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Korg Pa user reviews

  • Korg Pa1XPro

    Korg Pa1XPro - " Highly scalable instrument"


    semi-weighted keyboard 76 ratings multi-effects Many styles and sounds editable Two sequencers with crossfader UTILIZATION Relatively complex configuration because everything is customizable and programmable. The manual is not a model of …

  • Korg Pa600

    Korg Pa600 - " Excellent keyboard"


    Keyboard synth guy, not too bad, an improvement compared to PA500. Connecting to a computer via USB, connect a USB key Very good sound quality, very expressive, which are also editable. Very realistic styles, easily editable, more are found ext…

  • Korg Pa900

    Korg Pa900 - " Of the service"


    PA 900 Arranger Keyboard The characteristics are known on the manufacturer's site! Instrument excellent in all respects. USE The problem is the absence of mode Detailed job. The manual provided is too short and does not allow to exploit t…

  • Korg Pa588

    Korg Pa588 - " Very good choice"


    I confirms the opinion of Karlmuz, who bought this keyboard there 3 years, and still enjoying the same. I will not repeat the inventory is above its potential (see comment Karlmuz). Variety of very realistic sounds with effects that have nothing to…

  • Korg Pa3X 76

    Korg Pa3X 76 - " A little disappointing"


    Good features, complete instrument. Found in the PA2X improved but the game is not worth the effort (€ 3400 anyway) UTILIZATION Some parts are less practical than the other news PA2X provide some + OVERALL OPINION 6 months PA3X already one …

  • Korg Pa600

    Korg Pa600 - " Arranger ... Arranging"


    As a preamble I must tell you that I'm not an expert in these products. This is my first Korg PA600 arranger. For cons, I know the world of workstations (Triton, M50, Mox) and computer music ... so let's go for a full review: Correct production, no…

  • Korg Pa50SD

    Korg Pa50SD - " Usine"


    This is an arranger with 5 octaves. It has a very wide section of well-done effects, only downside, the distortion is not adjustable. It has a MIDI and Jack connectors and also pedal jacks (damper, sustain, etc ...) Over 500 sounds and styles a…

  • Korg Pa50

    Korg Pa50 - " A great synth / arranger that makes you want to play"


    For Particular features, look on the Korg site. The PA50 is equivalent to PA50D except the floppy drive now replaced by an SD memory card. UTILIZATION Fairly easy to use I find more if you already know what an arranger. There is just a slight…

  • Korg Pa1XPro

    Korg Pa1XPro - " fine"


    9/10 UTILIZATION Simple setup if you have a good foundation in this kind of product, for a beginner ca be a harder, the manual is usable and necessary, it is always a little gas plant, but good with Patience ca can do; editing sounds is easy; 8…

  • Korg Pa1XPro

    Korg Pa1XPro - jbernades's review


    I'll let you see the features on appropriate sites. They are many interesting UTILIZATION The general configuration is not simple, it is the flip side of an appliance with extended capabilities and as versatile as the PA1X. The two books in Frenc…