Korg Pa600
Korg Pa600

Pa600, Keyboard Arranger from Korg in the Pa series.

Makos 08/08/2013

Korg Pa600 : Makos's user review

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As a preamble I must tell you that I'm not an expert in these products. This is my first Korg PA600 arranger. For cons, I know the world of workstations (Triton, M50, Mox) and computer music ... so let's go for a full review:
Correct production, nothing more. It seems sturdy enough to withstand transport. A fly will be welcome for musicians on the move no matter what.

Side "under the hood", it is undeniable that Korg offers a lot:
You take a Pa3X you remove a few hardware controls, the ability to sample the TC-Helicon vocal processor, you remove the user memory and the hard disk option, you do make everything more cheaply ... you have the PA600. So most of what little and should provide this type of instrument.


I use it in several ways:

1 - As a keypad noon to control what is in my computer. The 61-key keyboard, standard, offers an effective dynamic. It is of course, a thousand miles on a piano keyboard.

2 - As an arranger "who takes care of a lot of things." The number and quality of styles have really impressed me, they are supported by the Korg sound processor that proves the best for the moment. I compare it to Mox, recent synth sounds on most Korg done better. For example, the piano "Grand RX" Korg Yamaha buried. Just the sound of the piano keyboard deserves a better quality ... but good.
All styles are editable, in sound, structure, tempo, mix. The touch screen allows you to play all intuitive and practical. Very nice to "customize" a small piece of a harmonic progression. The sequencer allows you to integrate it in a few "clicks". It is also used as one of a workstation, 16 tracks available.

3 - As an arranger that drives my computer. MIDI configurations are easily editable and scalable on PA600, thanks to the touch screen (again!). This allows direct data arrangement on the desired MIDI track (with Kontakt happiness to "fix" how classical music, for example).

4 - I also driver from a guitar synth. I make a "Split" to the desired location and I can alternate agreement (support) and solo. Very nice way to use it!

... There are still other ways to adapt this instrument, I did not do the trick.
MP3, MIDI, Songbook file for the song etc ...

One thing is certain: practicality, ergonomics provides quickly what you want (yes, you have to know it a little ...)


A Pa3X light for 1/3 the price but more than 1/3 functions, it is.

I had a Korg in the past and had enjoyed the interface and especially the touchscreen M50. I found a machine brand and its famous screen, in a type of machine that I did not know: the arranger.
No disappointment (besides the keyboard I would have liked better bill). We find the essence of a synthesizer (sound editing, effects, mix layers etc.., Sequencer etc..) And more, there is a musical Swiss-knife. Ultra-convenient for the creation, for fun, for research. What could possibly miss me, I found on my favorite virtual instruments!
I hesitated before giving me this arranger. But that was before. Now that "I know," no regrets. Excellent investment.