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poundcake 01/27/2005

Marshall 6101 : poundcake's user review


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This is the blue version of the combo, made by hand, with the booklet was entitled to a sheet with the signature (in Bic!) Of all who are involved in the manufacture of the device, and m me of the great Jim.
All-tube amp with 4 EL34. It is no longer original, these are Tesla (brand now called JJ / Tesla).
7 12AX7 in pramp. Everything is a spar that the circuit is used only clean clean, the crunch at crunch, etc..
The connection is ultra complte. It was a line out, one between Poweramp (for between another pramp in), an effects loop or parallle SERIES, half power switch, switch, pentode / triode. It is also the faade Low volume compensation.
Whew! the list goes on, but everything is perfect for me.


Sounds complicated to beginners, a Marshall with the same button! It is so fast, and we quickly crushing the beast, to make a you want, within the limits of Marshall sounds.


I play heavy speed with my group, but given my influences, I can get out with a marshall! I prcise I have the matching 1x12 cabinet in blue, and I never play with the combo alone. The sound is more excavation of the lower class with much prcises.
Likewise I do not use the pentode combo, because it's much too strong. By saturating the power tubes, bury all that is around, the Mesa (my other guitarist) on drums! In triode is rcupre heat, but the sound is not fun
-The clean is excellent, bright switch can help shape a more Bluesy. It is a little right, but quite usable and trs hot, a little crunch limit the Gain knob.
-The crunch is the showpiece of this combo. With no switch has been activated sound has the AC / DC was crying, with Gibson, is happiness. Switch enfon a sound is a little twisted but still intelligible. basically a sound like a Plexi. For the Rock there all good! With a style boost tube screamer or dod Juicebox, we come to increase the volume for solos, even in just a background. With 2 switch is saturated more than the lead, but with the least prcis (or drooling).
The lead-eyeing the cot of the mythical JCM800, the HardRock his 80's, with a larger reserve of gain. (Nothing to do with the boogie) It's grainy, rough, violent limits. Harmonics ptent mouth, the palmmute ncessite a great strength of his right hand to not sound "Chochote".
My advice for discovering the true value of this amp, put the volume a background channel and adjust the output with the master. The world of rock awaits you ...
I put 9 because it sounds modern and current never get out of this amp. Born to Rock!


I utlise 6 years, he has 13 and still works! I jou over for 5 years and a half without reverb, and I had a Korg PX3 lying. I said, "is like a reverb ptite the inside?" I put all in the loop, the rglages is suitable, and presto! It sure is not a Holy Grail, but hey, for me it is more than enough, to embellish the basic sound.
I do it again this choice without hsiter. The only BMOL is the weight: 35 kilos the combo, I just back pain to say! The fact of the dplacer made him take small wrinkles, which is why I think it has to take a substitute for dplacement, but I will keep forever. It has the default and large amplifiers. A must ... for me;)