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Marshall 6101
Marshall 6101
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Publié le 07/02/07 à 04:32
100w lamps, 50w or 25w adjustable, instantly cutting off two power tubes, or passage in triode mode. (The sound is modified also)
3 channels with legalization clean. Switches mid-cut and bright on a (clean), 3 modes on the 2 (Plexi JCM900), and gain boost and contour of the three (high gain).
Offsets between SC or Humbucker and low volume switch off (a "loudness")
Connections for two speakers, DI output, CASC noon, adjustable effects loop.
Trs rglages complete, but no rverb.
I added the extension cabinet closed 6912 (1x12), for more broadcast live.


On paper, the possibilities are RVer. Once the power adapteslectionne, and the level of the channel entreslectionn apprhender clean is easy with the possibility to switch a filter or a bright mid-sccop.
3 channel high gain is also simple, with a button contour (scooped mids), and gain boost switch on as gots.
Channel 2 ects the more complex patterns with 3 DIFFERENT enough, gain increasing mulant the JTM 45 JCM at 900. They ragissent diffrent to gain SETTING THE pramp-volume, so a little research is ncessaire.
The manual is clear, without giving any examples, but I would say that the amp does not address a total beginners.


It is a versatile Marshall trs, without being exceptional.
I plug a Start, Gibson ES335, or squier 51 in, their personalities are respected by the amp.
Overall, this amp trs powerful dlivre good momentum, and sounds rich and expressive, very upscale, especially on channel 2.
1.The Clean channel is a straight as an I, I got a little too, and may be lacking a bit of life, like a Vox or Fender. Its neutrality can be nanmoins apprcie in some styles, and accepts many of the distortion pedals. The reserve of the light is against standard mode 50 or 100W ... The clestion 200W internal demand has also to be live this Malmen clear sound.
2. Channel 2 is the secret to this amp. Mode A dlivre trs warm clear sound, which can twist in the amount of fine Manir gain. Mode B must be the JCM 800 and it's not dshonore MODEL. Dynamics and the feeling of power marked me as to buy this amp APRS have sold there qq Annes. I never found that potato elsewhere. He also likes to take a distortion or a boost for the still wild +. C mode boosts the gain, such JCM900 but with more DEFINITIONS.
3. Trs a big win, rather (too?) Compress and it is therefore flt rgler modrment, but we have high volume so that its a 3rd can pr-rgler above for solis exiting the mix.
In 50 or 100W with extension cabinet, power, The definition and dissemination are impressive, despite the size of the set.


This is my 2nd 6101, APRS blue sold because no one knew eliminate background noise on the ingrable CH2 (snif!)
The variable power, the three channels make it a true Swiss Army knife scratch. Although sr is a factory with gas lamps 13 (no fan!).
This is an amp rather unique, of quality with its imperfections, but a hell of a qd same tool that I will keep for him to attach the baffle extension 6912.
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