Native Instruments Maschine MKII
Native Instruments Maschine MKII

Maschine MKII, Loop Sequencer from Native Instruments in the Maschine series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
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Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Poor
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Native Instruments Maschine MKII
I am extremely unhappy with Maschine. It's impossible to get a good workflow when using it as a vst in a DAW because of a wrong software design.

let me explain it quickly:

To map the 16 sounds to the 16 audios outputs you need to make 32 mouse clicks

EVERYTIME you will load a new sounds group you will have to do these 32 clicks with you mouse to ask sound1 to go on output1 etc..

THERE IS NO WORKAROUND to correct that.

If you want to work with midi mapping it's EVEN WORST (about 15 difficult clicks needed in different non intuitive menus and sub menus)

SO What? Should we use MASCHINE as a Standalone to mix a full track? Problem: MASCHINE Sequencer is 10 years behind any serious DAW on the market. They are just THINKING now about adding audio tracks to the sequencer!

Where it's getting even more disapointing it's that the software maschine 2.0 is out since 3 years and half now and people are complaining about this issue since the very first day! So NI people know that issue and request since years but they act as they are actually refusing to correct this.

Seriously is it hard to add a button to automatize settings like sounds 1-16 go to output 1-16? Is it harder than transforming Maschine into ABLETON?

They just released maschine 2.6 and all the added features concerned adding some unasked feature to the standalone maschine sequencer and other features to promote their s****y Maschine JAM hardware.

The guys are able to release something like 100 expansions pack (50$ each!) but not to add a setting automation...that everybody is asking for! It's just disrespect.

So that's it: I spent 600$ for a sampler software and its dedicated hardware, and everytime i want to use it in my CUBASE or ABLETON, i have to make 32 clicks for each group, knowing that i'll maybe want to use 5 different groups, it's almost 150 clicks.

A very inspiring workflow.

If they don'correct this this year I will sell my maschine (and loose about 400$ music gear investment) to get an Ableton PUSH.


PaulyPaul's review"10,000 plus sounds and samples"

Native Instruments Maschine MKII
The Native Instruments Maschine MK2 is the newest piece of gear that I own. I just purchased this last week. So far I am in love with it, it works perfect with my current set up. You can use the Maschine to load sounds, change your patterns and automate your parameters. You can also use it through MIDI to control anything else you might want it to control through your DAW. The MK2 comes with some new effects and they sound amazing, I really like the Tube Saturators on the MK2. It is a major upgrade from the first Maschine that came out. Native Instruments also has kits available online that you can purchase for a good price, but they don’t come with the MK2.


The Maschine MK2 comes with Massive VST/Synth (which I already owned before I purchased this) and it comes with Elements. Elements has over 1,000 different sounds that will spark a lot of creativity because all of the sounds are new and unheard. Sometimes when using different programs and plug-ins it seems that most of them will recycle the same set of sounds from time to time especially when those plug-ins come from the same developer. But the Elements sounds are completely different from previous sound banks that Native Instruments have come out with in the past.


Setting the Native Instruments Maschine MK2 up was not difficult, but it did take a little while for everything to install. Depending on what you use MK2 with will depend on how long it will take to install on your system and be ready to use. The MK2 comes with over 10,000 sounds and sample packs and all of the MIDI features that you need to have like slicing, auto mapping, and step sequencing. The manual will help with anything you have questions with or it can help with installing if you need it. I am happy that I purchased this and I look forward to using it more and more in the near future. You can now even purchase the MK2 in white.

crazymilk57's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Magic maschine"

Native Instruments Maschine MKII
easy installation, no worries (I tested on windows and osx)
very clear manual, while nickel


macbook pro model 8gig mid-2012, i5 2.5 GHz (and audio card scarlett 8i6)

the software runs well, my original hard drive makes changing vst when browse sounds a bit slow but as I prefer to create my own synth I do not parcour as ca the library provided.

configuration is super stable.


I use it for 6 months. I tested many machine before but this is my first type daw software.

I was looking to replace my Octatrack (as by clear to me at file transfers, etc. of set)

I wanted a sort of daw actually a friend and wanted to separate from his maschine so I could test my own way and try to take him before.

I love:

bank samples, ease of use (very simple), the ability to customize everything, his title track groups, pattern, audio routgaes while remaining very ergonomic.

the controller, a near perfect integration with the app. is not looking at the screen if not to, the knobs are well although I would ptetre loved one or two assignable faders and more.

the drumsynth.
I loved my machinedrum, I love these synths as much battery super simple practice to understand and very versatile. I love it.

macro control assignable to each hierarchy levels (sounds, groups and projects)

a criticism I could make is that it is not so simple to program lengths of notes with the step sequencer. (It is possible but there submenu), only downside

Another gripe that maschine does not communicate perfectly noon. sending cc remains impossible for the moment it seems.

last flat, unable to disable some windows and resize everything has its convenience. a lil screen (13 inch macbook) is a bit boring.

here is to be honest if you have a pc that runs well. ca rolls alone, ergonomics hard with the possibility and ease of soft. and above the price at which it is found used, nothing to complain about a lot of possibilities with the original maschine bundle and then we can always add our own vst so no complaints.
dr mabourse01/09/2014

dr mabourse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Maschine MKII
No problems install under OS X 10.8.4


Imac 2010 Core 2 Duo 3.6 GHz, 16 GB of Ram. At the moment it runs well, but I do not really support the mule.


This is three weeks I have this wonder. The first thing I said to myself after 48 hours of use, it is "But why did not I bought this before!"!

I have long galley with Live to find a workflow that suits me. Since I dropped the MPC I did not feel comfortable, I want to do less pieces were missing that "little magic trick." It's stupid to say, but with this bike, bah I finally found the missing link. And most importantly, I make music, I have big ears open at all times, I do not have eyes on the screen Ableton or another, I work my textures finesse, I take the time for the use is very nice. I sample in Maschine, I play in Maschine, I assemble in Maschine. And all this autonomy with the controller. Goodbye mouse.

In short, the guys hat NI!

Pictocube's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love"

Native Instruments Maschine MKII
Super simple installation on Mac, a bit long (for me I had to install Maschine, Komplete, Massive banks and 6 additional sounds). Ditto for returning these serial numbers in the service center, but ...

General configuration very simple, classic.

No incompatibilities, my LEGACY Cell is recognized directly.

The manual is always clear with Ni I think. I still spend time on it but the quick start guide (page 170 anyway) can immediately understand the interaction between software and controller.


I use it on an Imac 27 'OSX Lion, 8 GB RAM, Proc. i5
There is a MOTU Audio Express ass

Performance seems on top, I have a very small latency, and the sound seems to coat.

Sounds very stable air.


I've had three days, I spent two nights above, apart from little things, I do not think my opinion changes over time.

I tried anything, because in fact there's nothing equivalent. Personally I'm happy because this way of making music with hardware + soft and easy sampling, which is what I have always sought without finding compact solution, simple and effective.

What I like most is:
- Banks of the original, I've never had the stuff with original sounds as good and relevant
- Its banks more regularly available
- The pads that are truly exceptional (better than the MPC in my opinion)
- The mouse is more or almost
- Multi function, I can indeed put in a group and make a multi ill effect, put a sound to 10 sounds to a drum kit, sampler, in the same box, with similar features ...

What I like least:
- The browser you can not tamper at will (or so I have not yet found)
- I load my soft pattern of everything done when I balance a drum kit, I do not know where we turn this function.

This is a price but the offer is super full and look serious, now what pointed Traumax the following notice also seems a shame. Compared to other hardware only machines is unbeatable, and in relation to software and controller as well, I think it is cheap ... A check but there's still close to everything, hyper efficient.

It's really fun, simple.

I would do this choice six months earlier if I had known!
Bobby Ju08/09/2013

Bobby Ju's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" !"

Native Instruments Maschine MKII
-> The installation is done it without problems?
If we put aside the time (I think both dvd (Maschine + Komplete Elements) (excluding update) have 5 to 6 hours to fully install), everything went well, except that the path default VSTs that looked a little rough air (I had to fix it)

-> Have you experienced any incompatibilities?
None to report

-> The general configuration is easy?
Almost nothing to configure (now, I have not yet tried to load Maschine in a DAW)

-> The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Uh .. I did not really open actually :)
(And this is a good sign I think)


-> What is the configuration of your computer?
Asus, I7 2670QM, 6GB RAM, map Traktor Audio 2

-> What is performance? (If quantifiable)
It runs without problem or failure, now I'm not (currently) very intensive VST so it is not very revealing

-> The software works he correctly on this configuration?
Obviously ... :)

-> This software + hardware is stable?
Just duplicate the issue. :)


-> How long have you use it?
To date, less than 20 hours, but ... see other responses

-> Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Not really .. I made hand under MPD18 + FL for 2 years, and after a moment ogled on FPCs, I finally bet on Maschine, and I do not regret.
I believe that in the current era (PCs, DAWs), if not in the habit of bosser on MPC or another, this is the most appropriate choice, which toggles the hardware without being too lost.
Obviously, it takes still a good time to adjust, especially if one has the habit of bosser in "song mode '..

-> What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Like many, I say build pieces seems a bit limited when you want to try out the cut scenes a little strict. Crossfading between scenes, records automation (which is included in the patterns, require duplicating a new pattern if you want to keep the original intact.).
So, I find myself doing a lot of duplicate at all levels, whether sampling, patterns and scenes. It seems a little heavy.
Apparently, for regulars MPCs and others, it is even more confusing.

Now, I do not want to open the perennial debate of "should Maschine .." or "Maschine is not a DAW", especially as I have not enough experience to judge whether features sorely lacking, or if it's because I do not control much in my methodological sauce workflow Maschine ..

For cons, I can say that a few hours of discovery, I was already starting to build instrumentals sampled.

I was confused on this point, but I'm amazed by the quality / quantity of sounds provided the tandem Maschine (controller) / Maschine (soft), by the fact that one can draw from the readability on a PC screen while trying to have the closest possible approach Hardware (and I feel the gain creativity Surprisingly, after two years click to create ..).

And the pads .. MPDs the next is the key paper :)

The visual feedback (color pads, etc. ..) is as pleasant a cosmetic point of view (garland) and practical (what sample / pad was I changing? ;) That which is lit).

The time savings from a DAW without proper controller (and template, etc. ..) are staggering, and I'm still in the discovery phase ..

-> How would you rate the quality / price?
Simply unbeatable, if you turn the Renaissance opposite. The MPC Studio I have not tested, but it looks to me less complete. And it seems that the soft MPC is not really that ..
I have not looked at other brands, for completeness.

-> With experience, you do again this choice? ...
This purchase has exceeded all my expectations .. :)

Y.E.T.O.N's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Terribly effective!"

Native Instruments Maschine MKII
The installation is done it without problems?
Yep, I have NO problem encountered during installation. (Must mention a good little time for the installation, product registration and updates products)

Have you encountered any incompatibilities?

The general configuration is easy?
I do not have to specially configure my working space, the installation finished, I along with my Maschine plugged a master keyboard. He immediately recognized.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
The Maschine comes with a poor installation guide (English / Chinese). Except how to connect your PC to your Maschine and run software installations, the guide does not provide much in either (short, they are not really shit).
The manufacturer shall, however, available on the website and in French, the Manual of Maschine which is much more complete.


What is the configuration of your computer? (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk / sound card ..)
- Mac Book Pro 13 "
- OSX 10.6
- Intel Core i5 *
- 4 GB of RAM
- 2.5 GHz
- 320GB SATA

The software works he correctly on this configuration?
Yes, I have not encountered any problem so far.

What is performance? (If quantifiable)
No idea :/


How long have you been using?
It's only been 15 days that I have 15 days that I can not sleep!

What is so special that you like most and least?
+ Ergonomic and easy to handle. Very intuitive!
+ Efficient: creating a beat in 2, 3 click.
+ Beautiful mouth. Very clean.
+ Ability to "pimp" through his Maschine customization kits (sold separately).
+ Pads multicolored, some find it too KITCH, for my part I do not use one.
+ Scene Mode, a pure feast for these compounds play LIVE with the possibility to create variations.
+ Auto-writing, writing real-time effects.

- The lack of a true manual. For those who have no printer, no second or no screen tablet on hand, it gets boring very quickly switched from one window to another.

Did you try many other models before buying it?
I have an AKAI MPD32 from home, but I use it mainly for making finger drumming LIVE.

How do you rate the quality / price?
For my part, I find it really more accessible than AKAI products for the product line that is. But everyone's opinion on the subject.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, eyes closed. :)

Traumax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good choice"

Native Instruments Maschine MKII
Software installation (Maschine, Massive, Komplete Elements) and their updates is a bit long, because there's a lot of data to install (like 6 or 8 GB total I think), but occurs without problems.
Activation is via a register and establish an account on the site NI. A note that you must register all hardware and software, each with their serial number or license. It has taken me two hours in all.

Once the install done, is to assign the audio driver and various input / output noon. It is easily done in a menu.

Vista, a PC is not new, no problems. My Virus and my SL 25 MKII are well recognized and connected.

Manuals (one basic and one of 1.8) are well done. I recommend printing (beware, this is big. Better do the job if possible).


Vista on a PC / Athlon 2ghz / 2 GB of RAM, it's going fairly well standalone, including control of third-party VST. Should not push too hard either. The limit is from 5 groups, with several VSTi and effects everywhere. On a recent computer, I think it should go much further.

No crash strictly speaking, but asio driver (asio4all) who makes his own hand and lollipop in from time to time. I can not tell if it's coming from my PC following the pace or the driver itself. Note that this also happens with other apps.


Purchased early October, it makes so two months that I use.

Overall, this is well thought out. The main functions are found quickly (for someone who has the habit of computer music), but the manual is essential for a lot of things. For example, to insert a synth NI (Massive or Reaktor), we selected a location, then finds its preset by clicking the "BROWSE". For a VSTi third must be SHIFT + BROWSE. Strange.

Some functions of the controller do not seem necessary. (NAVIGATION button for example), while others are missing, or indirect (export is only fetching the menu with the mouse). Same for the playback of scenes, hidden in a menu, which is the setting for each project. I would like to have a default setting to choose, then you can change it from the controller when I need it.

Export is only. Wav, which requires a converter or have to go through a DAW for an MP3.

It lacks a rapid addition of favorites when operating in banks and presets. You can always create a TAG Favorites, but they should be added to the mouse on the BROWSER soft.

It also lacks, and that is really mean a switch of power supply. Obliged to disconnect the USB cable to turn the controller power off. A switch to 2 cts would have been welcome on a product to 600 €.

My controller model was flawed. The aluminum frame was twisted. I recovered, but again, the quality control is shabby for a bike of this price.

Now the positives:

The sound is really good, the offer is very complete, with Massive, Reaktor, Komplete Elements and banks to own Maschine, what was already started projects of all kinds.
If the offer does not suit you sound, it is very easy to extend the range with its own samples (very easy to create in Maschine), its own VSTi, or banks for Kontakt.
The pleasure of working a piece this is thanks to the well thought-out ergonomics. We choose a sound recording a pattern, it is an effect, it is very easy automation.
The pads are excellent, and the knobs and buttons for selection. The colors are convenient, especially for kits provided, since soon realize they are codified. Couples Kick / Snare are orange, the hats are yellow, purple toms are ... Passing a kit to another, we know immediately what kind of sound was it, and where they are placed.

Overall a very good product, with which I rediscovered the pleasure of asking me 30 minutes to get a box and a pattern without piss me off with the technical life. It should however bear in mind some of the flaws that I have pointed out, which for me, and despite numerous reading before buying, I had never heard of.

clemrichard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very Good"

Native Instruments Maschine MKII
The installation is no problem, the box contains two DVDs and a serial number to download Massive.


I use a mac mini 2011 i7 boosted Lion, 16GB ram, SSD and an old mac pro 2006 Leopard. I have not encountered any problem, nor one nor the other. on the other hand must use a single USB port or a powered HUB because it consumes a lot of power.


I use it now for a week, I quickly tried mk1 version a few years ago, it had not convinced me at the time. Since the water passed under the bridge, the software has evolved, the product reaches maturity and today it has become a benchmark in the music as the MPC.

The quality of the original sound banks is incredible. The pads are great colors to identify, especially for the live or when MAP on Ableton Live. Say that it's been Christmas garland or Playskool toys have understood nothing.

The price is a little high but the quality is.

Yes I would do this choice.