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Marshall 6101
Marshall 6101
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Polaroil Polaroil

«  Marshall not a trivial »

Publié le 03/11/12 à 04:52
Lamps 100w, 50w or 25w adjustable, cut through the two power tubes, or passage in triode mode. (The sound is modified as well)

3 channels with EQ own. Switches mid-cut and bright on a (clean), three modes of the two (Plexi to JCM900), and gain boost and contour of the 3 (high gain).

Input offset for SC or Humbucker, and low volume switch off (a "loudness")

Connections for two speakers, DI output, access noon, adjustable effects loop.

Very comprehensive settings


Once selected the appropriate power, and the input level selected, the clean channel is easy to understand, with the ability to switch a filter or a bright mid-sccop.

The high gain channel 3 is also simple, with a knob contour (scooped mids), and gain boost to trigger according to taste.

Channel 2 ets with the more complex three quite different ways, increasing gain, emulating the JTM 45 to JCM 900 (or 800 rather boosted). They react differently to gain settings-volume preamp, so a little research is needed.

The manual is clear, without giving any examples, but I would say that the amp does not address a total beginner.


This is a very versatile Marshall. I plug a Strat, Tele, Gibson ES335, or Wolfgang in, their personalities are respected by the amp.

Overall, this amp delivers a very powerful dynamic sound, and sounds rich and expressive, fairly upscale.

1.The Clean channel is a very "hifi", and agrees well distortion pedals. The reserve is huge clear sound mode 50 or 100W ... The Celestion 200W internal demand also has to be manhandled to sustain this clear sound. HP a lighter as a Hot 100 improves the rendering at low volumes.

2. Channel 2 is the secret of this amp. A mode delivers clear sound very warm, which can bend in fine style by climbing the gain. Mode B must be the JCM 800 and it does not dishonor his model. Dynamics and the feeling of power I have marked the point of buying this amp after having sold qq years ago. I never found this potato elsewhere. He also enjoys taking a distortion or a boost for its + still wild. C mode boosts the gain, such JCM900 but with more definition.

3. More gain, more "fuzz" and complex than channel 2, lots of harmonics and "overtones" ..

In 50 or 100W with an extension cabinet, the power, the definition and dissemination are impressive, despite the size of the set.


This is my second 6101, after a blue sold by mistake

The variable power, the three channels, make it a true Swiss Army knife scratch.
This amp is a fairly unique quality.
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