Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR
Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

EVH Wolfgang Special TR, Other Shape Guitar from Peavey.

tonmazz 08/17/2012

Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR : tonmazz's user review


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The EVH Wolfgang Special is one awesome instrument! Basswood body, Maple top, neck and fingerboard, stainless steel frets, trem with Dtuna. Comes loaded with EVH humbuckers. Many colors and paints to choose from including the stealth which is so cool looking.


It's hard to explain just how great this thing feels to play. The gig I have always heard with these is that the height of the frets, which is small, makes it difficult to play. Let me tell you this is the farthest thing from the truth. I am a Les Paul guy but this thing is a beast of a guitar and plays as good if not better than my Les Pauls. Very hard to put down. Notes are easy to grab all the way up the board, great access to the upper frets and excellent placement of all the controls. The pots turn like no other I have ever felt, very effortless almost to a fault. Any little bump and they are turning but when you need to do volume swells and such like Eddie, they are perfect.


When I first read the specs of the EVH humbuckers, I thought they would be very tame. When I heard them, I was blown away! These things rip and sound phenomenal. I really could not put this down the first time I played it. Neck pick up is warm and has just the right amount of bass tone to it for full lead tones. The bridge pick up has great cut and is perfect for EVH tones as one would expect.


Overall I love this guitar and would suggest anyone in the market for a great playing and sounding instrument give this a go. I have played the expensive version and the special and let me tell you there is little if any difference in the feel and sound. If you want the carved top than go for the big bucks version but the special does it all just as good from a functional perspective. This guitar does not disappoint! Only thing is the ease of the pot turning and how you can slightly bump it but that as I said is a good and a bad thing so I see it as a wash. All in all this is a great instrument worth of the Man who designed it! Love it!