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Peavey Other Shape Guitars user reviews

  • Peavey Firenza

    Peavey Firenza - "Used, mint condition Peavey Firenza P90 electric guitar"


    Bought an excellent condition, barely used, USA made Peavey Firenza P90 with original hardshell case for $330 about a month ago. I can't put it down. Plugged it into a turn of the century American made Peavey Delta Blues with a 15" speaker. Great ton…

  • Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

    Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR - tonmazz's review


    The EVH Wolfgang Special is one awesome instrument! Basswood body, Maple top, neck and fingerboard, stainless steel frets, trem with Dtuna. Comes loaded with EVH humbuckers. Many colors and paints to choose from including the stealth which is so co…

  • Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

    Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR - "Top Jimmy."


    The Peavey Wolfgang Special was a slightly lower priced version of the top of the line archtop Wolfgang Standard. It was still made in the USA and offered the same core shape and tones, but it didn't have the arched maple cap, and certain parts were …

  • Peavey T-27

    Peavey T-27 - "Classic Peavey with innovative features"


    The T-27 is a USA made Peavey guitar. Built in the early 80s the T-27 was a real sleeper guitar. They were not very popular at the time or ever but they were very high quality and had some innovative features that guitars today dont have. The craftsm…

  • Peavey V-Type NTB Tremolo

    Peavey V-Type NTB Tremolo - killerkgprime's review


    The Peavey V-Type is made in Korea, and is a cheaper, renamed version of the Peavey Vandenberg, the signature model of Adrian Vandenberg (who I love). It has one volume knob, one tone knob, a 3 way selector switch, two high output, ceramic pickups, …

  • Peavey EVH Wolfgang

    Peavey EVH Wolfgang - "Here's Fair Warning..." has images


    This was another one of those guitars I drooled over for many years before actually pulling the trigger on. I should preface by saying that I'm a HUGE Van Halen freak, so when the opportunity to get a top of the line Wolfgang Standard Deluxe last Apr…

  • Peavey V-Type NTB

    Peavey V-Type NTB - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Revan#/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - Hand-made in Korea - Lime tree body and neck (I guess it's lime tree due to the weight and the clear sound) - Rosewood fingerboard - Body-through neck and body-through stri…

  • Peavey HP Signature EXP

    Peavey HP Signature EXP - "Peavey HP exp"


    I have taken the time to write this review as the guitar is not featured under the Peavey listings and I need to sread the word as they say. I first saw this guitar on E Bay it was priced at £350. I was tempted by the pictures but like most people ha…

  • Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

    Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR - "Peavey EVH Special"


    I like Eddie's sound, so I wanted to try one out, but they are hard to find at music stores. Finally found one, and tried out a few. Paid about $600 for it (did a trade). It is very easy to play. The neck finish is great. the tremolo is awesome.…

  • Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

    Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR - "Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special"


    Purchased from Sam Ash in Cleveland for $570. I have had this instrument for about 5 weeks now. First off I don't write reviews. This will be my 1st. I just feel it necessary to get the word out about this one though. I have been playing for a littl…