E-MU 0404
E-MU 0404

0404, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from E-MU.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the E-MU 0404

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 44 reviews )
 20 reviews45 %
 9 reviews20 %
 6 reviews14 %
 2 reviews5 %
 6 reviews14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

E-MU 0404
Many too many to list now.

Price paid: $100.00 USD


Very ez


Fantastic like all there outher products.


For $100.00 USD you can not beat this sound card anywhere on earth. I have seen them on sale for as little as $70.00 the most fantastic thing about this card is the sounds that come along with it. PROTIUS-X LE is a light addition of a E-MU product that has over a thousand sounds about thirty drum kits and massive synths and abouve all else it has greate sounding horns!!! It is Perfect for the beginner to expert. It comes with a varity of audio programs such as CUBASE LE my fav. sonarLE and ABLTON LIVE LITE not to mention all the other plug in effects. try it I recimendit to all my students...

I love it.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Patricio ( 4-, 2006)
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

E-MU 0404
Well it does have two ins and two outs which is perfect. If you get the Audiophilie 24/96 it will only have one in and one out. And both of these soundcards cost a 100 bucks which is cheap if you have a tight budget. the only thing that was missing was the multimedia speaker connection which was a huge hastle to get. thats the only downfall of this soundcard.

Price paid



Well its easy to install but you have to know some breif knowledge about computers cause the hardware goes into your pci sloy and you gotta know where it is but it tells you that in the manuel when you buy it.


Thw hardware was made so you wont break it when you place it into the pci slot so its quite durible nuff said


Well basically first things first if you don't have a mixer you might as wellput it back on the shelf until you have the money to buy it. Cause thats what happened to me when I brought it. SO users beware whien you but this soundcard it dosen't support regular multimedia speakers you muat have the mixer. or a y adapter which is impossible to get unless you order it from the internet on E-MU website. The sound quality is excellent no problems and complete zero latency which is super if you need perfect studio production.

Yea its pretty nice you wont go wrong with the soundcard and I never had any problems only when I needed that mixer but you'll learn to love it almost like it grows on you

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Earthquake ( 7-, 2005)

yauby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
I use this card for nearly 5 years under XP. I use it coupled with an M-Audio preamp DMP3. I record voice (via the T-Bone SCT 700 and other pickups) guitars, bass (through the preamp of course).


I changed my PC 2 years ago, the resettlement was done without worry, which was not the case when the purchase (5 years ago) but with the "new" drivers that E- mu proposed fast enough to download on his site - after a fairly general discontent and of course legitimate buyers - shortly after the release of the card. Since I have been bp.

I use SX3.


The grip is not really simple to use it eventually understand. It was on that for the wisest of us, reading the manual saves time ...


I'm not disappointed by the quality but this is my first "real" sound card so I lack a point of comparison.

What I like least is making the contortionist to plug in my entries or my ass out of the PC. Son of longer or a remote box that would have been the top.

Pretty unbeatable value for money.

Zanzibar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
I had a soundblaster 128 me well enough to record two or three OCCAZ the sounds, but when I wanted my guitar and my bass sounds, the way c'tais plutt ...
My config ': P4, 512MB RAM, 60 GB HDD
Instruments: Guitar, Bass + table mix.

I want to make models of a quality honnte and more if affinity.


At install any problem. No incompatibility with Windows 2000.
Setup is simple, the manual is pretty clear. Good if you want to print all Manele (EMU + Cubase + Wave Lab) must prvoir several ink cartridges and lots of paper ...

My card installed, I can use burn ..............


The drivers are stable, attention prsence the Kerio firewall, if at startup the computer it does not allow drivers, no sound!!
Currently, I have not put my day drivers. Therefore not consider the above.
I use Cubase, which is provided, REASON3, Amplitube, Guitar Rig and Cool Edit Pro ... As far as Cubase and Guitar Rig more problem and it's great ... However, for Cool Edit Pro, no longer possible to save anything, and this lowers the note 8. I continue the investigation because I have a soft spot for this software ...
Updated 17/01/2006
Thanks this tutorial https://fr.audiofanzine.com/tutoriels/index%% 2Cidtutoriel 2C362.html ( https://fr.audiofanzine.com/tutoriels/index%2Cidtutoriel%2C362.html ) I can rutiliser CoolEdit
I put the drivers on the day without plroblme official website. I did not see big diffrence, but hey, I think it has not hurt.

Latency level, I <= 5.


I use srieusement for less than a week. I'm beginners in the computer music, causing blockages on the use of the card.
The point is well-sr ngatif patch mix, which is to use plutt complicated.
Last Day 11/01/2005: APRS have read the doc, a s'clairci ... Now, I record, I read my work without any problem on Cubase. One thing, when you want to use software is a bit exotic, harder ... But I do not dsespre.

The overall rating is 9 because when I have the mastery of bte, I will be fully satisfied, it sr!
Old user SoundBlaster before c'tait the jack into a plug is over ... it's more complex than before, but we enter the world of computer music SemiPro / pro, then you have to adapt a little ...

antony69lyon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
- 2 entries
- 2 outputs
- 2 MIDI I / O

I use it mainly to drive vsti
my config: amd 4400 + dual core, 1024 MB RAM, CM: msi neo, DD 2

It is connected to a Technics KN6000


The installation is done seamlessly through a window (to continue the installation) is hidden. But the installer told how to recover it.

no incompatibilities with me, everything works nickel

The PatchMix is ​​complicated for this style of simple sound card. So do not touch utilistation in common.

the manual is a real novel, but I have not had to use it.


Currently no crash
no frequent updating of drivers
A latency down to 2 ms, but I use a 10 ms without cracking or deccrochage
I have never been beyond the limit of the card


I use it for over a year or a year without worrying crash.
I do it again without this choice problem is exactly as it was my use, in addition, with an unbeatable value for money.

P.Arthur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
I was looking for a card that can do recording guitar, but also voice and bass.
I use it with ACID Pro 6 compatibility impeccable.
my pc is a p4 1.8 Ghz, 1GB of memory ...


The installation is simple: PatchMix is ​​a no name crap but it works.
general configuration is simple, according to what seeing and the manual is simple patterns.


I always use ACID Pro 6 is an exellent jRecording sequencer with which everything and very good quality (in contrast to previous opinions, you just know how to use)
the drivers are stable


I use it for a year and a half, I love the sound quality, I like less PatchMix apara is inseparable from the card value for money is allucinant, there is nowhere else. Even with the experience, I would do this choice with his eyes closed.

kanakyirie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
I bought the 404 emu for the price it was that or nothing.
Moreover, it was perfect for my personal use:
Record track by track to see record two instruments simultaneously

I use it to record the bass / guitar / mic / synth / groovebox

I have an xp pc with a Serial ATA hard drive.


I had no problem installing on my part on two different computers.
Only the default vst Warp had a tendency to crash half the time to start but since I reinstall windows I have no problems.

Configuration is quite PatchMix cotton, I have spent a whole afternoon to capture how to record anything, but hey I'm not very smart and I bought it as it exits the coup there was not all the support that the forum brings Audiofanzine.

Now the PatchMix no secrets for me, I am also extremely useful.
I love being able to record what comes out on slaps, to record MIDI tracks to wav it saves valuable time.


No problem with drivers, they have been updated regularly (currently not too good but everything was already done to improve the capabilities of this sound card I think)

I use Adobe Audition, Reason, Fruity Loops with.

I arrive at a latency of 5ms no problem but I use it to 10ms is enough even for the effects on the guitar.


I use it for 2 years and she rendered great services.

Positive, it does very well even without preamp, plugging a microphone directly and by boosting the sound we get a very acceptable result.
I have no noise-recording my bass (musicman stingray us too) directly into the sound card.

Only thing that disappoints me is the wiring that is not very ergonomic, but good for the price .... ultimately more quickly we forget this.

With the experience I was bought direct! I am fully satisfied with the sound card.
I do not understand people who were disgusted by the sound card, I never had any problems with really important too.

After I've never had the opportunity to test other computer music dedicated sound cards so ...

beuc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
Just to tell the band finished morons that are part of this generation of sat, who can not read a manual or use a professional audio sound card (yet very easy to use), who have no intuition and coming pourrire criticism of this card is currently the best quality / price (personally I recorded my first song at the end of half an hour) ... do not we have rocked a little too close to the Wall ...?

192Khz 24-bit sound card for under 100 euros
bought 8 months ago and not had a single problem ....
small cons that I have read make me rage! it's not the card that does not mess, c is your lean neurons foirent!


No prob, the simplest way .... and not c is not Santa Claus who will come to ask you about your motherboard .... sorry for those who had ... then I break their dream.
the manual is very comprehensive and responds to all the questions that may arise at the beginning.
configuration very easy for someone smart (except for a 6-year course)


No worries drivers
nickel with cubase
latency of 5ms and can still do better


Use for 8 months
j fond of all the possibilities offered by this card ... we find that the equivalent from 200 euros (at least).
I would buy the closed eyes

mister_vai's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
- What technical specifications motivated your choice?
card simple and efficient with the internal DSP and a fantastic bundle for proof, I gave up Cubase (which is a source of problem) and replace it with the fantastic Sonar LE, even in light version, this app is a marvel of efficiency that has never planted in two months of use!

- For what purpose?
demo home

- What is your config (motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
P4 2.8G, Win XP, 1 G RAM, 2 hard disk

- Which instruments do you use or the Systmes? ...
Ibanez Prestige 750 SERIES S, amp VOX Valvetronix AD120

for 150, this purchase is unbeatable, the bomb!!


Easy installation, no problem, I downloaded the latest drivers and everything is OK, hold said, it worked perfectly before the update of drivers.


Perfect stability, I use Sonar LE now and Battery 2
latency 7ms
I recorded both track 2 and I read a dozen


I useful for 2 months and j'apprcie all in this product, even the PatchMix is ​​a bit confusing at the beginning ... Great for the price, and yes I would do without this choice hsiter!

wronis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
- What characteristics have motivated your choice?
Converters --- very good quality
--- Effects managed hardware
--- Software Bundle!
- For what purpose?
--- Check my guitar
--- Applying effects on the guitar
--- Mixing with MIDI tracks as with my Emu APS
- What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
--- 64-bit Sempron 2500 + MSI KN8MM CM + 512 mo + Emu APS + SBLive
- Which instruments or the systems do you use?
Casio Midi Keyboard --- Small
--- Electric guitar

Only downside for me is not the native support of SoundFonts, you have to use a free plugin (SFZ) and it is not managed matériellement.Pour are followers of sound may be needed to turn to Proteus comes with the card.


- The installation is done it without problems?
--- Just two CDs: one with drivers and other apps with
--- Super simple and trouble-free

- Have you experienced any incompatibilities?
--- No even with two sound cards already installed (+ SBLive Emu APS)

- The general configuration is easy?
--- Without reading the manual and without knowledge of a mixer is super complex. Patch mix seems super complicated at first.

- The manual is clear and sufficient?
--- Yes it is quite clear, but also sufficient essential!. After reading the manual config is very simple and you realize the possibilities of the card.


- The drivers are stable?
--- No crash so far: Very stable
- Are they often updated?
--- A priori yes
- What software do you use most often?
--- Cubase LE (bundled with the card and very adequate for amateurs like me)
--- THE Proteux X (comes with map)
--- SFZ sound font to read
- What you get lag?
--- It's going to 7 ms ASIO

The big plus of the map: the bundled software!


This is clearly not a multimedia card for users (too complicated for that), but more for people wishing to learn at home studio.

I love this card for the following reasons:
Effects-friendly materials
-Very stable
Possibilities of large-patch mix (the mixer of the card)
-The software bundle which contains everything you need to use the card.

Small least:
-No sound management of native fonts
-No of entries / outputs for the pros
No management-Mac, I had to buy a dedicated PC!

- How would you rate the quality / price?
--- Excellent for a very good card and the bundled software (I know I said 20 times ...)

- With experience, you do again this choice?
--- Yes, yes, and yes, for a beginner like me in computer music is the ideal card