Korg Pa800
Korg Pa800

Pa800, Keyboard Arranger from Korg in the Pa series.

levrenfeu 02/28/2008

Korg Pa800 : levrenfeu's user review


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No need to go into details since it is a gas plant.
a precision, however, me coming from Yamaha I want to say that the keyboard is much more pleasant and stronger than the ISP and tyros ..
I can write a word only becaufe 2 reviews for this bomb I found that it was not to worship him.
4 separate outputs very practical to dispatch its sounds.
2 Line / Mic very effective and practical.
touchscreen super convenient too.


The config is pretty simple, since there is a button touch screen is a habit.
obviously seen the number of functions offered by the beast you better have the manual handy .......
I am not immersed in the edition because they are enormous sounds without touching anything, and my goal is to play without me take the lead, not to programming.


Well now I'm going to drop.
it's a bomb!
all groovy arrangements of hell and sounds are highly realistic and expressive.
I had an isp and a phantom, so I have an element of comparison in the ears,
is the day and night.
I will not dwell on the quality and warmth of the sound or I'll fill pages. best is to go listen.
great sound on the original HP, no need to amp at home.
modern and current super arrangements.
I have not listened to the tyros 2, but much more expensive and rotten touch for the price.