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Vox Hybrid Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Vox AC15VR

    Vox AC15VR - "Very Wonderful guitar amplifier with really good tones and versatile"


    Our small band use this amplifier for backup but often also when we not wishing to carry around our main amplifier a very old Vox AC30. Also have Marshall MG50FX and Roland Cube 80XL. This our favourite amplifier after Vox AC30. We make funk, gr…

  • Vox AC15VR

    Vox AC15VR - "The best amp for the money with a real punch and very useable warm complex tones "


    Its actually a very versatile amp that can do almost any sound. It took me a while to stumble upon this amp. I have had many amps before including Marshall MG15, Roland Cube 30X, Roland Cube 80XL, Vox VT40+ and Blackstar ID30. My dad has a Blackstar …

  • Vox VR30R

    Vox VR30R - "Avoid it..."


    The clean channel is just ok, but the gain is pretty bad, in my opinion. (I have an amp that I paid $50 for that has a better lead channel.) This isn't the best, and that's probably why it was quickly discontinued. The clean channel is workable,…

  • Vox Cambridge 30R

    Vox Cambridge 30R - "Terrible!"


    This is another Vox classic failure of an amp. This is a hybrid amp and the hybrid simply mean that they use digital or solid state for one section of the amp and then a tube in the other section. Some Music Man amps have the hybrid set at the solid …

  • Vox AC15VR

    Vox AC15VR - "Not too bad for the price"


    This is basically the bottom dwelling Vox Ac15. This thing is called the Valve reactor technology which mean you supposedly get the same tone with less tubes and less weight. So it is basically a hybrid amp with solid state or digital and tubes as we…

  • Vox Cambridge 30R

    Vox Cambridge 30R - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by elco7/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Tupe preamp with one 12AX7 (with average gain) coupled to channel 2. 10" Celestion blue speaker (8 Ohms) plus external speaker output 2 channels with boost Tremolo effect Spr…

  • Vox VR30R

    Vox VR30R - "Vox VR30 Valve Reactor Amplifier"


    Primarily a singer, I've been playing guitar for about 10 years, been in a band (drummer!), and have continued to record and play with other musicians on a non-professional basis. My styles range from folk to hard rock, with heavy power-pop leanings…

  • Vox Cambridge 30R

    Vox Cambridge 30R - "Vox Cambridge Reverb Twin"


    Purchased used on ebay for $152.00, had brown-out problems. I tried one out at Guitar Center that sounded good for the small amount of cash. I was impressed how 30 watts projected from this amp. The (2) 10' Celestions seemed fuller than the single s…

  • Vox Cambridge 30R

    Vox Cambridge 30R - "VOX Cambridge 30 Reverb"


    I bought this VOX Cambridge 30 Reverb combo amp at Guitar Center (Seattle) at a close-out sale price of $179. I was looking for a good quality practice amp for under $200 and this amp fits the bill perfectly. I tried out several other amps in this pr…

  • Vox Cambridge 30R

    Vox Cambridge 30R - "Vox Cambridge Reverb 30 Twin"


    Mars Music, (in Midwest) purchased 01/06/02. Price: $349.95. Reverb and tremelo have that classic Vox sound. Unit is attractive, lightweight, compact, 'retro-looking' with the old style knobs and Vox cloth. After brief use at 1/2 volume (live), …