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  • [MUSIKMESSE] Korg presents Pa4X Oriental series
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    [MUSIKMESSE] Korg presents Pa4X Oriental series

    04/07/16 in Korg Pa4X Oriental 61

    Korg has introduced the Pa4X Oriental, an oriental music-oriented series composed of a 61- and a 76-key arranger keyboards.

  • New Korg PA3X Le arranger keyboard
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    New Korg PA3X Le arranger keyboard

    09/04/14 in Korg Pa3X Le

    Sampling is also on the menu of the new PA3X Le professional arranger keyboard that Korg introduces today.

  • [Musikmesse] Korg introduces the Pa300

    [Musikmesse] Korg introduces the Pa300

    03/16/14 in Korg Pa300

    Korg unveiled at Musikmesse 2014 the new member in the Pa arranger keyboard family. Meet the Pa300.

  • Korg introduces the Pa900 arranger keyboard
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    Korg introduces the Pa900 arranger keyboard

    07/01/13 in Korg Pa900

    Korg will launch in september a new version of its Pa Series arranger keyboards, the Pa900.

  • Korg Pa600 & Pa600QT

    Korg Pa600 & Pa600QT

    09/10/12 in Korg Pa600

    The Pa600 is the newest keyboard in the Korg Pa Series of professional arrangers.

  • [NAMM] Korg PA 3X

    [NAMM] Korg PA 3X

    01/15/11 in Korg Pa3X 76

    Korg announces the Pa3X, the new flagship of Korg's Pa Series.

  • [NAMM] Korg PA 3X Video Demo

    [NAMM] Korg PA 3X Video Demo

    01/13/11 in Korg Pa3X 76

    New Korg PA 3X video on AudioFanzine

  • Korg PA 800 Elite

    Korg PA 800 Elite

    09/16/10 in Korg Pa800 Elite Limited Edition

    Korg announced the Limited Edition PA 800 Elite, the newest in its line of sophisticated Interactive Workstation keyboards.

  • [NAMM] Korg Pa50SD

    [NAMM] Korg Pa50SD

    01/16/10 in Korg Pa50SD

    The new Pa50SD is designed to improve Korg's Professional Arranger keyboard by introducing SD card data storage in place of the older floppy disk drive on the original Pa50.

  • [Musikmesse]Korg Pa2x Pro Receives Award

    [Musikmesse]Korg Pa2x Pro Receives Award

    04/05/09 in Korg Pa2XPRO

    Korg won praises at the 10th annual Musikmesse International Press Award (MIPA) Ceremony, held April 2, 2009, in Frankfurt, Germany.