Marshall 30th Anniversary
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Marshall 30th Anniversary user reviews

  • Marshall 6100

    Marshall 6100 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Voodoo10/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I've owned this beauty for years, I payed almost nothing for it and I haven't written a review about it yet! I have the 1992 blue version with gold logo and EL34 power tubes. It feeds …

  • Marshall 6100

    Marshall 6100 - " Clearly one of the best Marshall"


    Everything has been said above, 100W 3 channel equalization independently mounted EL34. The connection is really complete amplifier early 90'S, I particularly appreciate the ability to switch from 100W to 50W to 25W and even though I leave all the…

  • Marshall 6101

    Marshall 6101 - " Marshall not a trivial"


    Lamps 100w, 50w or 25w adjustable, cut through the two power tubes, or passage in triode mode. (The sound is modified as well) 3 channels with EQ own. Switches mid-cut and bright on a (clean), three modes of the two (Plexi to JCM900), and gain boo…

  • Marshall 1960A 30th Anniversary

    Marshall 1960A 30th Anniversary - " Genial pregnant sublime"


    I used it in concert for several years, pregnant beautiful, strong. I tried quite a model but my head mesa boogie was what I needed The sound is awesome, it is easy to handle with wheels, they are rare and original blue. Yes I do it again th…

  • Marshall 6100

    Marshall 6100 - Nigel's review


    Ben is known about what this is all it is a 100w head, 3-channel tube. Question the rear panel connector is really well designed with the possibility of split power of the head but also to be able to focntionner lamps in 2 different modes which al…

  • Marshall 6101

    Marshall 6101 - le Reverand's review


    3 lamps 100W amplifier channels, connectors complte trs. no good reverb.Trs HP Celestion. UTILIZATION - The configuration is it simple? Not really but when you achte a three-channel ... It's not really an amp for beginners. - Gets it easy…

  • Marshall 6100

    Marshall 6100 - lemmer007's review


    This is a tube amp (Pramp and poweramp) it DLivre 100 watt but we know reduce by 50 and 25 watt ... midi in (one of the best systems on twelve o'clock amps) of true plug and play ... possibility to connect 2 speakers ... effects send / return, …

  • Marshall 6101

    Marshall 6101 - theprisonier's review


    Amp lamps (13!) Caracterstiques see following, complete ... I'll just say trs connectors in full, its possibility (triode pentode switch), power division etc. .. noon. I have added a "head" rverbe home with lamps, tuner and Nady Intgr and it lo…

  • Marshall 6101

    Marshall 6101 - Anonyme's review


    100w lamps, 50w or 25w adjustable, instantly cutting off two power tubes, or passage in triode mode. (The sound is modified also) 3 channels with legalization clean. Switches mid-cut and bright on a (clean), 3 modes on the 2 (Plexi JCM900), and gai…

  • Marshall 6101

    Marshall 6101 - joujounet's review


    I have a 6101 30th anniversary LM combo, black version. so it's a 100w amp lamp (huge) with 3 channels: clean, crunch, lead. each channel to its egualistaion treble bass middle, with the gain for the crunch and lead. Each channel is equipped with…