baronsamedi30 08/06/2009

Peavey Firenza : baronsamedi30's user review


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Manufactured between 1998 and 2000 in the USA in the Peavey factory Leakesville Mississippi (mine dates from 1999).
- Mahogany body
- Bolt-on maple
- Rosewood fingerboard
- 22 Frets
- 2 P90 Pickups Gotoh "Vintage Alnico KMS"
- Bridge style tune-o-matic
- Schaller
- 3 position selector
- 1 knob volume, 1 tone knob.

Guitar rather compact, a sort of hybrid between a Stratocaster, an LP junior.
It weighs 3.5 kg and is very well balanced game with the strap is very comfortable.
This model has never been distributed prior to France's original price was $ 699.


Channel super nice and comfortable, wide enough, this is not a highway Japanese furious solo at high speed, but rather a comfortable handle adapted to the game Rock vintage.
As I said above the guitar is pretty well balanced. Its unusual shape to think of a LP junior with a projection that would have pushed lol.
Level design, it was designed by Jim Decola, luthier in Fender custom shop ... So original design you either love or hate.
Overall this is a no frills guitar we'll have the essentials ... make good sound!
access to treble is good but not that much worse than a SG.


I was looking for a guitar equipped with P90 (I love the grain of P90), and this guitar by chance discovery on the Web has really exceeded my expectations.
The P90 guitar sound that damn good! It is the ideal instrument for the Blues, Rock, Hard Rock 70's. The sound is fantastic as his clear position on micro serious sound is jazzy, and adding a little crunch is the sound of blues that takes precedence!
In short we have a typical sound of P90 round, full ... the perfect compromise between single and double coil ...


I use it for 2 weeks, I stumbled on it and I do not regret my choice. I highly recommend this guitar, although it is very rare on the French market.
I like everything about this guitar, it is simple, we will have essentially no frills. Good wood, good microphone, no frills ... an instrument of pleasure!
Level value for money go for it! $ 700 to its U.S. release, they are found secondhand at around 200 € ...