Vox Cambridge 30R
Vox Cambridge 30R

Cambridge 30R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Cambridge series.

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MGR/Dave G 11/20/2001

Vox Cambridge 30R : MGR/Dave G's user review

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Purchased at Rhoads Music, Elizabethtown, PA. Paid about $300.

Channel One sounds great. The tremolo is terrific: very creamy, nails the '60s sound. The reverb is also good, not too obtrusive. Of course the amp looks great. It is also very lightweight.

So far it has been very reliable as well.

Channel Two (the tube channel) is, as many have reported, a bit muddy. The MRB is pretty much unusable as delivered. It *is* possible to get a good sound out of this channel by adjusting the Gain and Volume controls. Oddly, this channle doesn't seem to have the output of Channel One (solid state) even when the Gain and Volume are maxed.

Seems well made, solid. Have had no problems.

I think this hybrid amp is a good value for the money. While certainly not an AC-15 or AC-30, it does have a "Vox-ey" sound and is easy to use and carry around.

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