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Marshall 6101
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Publié le 08/15/06 à 09:25
I have a 6101 30th anniversary LM combo, black version.
so it's a 100w amp lamp (huge) with 3 channels: clean, crunch, lead.
each channel to its egualistaion treble bass middle, with the gain for the crunch and lead. Each channel is equipped with modes:
clean: bright and mid shift button
crunch: how a, b, c (this gives a different rate of gain).
Lead: gain boost and contour (the hollow middle)
by that he has to 2Quit hp external one occupied by the internal hp, another free. it can be used as a head in the HP internal DISCONNECTING.
parralèele or effects loop series. possibility to use four power tubes in their half power. and possibility to use only two of the four lights (useful if a lamp that pete in concert.
MIDI input and foostwitch with 6 pins. XLR line output.
So as the first comprehensive review hyper.
PS: or find a footswich with 3 switches and 6 pin!! mine was not delivered.


Comprehensive for the marshall, but like all simple to understand.
in the ca I would approach her in the next theme.
I have the manual in German and was quickly abandoned reading.


It is perfect for my style of music and besides it is very versatile: I play heavy metal princiaplement trend and medieval symphonic perfect for the metallica, iron maiden, hammerfall ... plenty of gain to thrash (I do not use the key gain boost and contour cart it spoils the whole).
I also had the rock of the old Led Zeppelin, one of the strong points too.
basically it is the blues, rock, heavy metal (thrash, speed ..).

MONSTRUEUESE sound quality, a huge dynanmique, a tremendous heat, I hear variations that finally all my amps while emphasizing quality of your guitar and your default (prohibits false note, it makes the earth tremble).
the lead is really monstruex it's ever heard.
the crunch even monstrous, to the Led Zep's glory.
the clean to the marshall is great, better than fender I think (it more crunch, but not bcp).
So imagine handmade quality it was worth € 1,500 at the time Now it turns out that doccaz at SURROUNDINGS € 1000.
I've had in a great condition as new, with new lamps on the inside and the guy spun me still new replacement lamps. all for € 700 (1000 Swiss francs)


After much reflection, I came across the best amp I had ever tried (to my taste!) And at the best price. it's clear he has only HP, but I intend bought me a 4 * 12 qq option in time.
ca shit to death.
I put 10 because that's what I wanted, but nothing is perfect, because it does not have the reverb!! personal and I would have preferred two vintage hp 30 hp as a 200w.
but these defects and they are filled with these qualities.
the best in my opinion.
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