Korg Pa2XPRO
Korg Pa2XPRO

Pa2XPRO, Keyboard Arranger from Korg in the Pa series.

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egitana 01/13/2008

Korg Pa2XPRO : egitana's user review


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I had the chance to test this instrument in a store. I possde pro Pa1X. The occasion was so nice to compare.
First, the appearance, it looks strong pro Pa1X. The sides of wood gives it a little class and especially faster than painting parte quail at the slightest shock ... The swivel screen is very convenient as catastrophic data readability of Pa1X Pro daylight or when some projectors tourns towards you. Thank you for the "big advance" USB now available for everyone! Finally, because I admit that my floppy rductions stock starts to show signs of significant numbers. I note 8/10 for a pro look, USB ports, the swivel screen.
I take the passage to ask Mr. Korg why it is also can practice accder functions change the battery of instruments in real time? I recall myself on the i3, a touch drum maps are given access in one second. For live, spend Charley wrinkles, or to clear caisser rimshot in 1 key (and thus without having to modify the style) was pure happiness !!! A shortcut to a new OS or function on the screen?


Ct machine, I expect a noticeable difference with the pro Pa1X. Finally, nothing extraordinary. It's the same thing a few small prs change. Let the sounds ... ah? all very rverb, always a string regardless of his chosen performance! Strange! I decides to turn the arranger: no sound! or if not weird sounds. I turn to the seller and responds to me (apparently can tonner): "oh he just takes restarting plant." Ah? and if I'm on stage, this could happen again? I am waiting to see if other people had the same msaventure. After redmarrage everything went very well. A low-mdium acute-checker for each track. Gnial is really handy for fine and quick correction. Ct rhythms, nothing special (the position simulation system on request fretboard be to master). These are the same as on my Pa1X Pro. Ct sounds, organs are still dcevants (those of M3 are all beauty ... why not put the same Mr. Korg?) Strings mdiocres, average brass etc .dropoff window Guitars, basses, drums, give, electric pianos are of very good quality. A superb atmosphere drumkit much to me. I do not use anything sampling and let others talk.
I note 5 for the little amliorations tech compared to pro Pa1X.


The time spent on Pa2X Pro I was not at all convinced of the need to change bcanne. The sounds are almost identical, the arrangements are the same. Certainly some have amliorations bnfiques t (EQ, adjustable screen, USB ...) but are not important enough to invest 3000 euros in this machine. My pro Pa1X done as well. For a person with no arranger, it is very well. I think it's more of an update of Pa1X Pro as an innovative product. Personally, I'll wait for the next generation Korg arranger.
I note 6/10 because it is a very good product but whose innovations are scarce compared Pa1X a pro.