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Vox Cambridge 15
Vox Cambridge 15
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lebrutorchestra lebrutorchestra
Publié le 04/27/04 à 03:52
Both the Cambridge dual channel 30 is an unparalleled stew, as here we are dealing with something very consistent with what 15 w legendary logo. Gain (pre-amp single lamp), a volume and a boost to boost the sound up to 15 / 20% + without digging or alter ... the rest is folklore: tremolo, mid-boost (useful for scoop shovels to remove for P90) Celestion speaker BlueBulldog and so on ....... A Yes: it is as big as a microwave and weighs nothing, keep your roadies rested at the stage of France ....


Well, it's an amp to work at home or in seedy dives Rive Gauche? You'd be surprised how much it is used in the studio .... Before, this rendering for there he had a head lamp AC 50 to a potato, and a 4X12 .... given earplugs to engineers and spectators .... For those who do not make the Sports Palace every week I recommend this amp, if not take a topboost AC 15 ....


THE CRUNCH OR NOTHING. Sounds really clear, it's not the cam against the color by Vox is "clearly" here .... If you want big sound to go with saturated Rammstein in Berlin: skip this page .... Everything else is in the strings! The ideal to put a 4X12 buttocks for better dissemination. Many gain a lot of volume, clear divert him from his vocation: "I play in bars and on barges not strong" NO! What chance of bananas in an amp to bring it to its limits!! The result is a coarse-grained, easy to control the feedback ...... At that price ...


Royal at the bar: Forget your modelers!