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Percolardon 09/09/2009

Peavey Vypyr 75 : Percolardon's user review


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-75 Watts
-4 Channels with 3 band band legalization, CONTRL master volume, pre and post gain
Speaker-12 "(305mm) Designed specially for modlisation
-11 Programmable effects racks
-11 Programmable effects stomp-box
-Up to 5 effects active at the same time
Intgrbr loop-recorder />-tuner intgrbr />-up with 400 registered rglages pdalier optional Sanpera II
USB-PC interface
-MIDI input and output for connecting the footswitch Sanpera twelve o'clock I or II (optional)
Tap Tempo button-
-Headphone and recording studio quality
Attnuateur power-exclusive Power Sponge
-Patented technology in TransTube pr-amplification and power amplification


It took me a while to understand all the subtleties of the amp. The rglages are a little complicated at first. APRS had to remove the silent delay that automatically install on each modlisation amp. So the manual is very well prconis to use this amp. Moreover it is a pity that there have no manual on paper, everything is on DVD in pdf format. Also the pedals Vypyr offers option is almost indispensable to switch between clean and distortion. However j'apprcie between the headphone amp is the standard for once: o)


Ah, this is the main strength of this amp. I had many prjugs silent about that Peavey brand for more prdispose mtal only. But while this amp rvolutionn range with a panel of modlisation amp eclectic trs. We spend little aisment British Rock, to Punk, to Mtal of all kinds, the Rock-type Hot Rod ...
Another thing that got me stuck there, I possde a Squier Tom Delonge Signature with a Seymour Duncan Humbucker Detonator. On all other amps in clean sound silent enough crunch and had to lower the knob back to play in clean little prs properly. L not need to lower the knob, you get a good sound trs clean (without being too hot when even) with this amp. To speak typsmtal sounds (that's what I play most), you can get everything from a cold and his hyper brutal (with modlisation of the head amp lamps XXX used by Soulfly) or a very heavy, greasy and hot (with modlisation of the head amp lamps used by 6505 or Gojira Trivium). In short all combinations are possible thanks to Peavey Vypyr! APRS power level, do not even speak. In one room, the knob 1 is more than enough. It can cover a very easy acoustic drums at a RPET 'or small gigs ...

The only problem we can see, is the lack of bass is that it appears to lack a piece of wood to cover the rear of the amp because it is open.


I bought two weeks ago. I test some amps like the Roland Cube 60 (the sound was too cold and I got mtallique) or the Peavey Bandit 112.
J'tais tank on using the dpart but connatre strength of the amp, I found gnial normment because there are possibilities of sound.
Quality price ratio plutt good, a choice I do not regret.
The models with Vypyr, Peavey has opted this time for clectisme o)