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All user reviews of 4/5 for the The T.bone SC450

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 20 reviews )
 8 reviews40 %
 8 reviews40 %
 3 reviews15 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

AlanForPresident's review"Can be used for live or studio, I prefer studio."

The T.bone SC450
The T Bone SC 450 is a large diaphragm studio microphone that should not be used in a live setting.
It does however require phantom power, and the price is very reasonable and respectable. The overall, specs of the T bone SC 450 didn’t particularly strike me as the studio microphone that I need to have. But after purchasing two of these over the years, I can say it is one of the best microphones that are under 150 US Dollars that I have used. The time that was used with the T Bone SC 450 was over the period of about 4 months.


The T Bone SC 450 has great quality for a microphone that is less than 150 dollars, it excels great in a studio setting with acoustics and proper set up. I have tried 2 other T Bone models, and this is the better one for the money. You will get a shock mount and a case when you purchase the T bone SC 450, which is a good thing because the shock mount is much needed. The frequency response is o.1m - 10dB (20-18000 Hz). The T Bone SC 450 is a great vocal microphone for someone with an even Tone, not to deep of a pitch nor too high. One thing about this microphone that also makes it better than the previous version of the T Bone is that this is a flexible microphone and can be used on instruments as well. But in my opinion it wont sound as good using it as an instrument microphone. They actually also say it’s a live microphone but I have to disagree with T Bone on that, this microphone did not sound well when we tested it in a live setting. Maybe it all depends on what type of a sound the user is looking for. We will keep the T Bone SC 450 in the studio, with acoustic treatments.

yoc's review

The T.bone SC450


I have one.
I've had other down-market mics, like the se2000 (which I sold), and an AT 2020.
The T bone is the best of all.
I used it for demos quite some time, but now I have a neumann KMS 105 for live performances and it's better, even for demos. It's more neutral, but more expensive, too.
I still use the T bone for tenor sax (with 2 mics) .
In short, it's quite all right and well-equipped.
Ideal for beginners.
Jay f.04/22/2012

Jay f.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent value for money"

The T.bone SC450
Vocal Mic. Condenser microphone transistor large-diaphragm

Polar pattern: Cardioid
Presence of a low-cut switch and-10dB pad.

Body and gate are metal and seem robust.
It comes with a suspension and a carrying case.


I use it for a couple of years.
I had bought used.

This is my first condenser vocal microphone.
I especially appreciate its great value for money. He seems sensitive and accurate as it should. But I have no points of comparison.

With experience, maybe I'll turn to mics more upscale, see Neumann Rode. But I first wanted to try my hand at not too much to the recording of my voice.
I will not hesitate to buy other micro range T.Bone.

Samy44L's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC450
Already said.


A, SC-450! A microphone that has not only qualities: screw the suspension hard to position, indescribable smell of oil "Chinese" when you open the briefcase, switches fragile-looking ...

Well, all that we do not care, because what counts is the sound!

If we rule préamli correctly, even with a source is a little weak have no breath. The definition is good, not too much acidity in the treble. I do not serve in the neighborhood (still at 2-3 m from the source). This mic I use to have the presence and definition for my registration. A stereo pair located farther back full.

I record with choirs, orchestras and organ. Its good field width is ideal for recording an organ whose buffet several meters wide.

Used once to record vocals for a slideshow. With just one microphone can pick up several people, and the result is very natural. Its wide field eliminates the need of the level changes when a person turns his head slightly.

Obviously, what I just described is probably as good and even better with other pickups ... this is where the concept of value for money: exellent for SC-450!


zedbee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC450
SC450 used only for singing on a branch prampli TL Audio 5050, or directly on a prampli makie.


Used for 8 months to record the song, he filled his office well, yes indeed, it has an unfortunate tendency to increase the whistling, but not abusive fawn, the real criticism I made him is his support whose screw me pt in the hands while trying to place the microphone of the inclined Camelott ....

if not, let's be honest, the price is just great, I compared it with microphones that have certainly nothing to see, but I had on hand, a Sennheiser MD421, and rode NT3 , and frankly the T bone is close enough for the return of the MD421, and when one criticizes the SC450 to have hissing, the NT3 and much more expensive, and absolutely crap in the registry. Enttendu well, my test is with the mid-range equipment, so they are what they are ... If you do not have a sub or you beginners, do not rush on the other Berhinger prodipe pub which abound in magazines, that's what micro you.
I'm not saying that a is a neumann, away from, but my taste what are the best in micro for the poor.
and further, the microphone is not everything, choose one suited prampli is impractical, learn to use it as much ... and exercise his ear, it goes without saying.

Bombhash's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC450
I use this mic for making drums, guitar and vocals.

Example here to the battery => http://screamo.free.fr/Mix/prise_Tbonesc450.mp3


I possess for one month now, this is my first microphone of this type, it therefore has a -10 db pad and a low cut of a 100 hz.

The value is at the top. For the home studio I prefer a dynamic type SM 58.

With experience and being less broke, I would certainly be a model a lamp in the series T bone.

manpile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC450
Studio microphone static
48v phantom power supply
low cut


I have two overheads for drums
purchased instead of two Behringer B5, I wanted to use a large diaphragm wider range of frequencies (taken live in overheads such as.) bought 105 euros each ... is the top for the price, l 've also taken at the same time SC100II for HH.
quality / price Alucine ...
I do not regret at all and I could not get any better I think these prices ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC450
All been said by Maxthefrench on characterizing the SC450

Thomann mic offers an ambitious small price. For € 100, you receive a small suitcase containing the suspension and the microphone, which of us, is enough class (that's to the fart among friends lol).
The microphone seems surprisingly heavy in the hand, giving a good first impression. the suspension is solid and holds the microphone very firmly.
However, I mattendais a micro larger than this one (though it is as big as the behringer B1, I know not why I wanted bigger lol).


I use the Tbone for 2 months, I also have a Behringer B1 (I am the loan). So rather than give an opinion on the SC 450 alone, I'm going to a small area comparison of the two microphones. (Jai used a Presonus preamp BLUETUBE on a Delta 44)

For prices so low, I have a mattendais background noise, sound loss, etc ... However the two candidates offer very good perf on that side.

The only Tbone "noise" not, and I give her a good point for ca. It gives very useful. The center frequencies seem to flow a bit, but high frequencies are clear, the bass is almost perfect: they seem to flow in very low (from the last octave of the piano, it will be so severe that for super-tenors. .. lol)

The B1 also provides very useful results. However, the falsification of the sound is more pronounced. If the high present themselves very well, the bass is less transparent than in the SC450 and medians leave a little to be desired. The two microphones in the B1 signal dentrée the lowest ...

The Tbone offer the best perf my taste, of course compared to a Neumann U87, there is no comparison.

Jai dug examples sound pretty interesting on the net:
Phrase, spoken, whispered and sung, was recorded with a microphone or other, then immediately sent a DAT recorder connected a Panasonic SRV2700 Genelec speakers. The microphones were recorded live sounds from the speakers.
There are 4 files, that of departure, one recorded with a Neumann U87, with a B1, and the SC 450. Here are examples:

His departure (https://www.amazona.de/content/musictools/hardware/boxenmikros/t-bone_verschiedene/BASIC.mp3)
Neumann U87 (https://www.amazona.de/content/musictools/hardware/boxenmikros/t-bone_verschiedene/U87.mp3)
Behringer B1 (https://www.amazona.de/content/musictools/hardware/boxenmikros/t-bone_verschiedene/B1.mp3)
T. Bone SC450 (https://www.amazona.de/content/musictools/hardware/boxenmikros/t-bone_verschiedene/SC450.mp3)
I put a 8 to Tbone (qulité prices without héesitation 10)