Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR
Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

EVH Wolfgang Special TR, Other Shape Guitar from Peavey.

MGR/Timmy Van Halen 09/15/2004

Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR : MGR/Timmy Van Halen's user review

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I like Eddie's sound, so I wanted to try one out, but they are hard to find at music stores. Finally found one, and tried out a few. Paid about $600 for it (did a trade).

It is very easy to play. The neck finish is great. the tremolo is awesome. I don't like floating tremolos because they never stay in tune. This one has great dives. The sound is great. I bought a Peavy 5150 2X12 combo, and this guitar kicks ass through it. Wish I could say it sounds like Eddie, but I could play his actual guitar and not sound like him!

The only thing I don't like is the toggle switch - it's backwards. I get mixed up because I have a Les Paul which is set up opposite. But that is a small complaint and not worth changing your mind about the guitar.

good construction, good quality. I've read some people complain that it's basswood instead of mahogony, but I can't tell any difference when I'm jamming. If it sounds good, it sounds good.

I'd buy it again if anything ever happened to it. It's my favorite guitar, and I've had a lot of guitars.

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