Korg Pa900
Korg Pa900

Pa900, Keyboard Arranger from Korg in the Pa series.

Public price: $1,899 VAT
Chlamydiae 06/01/2014

Korg Pa900 : Chlamydiae's user review

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For complete specifications, see the website page Korg (http://www.korgpa.com/products/arrangers/pa900/pa900-information.html).
Important points: 61 keys, semi-weighted, with adjustable velocity and aftertouch.

The effects section is purely delusional (up to 4 Multi-Effects Stereos,
125 + 2 Master effects such effects "Global"); all parameters are programmable.

For singers, a TC Helicon is integrated with effects + voice harmonizer (2 audio inputs, 1 with adjustable gain for the microphone (jack))


Ergonomics is the Korg arrangers touch screen: intuitive throughout, and the screen, and the system is very responsive, much more than the PA500 (except for access to records containing very many files, for which curiously PA500 is much faster).

Note: micro-SD port, plus a USB input device front, and direct access to the SSD: you can save files; updatable system, there has been an update of the OS.

A guide for decision not hand in French (paper), unfortunately no comprehensive manual in French for now (in English and. Pdf, 450 pages ...)

Ultra-Complete Edition sounds and effects (concept of "syntharrangeur" ​​in the words of Tony Green): This is a real synth, plus an extraordinary arranger; given the number of arranged sounds, I personally do not go digging too. Extensive modulation matrix, ditto for the effects.


Purchased in April 2014 to replace a Korg PA500, replacing himself a Korg PA50 (I like the Korg arrangers). Seen comparative tests video with Roland BK7 and the Yamaha PSR 950.

DNC sounds on the Korg are in my opinion very good, with very interesting game effects, including guitars and wind instruments; still many good styles, access to all styles of PA series (free on the net thousands) According to the preferences sounds Korg-Yamaha-Roland, a matter of personal taste ...

The TC Helicon vocal harmonizer is very nice, the keyboard very well made (no comparison with the PA500 ...); I regretted against the faders, knobs replaced by, and scandal, already much discussed, the disappearance of the "Fill" button. The sampling (read your samples) is certainly good, but I have not yet tested.

Value for money in my opinion excellent; would lack a multi-touch screen, including the virtual organ drawbars, but then I think they would sell more PA3X 61 keys, given the price difference ...

I am very happy with my choice.