made by Dean Markley. That company has been able to branch out into a lot of different musical products, my favorites are their Blue Steel series of electric guitar strings. This amp has about 100 watts total, 50 for each ch…

  • Dean Markley The Suppressor

    Dean Markley The Suppressor - "I wish I had found this sooner!"


    I used to have a relatively crappy acoustic electric made by Ovation, and one of the many things that would frustrate me about that guitar was the fact that it would feedback tremendously when I tried to plug it in to a PA or amplifier. I think that …