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Korg Pa user reviews

  • Korg Pa2XPRO

    Korg Pa2XPRO - "Weighted keys and motorized display screen"


    The PA2XPRO is a 76 key keyboard that is perfect for gigging or studio use. It is very easy to use and has plenty of features for any type of user. The experience that I had with it has been great because of the motorized tilting screen and weighted …

  • Korg Pa3X 61

    Korg Pa3X 61 - "I say go for the 76 key version"


    The Korg Pa3X is a 61 key professional keyboard workstation and arranger that I used to complete many full songs/projects right on the keyboard without even having to work in my DAW. There is one thing that you can guarantee that you will get while w…

  • Korg Pa2XPRO

    Korg Pa2XPRO - "great board"


    The Korg Pa2x keyboard arranger is one of my favorite ones to this day. I have been using it for years and it never gets old and I never get tired of using any of the sounds or patches that come with it. You can control all parameters of any sound th…

  • Korg Pa600

    Korg Pa600 - " Perfect for advanced users"


    5 octave keyboard, hit ok, no aftertouch All plants resources (styles, performances, sound, songbook) are fully editable and there is 96MB available for user samples to insert into sounds. 1200 locations for styles, ca let potential! Sequencer …

  • Korg Pa3X 61

    Korg Pa3X 61 - " The best arranger"


    Complete arranger, in all modes (workstation, play style, sound mode). Also very reactive with the touch screen. Nice finish. Too bad the 61 keys is not adjustable screen model. UTILIZATION For a beginner, it may be very difficult at first beca…

  • Korg Pa300

    Korg Pa300 - " a killer"


    Hello everyone, Magnificent arranger that can compete with the bigger. Sounds great beauty. + Robust, the styles are very very good and beautiful guitars. For the price this is the class. UTILIZATION Very clear and easy to use. OVERALL…

  • Korg Pa50SD

    Korg Pa50SD - " Highly scalable keyboard"


    I have a KORG PA 50 SD for 2 weeks and what a difference with the YAMAHA keyboards! Development possibilities are endless. (Accompaniment, sounds, styles, etc.). Quality sounds and accompaniments is undeniably good for a keyboard from 2004. While…

  • Korg Pa3X 76

    Korg Pa3X 76 - " An excellent arranger"


    A complete arranger with updates to Korg REGULAR THE BUG START ARE CORRECTED in bone level but again sounds very nice. Moreover it is easy to sample sounds and assign a key reminders. I do not even speak the sequencer and the ability to mix mp3 o…

  • Korg Pa300

    Korg Pa300 - " sound symphony at your fingertips!"


    pa 300 keyboard 61 keys synthé.il type has 2 usb sockets. it 125 effect types, 950 sonoritées very high quality, 310 styles in 4 variations, 3 fill in, 3 intros and ending 3. sounds and styles are unfortunately not editable, like a classic synth.…

  • Korg Pa900

    Korg Pa900 - Chlamydiae's review


    For complete specifications, see the website page Korg (http://www.korgpa.com/products/arrangers/pa900/pa900-information.html). Important points: 61 keys, semi-weighted, with adjustable velocity and aftertouch. The effects section is purely delu…