Korg Pa800
Korg Pa800

Pa800, Keyboard Arranger from Korg in the Pa series.

Franckbg38 03/01/2008

Korg Pa800 : Franckbg38's user review


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For technical data I leave it to visit "the black box of the musician" Korg's official website.
I really like Yamaha for over 15 years (PSR9000, tyros ...) and I must admit that I never had a keyboard as arrageur exceptionel.
The styles are very good especially for traditional music, jazz, latin, rtro (yes there are still a), funk (amazing), for against the bland and modern styles are much less than raliss the yamaha (Techno, Hip Hop, Rap, house).
The acoustic sounds are a surprising ism, the others are level Yamaha.


In terms of handling and ease of use I would be more Reserved machine offers so many features that their use requires a certain rigor and required reading the manual.
on the other hand thank you to the Korg engineers who dot the instrument of a touch screen, what happiness to be able to navigate the menu as a menu on a PC, the machine can be tooute command from the screen and I beginners must say that after difficult I can do without this feature.


I Aquis the PA800 in June 2007 and discovered an incredible tool for music production, I who had never taken the time to try another brand of keyboard I have discovered another way to make the music.
I offered myself as the hard drive and MP3 encoder, which allows you to play keyboard and sing while recording an MP3 file.
But above all I discovered a professional arranger keyboard everything is editable, editable no limits in music with the sampler cannot Intgr that mix arrangements of PA800 and samples of other keyboards, CD , Waves is on the net.
Today I am drug-PA800 and I spend hours and hours discover this keyboard has been a long time that I was not n'aivais much fun playing music.