Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR
Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

EVH Wolfgang Special TR, Other Shape Guitar from Peavey.

MGR/Neworldman 03/16/2004

Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR : MGR/Neworldman's user review

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Purchased from Sam Ash in Cleveland for $570. I have had this instrument for about 5 weeks now.

First off I don't write reviews. This will be my 1st. I just feel it necessary to get the word out about this one though. I have been playing for a little over 20 years. This is THE neck to end all necks for me anyway. I play a very eclectic range of music that requires several guitars to pull off generally. Jazz/Blues/Funk to heavy shredding ala little Stevie Vai. This guitar is cabable of handling anything. The stock pick-ups are excellent. The neck is amazing. Sustain?? Hello?? I can hit a note and come back tomorrow. You can feel it resonating through the body even unplugged. The finish and quality are way above average for a Korean built bottom of the line offering but make no mistake, this is a quality instrument. The D-Tuna is a HUGE bonus. While the rest of the band are tuning down I'm having a coke and a smile!!

Lack of a tone knob. Endorsment of Eddie probably adds quite a bit to the price tag. Basswood body at this price?? But still the tone is wonderful so I can't complain too much.

This guitar was in tune out of the box! This guitar is a well constructed, durable instrument.

I had a $1000 budget when I went looking. I played the American series and could't find a reason to spend the extra money. I played literally dozens of guitars and painstakingly researched every one. Read the reviews etc. I could have had a guitar with more features etc.. but this one feels so good and is the absolute best overall guitar that I could find in the $1000 or less price category. Go play it and decide for yourself but definately play it.

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