Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR
Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

EVH Wolfgang Special TR, Other Shape Guitar from Peavey.

MGR/Anonymous 11/23/2003

Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I´ve always thought that Eddie has a great sound.That´s why I wanted to get the same sound as he does, without using so many effects.I had my friend import it for me here in europe for 750 €.I can tell you, it´s worth the price.

Long sustain is one of the things I like the most.It looks good. The neck is the best part.Smooth and short.Makes it simple to play.The strings are close to the neck wich makes tapping easier.The strings are´nt too close to each other so you can do arpeggios easily.Last, simplicity. You really don´t need all those switches and knobs.

Well the one way tremolo.I tend to use a certain kind of lick in my solos: Play a note,press the tremolobar down and let it up on its own= frrrrr you know!I´ll have to skip that with this guitar.I guess I´ll have to vary my techniques.

It feels really solid.The design is great. The EVH autograph at the back of the neck makes me so proud.This is my guitar.

I you play thrash,heavy metal etc.Don´t buy this guitar. If you play blues,rock´n´roll,jazz,progressive the evh, s.lukather kind of music.This is the right guitar for you.

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