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Line 6 Plug in user reviews

  • Line 6 GearBox Plug-in

    Line 6 GearBox Plug-in - "Eats CPU"


    The Line 6 Gearbox Plug in is very simple to use, there are only 6 knobs on the main interface (Drive, Bass, Middle Treble, Presence, Volume). I do recommend looking through the manual to get a better feel of working with the pedal options and cab m…

  • Line 6 GearBox Silver Bundle

    Line 6 GearBox Silver Bundle - "Great classic guitar amp software"


    Line 6's Gearbox Software was the start of their venture into software versions of their amp and pedal simulations, and although the product is mostly discontinued, it still is valuable to computer users today. The sounds in the Gearbox suites are id…

  • Line 6 Amp Farm

    Line 6 Amp Farm - mooseherman's review


    Amp Farm is a pretty good amp simulator from Line 6, who have a great handling on all things digital. There weren't any compatibility issues with my ProTools setup. The manual explains everything pretty well, and makes setting it up very easy. The ge…

  • Line 6 Amp Farm

    Line 6 Amp Farm - moosers's review


    Line 6 Amp Farm was quick and easy to install. I had no compatibility issues with my machine the general set up of the plug-in is easy to follow. The interface of the plug-in is set up smart and it is easy to find your way around. I don't have a manu…

  • Line 6 Echo Farm

    Line 6 Echo Farm - moosers's review


    The Line 6 Echo Farm was easy to install and I have never had any problems with installation or compatibility. It is easy to follow and the interface of the plug-in is laid out smart and easy. I've never had access to a manual for this plug-in. SUIT…

  • Line 6 GearBox Plug-in

    Line 6 GearBox Plug-in - Razorblade's review


    No issues, you need to use line6 Monkey to keep it updated. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I use it on a Fujitsu Core2duo with 2Gb Ram, but I use that computer as a source to record with another one, so I can't really tell you whether it works fine when y…

  • Line 6 GearBox Plug-in

    Line 6 GearBox Plug-in - Los Teignos's review


    Hassle-free installation, the DI included in the software bundle works as a big dongle. You can then use the Gearbox software as a plug-in or in standalone mode. As usual with Line 6, the manual isn't really necessary, since the 'interface of the sof…

  • Line 6 GearBox Silver Bundle

    Line 6 GearBox Silver Bundle - ShowMeHowToLive's review


    Hassle-free installation, the update software (Monkey) was very well conceived by Line 6, it takes care of everything. No incompatibilities. Ultra-easy configuration, no need for a user's manual. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Setup: iMac Core2Duo 2…

  • Line 6 RiffTracker

    Line 6 RiffTracker - jackkkkk's review


    The installation was a real pain due to a very perfectible autorun. But once it gets going it's good. In fact, you don't need to plug the GuitarPort before inserting the cd, that's all, but that's written on a flyer inside the box, hidden among the …

  • Line 6 Power Pack

    Line 6 Power Pack - samyteam's review


    - Did you have any problems during the installation? To get the power pack extension, you need 3 things: 1. A pod or a guitar port or a toneport 2. To be registered online at Line6 3. An internet connection The only drawback is that you can only…