Danelectro AC-1 Chorus-Trem

Danelectro AC-1 Chorus-Trem

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AC-1 Chorus-Trem, Multi-effect or other modulation effect from Danelectro in the Wasabi series.

4 user reviews
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Danelectro AC-1 Chorus-Trem tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Danelectro
  • Model: AC-1 Chorus-Trem
  • Series: Wasabi
  • Category: Multi-effects and other modulation effects
  • Added in our database on: 05/27/2004

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Danelectro AC-1 Chorus-Trem user reviews

Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %
Value For Money :
Equipe B09/19/2004

Equipe B's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Danelectro AC-1 Chorus-Trem
Tremolo effect (variable volume) and chorus (rotating color of sound).
It has a stereo output.
Pedal fairly large and fairly heavy weight level.
Has a button that adjusts the equalization according to four pre-established position.
A mode of adjustment depending on the desired gain (single double or OFF).
Electronic level WARNING: after three weeks the selector to drop HARD-SOFT j've had it replaced: after the notice of the repair technology is fragile and not great (<<economy on the quality of parts for a small price Sales>>)


The edition of the sound is somewhat complex because the speed button and double depth are (top to tremoo and below for the chorus). Hard-Soft button allows her to dig her.
As against a great diversity of sound is available.
Another downside is that the buttons are very sensitive that simply passes on a jack and finally everything is out of adjustment.
a very useful button mixing effect / guitar that puts forward several leffet or not even in it. This button is used both for chorus and tremolo.
Finally, two one switch for the other for the chorus tremolo far enough but not too much to Inrush both at the same time.


On this side no problem as far as the tremolo chorus are really versatile.
It can go from a mild and discreet a true machine gun for the tremolo and a huge color for the chorus.
J hesitated long before I m buying a tremolo because I did not want a vintage (see my review on the Boss TR 2) and nothing to do can be really deep and fast.


I just cowardice (one month) and I am delighted eb. 123 nine good price (price of TR2 boss).
Small detail the diodes at the top of the pedal lights up the cot or leffet is Inrush (<- tremolo -> chorus) which gives a particular look.
If you pass the fragile side of the electronics and the sensitivity of the knobs you end up with a pedal unusual and really nice. The end of a long search in this environment.

JFKowalski's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Danelectro AC-1 Chorus-Trem
First, even before removing it from its box, marking it the weight!
Being given the weight of other Danelectro pedals ca surprises.
And the pedals is not the smallest: 10cm 15aine of a cm

Blue, black plastic knobs
cot buttons / knobs we have:
- A switch for the tremolo effect and another for the chorus (as mtal)
- Two speed and intensity knobs DDouble (Tagus for a chorus and one for the tremolo)
the advantage when you act as a knob on the bottom (chorus) you do not drglez the top one ... and vice versa.
- A knob "equalizer" prrgles 4 positions (off, 1, 2, 3)
- A mix knob: for more or less effect
- A switch for the tremolo only: indeed "soft" or "hard"
- A 3-position switch (not shown in photo) of the cot connections jacks: Hum / off / Single: Hum attenuated the effect (for humbuckers) and boosts the sound Single (combined with an attitude the EQ knob you can have a slight overdrive .. very nice)

and connections:
- Input
- Ouput
- Output dry: no effect
- DC in for AC adapter (not supplied)
- And a trap door (no screws but a clip) to the battery (provided it!)

There are two red LEDs (top right and left) that shows what effect is activated.
Q: the two effects are active at the same time


Very simple;)
the thing that repelled me was the two-storey knobs ... but they are very handy


For the tremolo I am fully satisfied! the sound is exactly what I was looking for ..
One would cost a cd of Creedence Clearwater Revival ...
The settings are effective .. beginners in the position I thought hard but in fact silent inoperable non .. just do not put too much intensity ..
for the chorus I do not have in-depth analysis. I was looking at the base of a tremolo pedals only .. Submitted took the opportunity to have chorus and tremolo pedals on the same I jump on it!
Otherwise the equalizer prrglages are quite nice ... "2" I really like ... and with the switch to "Single", ca crunch slightly ... very well find!
I have a Godin humbuckers and split ... set to "Hum" ca "break" the sound too my taste .... I did then served as the "off" and "single".


PDAL solid, look nice (50s), rglages effective, effects very well played, very customizable, very attractive price
to buy eyes closed
i want to conqueer the world09/07/2008

i want to conqueer the world's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Danelectro AC-1 Chorus-Trem
So a tremolo / chorus plutt vintage, read the opinions CHARACTERISTICS previous ones.

The biggest surprise Obviously as the size of the weight of the BTE. It it much heavier than all my other pedals (Wah, Proco ...) and above it is a steel that really inspires confidence. Trs is big, level size is slightly less long than my wha forcment and much broader prvoir space in the pedalboard.


Gnrale trs configuration is complex ... the 5 Premire seondes ...
Trs trs is not quick to find the usefulness of each rglage, can be a little more complex at the tremolo and more ...

The advantages of the two DIFFERENT IDE is nice but the chorus rglages achieve is sometimes a bit galre without the drgler trmolo ... But the silent ide is a good dj.

As for the manual ... it is shit, two small pages on our pedals o exiplque does not do much. I AIM rglage few pr-table to have a good base.

Finally, the red LED is visible enough and seen enough standards for what is easily activated.

I put 8 (minus 1 for the manual, at least for a grate advantages not simple).


So we arrive at the momment interesting.
First the chorus ... hope it is a vintage sound that can even approach a parfoi leslie tremolo when the couple or if you go into a little extreme rgleges.

Nothing to say it behaves well both in the loop in line (and yes have to put it live in a REPEAT rcemment). It is quickly got it perfectly clean colors a bit bland for my marshall and leads to distortion.
For those wishing to sound a bit more modern, onn arrives in great and well rglages plutt the fucking line, he passes well before pramp and possibly distortion and is therefore more embedded in the chorus faitun more discreet and less and therefore more modern characters.

The chorus is really at the top, I who had to buy ... Wasabi is the stronger.

The tremolo now. While the notice dpart I just mixed a little galr have neat cuts and we must admit that there is distortion that we can hear from Manir trs shoots as I wanted. I am not after all these opportunities, having this pdalle only a few days so j'diterais later. This tremolo too many characters and for my part I only use the Hard mode as the soft mode is just too quiet for my use.

Combining the two effects is enough good fouttre mess at the end of songs ... but outside was a view not too exploitable in the long term.

Finally for SETTING THE pramp I have not used too much dsireux get used to the sound of pdalle burt to better apprcier the subtleties of these r tings ... Of course they will not be effective in a loop.

I put 10 because even if the tremolo I do not agree 100% I think cell does not come from the bte plutt but my lack of knowledge of it for now.


I use it for about a week and I'm thrilled.
I like the solidity of the BTE, the vintage sound but in a more usable now, the two effects pedals Intgr the same.
I had the opportunity to esseyer few chorus at Boss and Digitech. But on the one hand I found them cold and trs other hand the price much more silent lev.
I could not esseyer tremolo itself before, only available in multi tremolo effects (beurkkk ...) or mixer Numark (thunder good !!!).
report quality / price is just gnial ... 66 in produktiv Muzic ... We are a 33 by the end. Go find good effects mtal boxes with as much subtlety and rglages for 33 ... Ms. harley benton have not even matter and quality does not even compare.

In the end it's my Danelectro Premire and I do not really regret my choice .. and the time will surely volumes my opinion but I wanted to DPOS because there are not enough reviews the pedals and I have same length hsit before buying. But I would do this election ... is clear.

barh2_0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Danelectro AC-1 Chorus-Trem

Combining a chorus pedal and a tremolo

input, two output (one dry)

input supply (not supplied)

Potentiometer to floor for the depth and speed

A mix (wet / dry)

A switch Hard / Soft Tremolo for

A five-position selector EQ

A selector Hum / single

Metal frame

Manuel laconic




Very simple and intuitive. Some examples in the manual could be useful ...

Potentiometers will allow to edit stories for each réglalges effects independently, even if the manipulation of one of the second floor leads inexorably in its course. it is not dramatic when adjusted accordingly ...

It happens quite quickly to the desired setting.

Both effects can be used independently or simultaneously




The sounds are decidedly "old shool". I mean they range from slight staining to the excesses of the glory days of the first analog effects.

The tremolo


Two modes: soft for Vox tremolo type, hard for a fast tremolo style "machine gun"
The settings of depth and speed can get sounds adapt to different style and pace. The brand is still a very "tube" ...



Wide palette of sounds, from the monstrous chorus slight mistuning. Again the tone is mostly Vintage

The EQ Selector


Five-way. Flat position that applies no filter and four preset equalizer positions. I find this very interesting little option, especially when combined with a slight tremolo, one obtains cleans sounds very typical.

The selector Hum / Single


Option from the manual to compensate for differences between humbucker and single coil. Personally, I did not understand the usefulness. The position Hum emasculating the sounds and the position Single saturates the signal (if I want an overdrive, I do not buy a chorus ...). So I prefer to leave the switch in Off position
In general, the effects are most effective on sounds clean, lighter on the crunch and not very efficient in distos.


Chorus / Tremolo fairly effective, resolutely Vintage Donant sounds very typical, if you are looking for a discreet chorus to dress your agreements, not necessarily the best choice.
The big advantage of this pedal is to have three sounds cleans underfoot: the clean channel of the amp set rather "flat" for chords, together with the chorus for a game or looser for Harpège, tremolo + Eq rock riffs for 50-60.

The pedal is very interesting to color and give sound vintage tube amp today.

In terms of reliability, the chassis is metal can be misleading. It gives a robust but not the electronics is probably not much, very very competitive price must be explained somewhere ... My Wasabi AC-1 has run two days before the EQ selector renders the soul without further ado ... The VAS has done its job in exchanging cons me a new one that works perfectly (for now!). These are things that happen you ask me (if the pedals would be guaranteed for life and not one year <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> ) But no Boss (and I've had a few!) I've never done this one.

In the same style effects, or H2O Visualsound Electroharmonix Stereo Chorus may be better but twice as expensive. See for yourself ...

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