Korg Pa800
Korg Pa800

Pa800, Keyboard Arranger from Korg in the Pa series.

Lougarou 04/04/2007

Korg Pa800 : Lougarou's user review


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- For technical or see the website www.pakorg.com korgpa.com ....
- I had the opportunity to try it on my sound system (thank you ...). The buddy
- I play with equipment YAMAHA (ES Rack ....) and I must say that the PA800 is very effective issue sounds / expressions especially on Drums / sax / wind / EP. The rest of the sounds but after a little behind. If 'I had to buy it in no time: My Rack ES piloted by PA800, it would be happiness, I could finally get rid of my latest Roland keyboard ....
- The sequencer is a flexible and really works !!!!! You can work sequences, composing freely, the MIDI implementation is flexible (as YAMAHA elsewhere ...).
In short, it would be my perfect keyboard to complement my ES Rack ....


- The configuration requires a good reading the manual anyway ... Normal because I'm not Famillia to the brand but that's surmountable!
- Not to mention the editing sounds but already in the presets there's plenty to do!


- Tried a sound 2x220W (mine ...)..
=> The sequencer / arranger.
=> Sounds (especially rhythm kits! Winds ... also Organs!).
=> Good expression
=> Flexible MIDI implementation and configuration ...
-The -:
Ben and I have not found ... not had the time ... the price may be at that price but I prefer Korg Roland when compared to E-80 I would take the Pa800 from afar without hesitation! !!