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Line 6 RiffTracker
Line 6 RiffTracker

Other Music Software from Line 6 belonging to the Plug in series.

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jackkkkk jackkkkk
Publié le 07/13/06 à 06:59
The installation was a real pain due to a very perfectible autorun. But once it gets going it's good.
In fact, you don't need to plug the GuitarPort before inserting the cd, that's all, but that's written on a flyer inside the box, hidden among the warranty papers I never read...... lol

Otherwise it's really smooth.


It's a software for guitarists who don't have a band or live in an apartment or who wish to write songs, record and everything else...

I actually bought this thing with Guitar Port, which is only an external USB soundcard for guitar.

The software allows you to record with a drum machine that can be adjusted with three knobs (everything is like that! easy to use, it's awesome! Bye bye to the times when you needed a studio with 100lbs of gear and 50 knobs per rack...).
You simply record without having to bother to synchronize anything, be it solo, rhythm or drums, it's all done instinctively. You can also use it as a pod for pc and play your multi-effects, everything at the same time..
Broadly speaking, you record and do some retouches with the effects palette, if you want.

I'm really happy with this toy, because I have less the sensation of playing alone, thanks to the drums and all the gear you can use.

This thing was truly made for guitar players and it's awesome.
However, it's a tool you can only use with a PC: Unless you connect a PA to the PC output.

But I'm no fan of modeling, so I'd say it's useful at home or as a drum machine for rehearsals and to save the killer riffs of a successful rehearsal.


It's a truly nice tool. You simply plug your guitar into the little red box (GuitarPort), you double click the icon and it's settled. I don't like having to spend 10 minutes to set the volume or adjust anything else before starting to play.

The only thing is that I don't have my serial number to activate the online options!!!!! It's nowhere!!! It's usually a small leaflet that comes inside the box, Line 6 forgot about it...
I've heard it's not the first time.
Line 6!!!!

It's a great product

Oh, yes, it lacks a built-in tuner... Is it too much to ask Line 6?
-2 for the leaflet, the tuner and the installation flyer