frednicol 02/24/2014

Peavey Firenza : frednicol's user review

«  U.S. good and cheap. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
The model is fairly well detailed by my predecessor. I would add that it is the result of a job well done by the workers of the Mississippi work bygone era before the era of outsourcing ..
The construction is impeccable, wood (handle) as a sugar maple, very hard, gives it a very slamming stamp, highly crystalline, slap like a telecaster, and the clarity of p90 reveals more character slamming .. This is far from a more subdued Les Paul sound .. However it does not lack bass and the balance between bass and treble is pretty good ..

on the other hand like all P90 and I am not impressed by the background noise and interferences of this type of microphones .. The firenza is perfect for Heavy, fast game play and modern short .. the distortion .. They are perfect in clear until crunch, and not disgusting in High-Gain .. But too polluted at this stage by the interference ..
The electronics and pickups are MIJ .. very good ..


The handle is a very flat radius 15; little action be well down low, there is low .. high frets crossed a little more difficult with frets "jumbo" but more accurate intonation involved finger ..
Worn on the body it seems a very short guitar (because of his small head) is very nice.
Thick handle like a Les Paul custom, not end like a yamaha, but sweet anyway ..


Not a Jazz Guitar Man, except perhaps for jazz fusion ..
Not a guitar with p90 schredeur ancient ..
I recommend to change the bridge pickup for a microphone to P90 format, but "humbuckerisé" (high gain) and can be found at DiMarzio ..


Form is very successful, its creator Jim Decola was also Master Luthier
in the Custom Shop has the GIBSON.Je Black Gloss slightly glittery, it's very pretty.
Great guitar .. U.S. is very economical to look MusicMan, or EVH .. Love ..
Basic settings has good guitars are present; easy truss rod punched a tilt swivel wheel .. unscrewed stop heel; intonation at the bridge ..

For sickened scrapers to vibrato tuning ephemeral .. it must be this modèle.Et there is a sufficient number of frets for walking solo ... I am very fussy about the different aspects of a guitar I say Congratulations. Moreover, it is a rarity that will sought on the second hand market and to shape it does not go out of style.