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  • Multiply your creative processing with these multi-effects plug-ins
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    Multiply your creative processing with these multi-effects plug-ins

    03/30/16 in Other Effect Plug-ins

    You could collect individual plug-ins that deliver the kinds of effects you use most; that’s one approach, and a popular one. Another is to use a single plug-in that offers lots of effects for sound design, recording tracks and mixing them down. Personally, I enjoy discovering new timbres purely for the fun of it, and multi-effects processors cont…

  • Kilohearts introduces Tape Stop
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    Kilohearts introduces Tape Stop

    03/16/16 in kiloHearts Tape Stop

    Kilohearts adds another plugin to its Snapins series with the aptly-named Tape Stop plugin.

  • MeldaProduction releases MMorph
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    MeldaProduction releases MMorph

    01/14/16 in MeldaProduction MMorph

    MeldaProduction has relased MMorph, a creative effect that lets you morph between 2 audio materials, and updated its entire roster to v9.15.

  • Waves launch eMotion LV1 Live Mixer
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    Waves launch eMotion LV1 Live Mixer

    01/05/16 in Waves eMotion LV1

    Waves introduces the eMotion LV1, a digital mixing console for front-of-house, monitor and broadcast engineers based on Waves SoundGrid technology.

  • MeldaProduction presents MCharacter
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    MeldaProduction presents MCharacter

    12/09/15 in MeldaProduction MCharacter

    MeldaProduction has released version 9.14 of all its plugin roster which now includes MCharacter, a new harmonics controller and generator.

  • Auburn Sound Graillon
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    Auburn Sound Graillon

    11/26/15 in Auburn Sounds Graillon

    Auburn Sounds has released Graillon, a vocal-oriented distortion VST effect.

  • Softube releases Fix Flanger & Doubler
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    Softube releases Fix Flanger & Doubler

    11/09/15 in Softube Fix Doubler

    Recently presented at the AES, Softube's Fix Flanger and Doubler are now officially available.

  • [FREEWARE] Amazing Machines AM103
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    [FREEWARE] Amazing Machines AM103

    11/04/15 in Amazing Machines AM103 Quad Attenuverter & Offset Generator

    Amazing Machines introduce the AM103 Quad Attenuverter & Offset Generator, a free Block module for NI's Reaktor.

  • [AES] Softube Fix Flanger and Doubler
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    [AES] Softube Fix Flanger and Doubler

    10/29/15 in Softube Fix Flanger

    Softube has collaborated with Paul Wolff to create the best software flanger and doubler units ever: Fix Flanger and Doubler.

  • Zynaptiq releases Unmix::Drums
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    Zynaptiq releases Unmix::Drums

    10/27/15 in Zynaptiq Unmix::Drums

    Zynaptiq has released Unmix::Drums, their new source separation-based plug-in for controlling the level of drums in mixed music.