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Korg Pa user reviews

  • Korg Pa500

    Korg Pa500 - " Good value for money"


    Feature (see the Korg website) UTILIZATION My main use is to live accompaniment of singers. The general configuration is simple, I have used the auto accompaniment within 5 minutes after opening the box. I had to open the manual to configure …

  • Korg Pa600

    Korg Pa600 - " Value "sound" / discount"


    5 UTILIZATION French manual incomplete. More detailed English manual (DVD ROM) OVERALL OPINION My first C Arranger. I tried a RA90 and one of the first Korg I3. I'm pretty happy overall. I expect to update the OS hoping for new sounds and sty…

  • Korg Pa50SD

    Korg Pa50SD - " That happiness"


    The Korg PA 50 SD has all the necessary connections and amplification of high power / quality. Many styles and original performances that can be edited and saved in modified areas most personal users on the SD card which increases the possibility of …

  • Korg Pa50

    Korg Pa50 - " blowing pa"


    avoid keyboard, very complex to use, not intuitive at all UTILIZATION must not constantly searched to make regalges OVERALL OPINION I use it to dial, you can overlay up to four sounds, so appreciable in revance is about a couple of my breath …

  • Korg Pa3X 76

    Korg Pa3X 76 - " Korg PA3X a very good arranger worktation."


    Korg PA3X possde excellent sound engine dowry sonorits trsraliste of functionalities and compltes sophistiqus but with dfaillance and a very bonn finish. USE Korg PA3X is difficult to use. NOTICE GLOBAL To sum up the Korg PA3X possde exce…

  • Korg Pa1X

    Korg Pa1X - " Korg Pa1X vs Roland G 70."


    Roland has more sonorits as Korg, Roland the quality of sonorits is the same as that of Korg, Roland's functionalities are better than the Korg, but the Korg is stronger than Roland. USE Roland is more friendly than the Korg. NOTICE GLOBAL …

  • Korg Pa500

    Korg Pa500 - " A treat!"


    I just give my opinion on the Korg PA500 Arranger. Lomtemps I hesitated between the PA500, the mox6 of yamaha, yamaha psr and S710. Jai listen to demo a lot. PRECISION: The purpose of my purchase is to produce film music, especially orchestral.…

  • Korg Pa50

    Korg Pa50 - " A good arranger at a reasonable price."


    Hello, It is a five-octave keyboard, good enough for a Workstation. At this price, it allows editing of many parameters and has two parallel sequencers, the connection is complete. I will not repeat the previous opinion, some old and not referring …

  • Korg Pa500

    Korg Pa500 - " The Best" has images


    technical side, see listings on AF or site Korg UTILIZATION super intuitive! I even found some shortcuts that I have not seen the doc ... Moreover, I rarely need ... nevertheless small flat for the joystick: I find the factory settings are awkwar…

  • Korg Pa800

    Korg Pa800 - Vip2810's review


    It is an arranger keyboard. He can play with styles created accopagnement factory or create your own, it also has a great sequencer and a sound editor and a sampler. This keyboard allows especially to the "one-man show" in families, marriages, etc..…