Neumann U 88 I
Neumann U 88 I

U 88 I, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Neumann.

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moosers's review

Neumann U 88 I
The Neumann U 88 I is a small diaphragm condenser microphone designed for use in the recording studio.  I've only used this mic in the studio and would highly recommend for you never to bring it out of your studio as this is an older microphone that is no longer made and is a pretty precious microphone.


I've been using the Neumann U 88 I for only about a year, but in this time it has become one of my go to microphones for a variety of applications.  The main thing that I used this mic for is for acoustic guitars.  I find that placing it close the neck of the guitar gets a pretty great sound, especially in tandem with another large diaphragm condenser microphone placed near the sound hole of the guitar.  This being said, I've also had success using this mic when it is placed near the 12th fret of the guitar and even near the sound hole, which is a place that usually a larger mic would be placed.  Beyond use with an acoustic guitar, this mic also works great on pretty much all acoustic stringed instruments like mandolin and violin, and even for picking up the high end of a cello or double bass.  It also sounds pretty good when used as a room mic or as a stereo overhead for drums if you have the luxury of having two of these, which I do not most of the time.  These mics are pretty rare nowadays and if you can find one used, it will certainly cost you a decent amount of money as it is a vintage Neumann microphone.  If you are a professional looking for a stellar small diaphragm condenser and have a chance to pick one of these up, I would definitely highly recommend it.  All in all, the Neumann U 88 I is a really special mic that can add a lot of color to your microphone cabinet.