Softube Music Software user reviews

  • Softube Tube-Tech CL1B

    Softube Tube-Tech CL1B - "Silky Smooth - the Tube-Tech CL1B"


    The Softube Tube-Tech CL1B is a plugin emulation of the original hardware unit by the same name. The hardware compressor has been around since 1987 and was created in Denmark as an updated LA-2A opto style of compressor. It has a legendary reputation…

  • Softube Valley People Dyna-mite

    Softube Valley People Dyna-mite - "Explosive dynamics tool"


    Softube's Valley People Dyna-mite is a dynamics processor based on a 1980's hardware unit of the same name but originally created by Valley People who are part of the PMI group, which is who Softube licences it from. If you want to find out more abou…

  • Softube FET Compressor

    Softube FET Compressor - Azuma's review


    I haven't had any compatibility issues , the program works on any platform Windows XP, Windows Seven or MAC OS. The book provided with the program was well detailed , all the information that was important to the product itself was there and you…

  • Softube Vintage Amp Room

    Softube Vintage Amp Room - "3 amps"


    The Softube Vintage Amp room is an easy plug in to use, the basic version of this plug in cost around 200 dollars but I suggest getting the TDM version because it comes with more amps but it is about a hundred dollars more than the Native version. Th…

  • Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C

    Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C - moosers's review


    The Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C is an equalizer plug-in that is a software version of the Tube Tech PE1C Pultec style EQ. I've used both this software version and the original hardware EQ, as we have the hardware version at the studio I'm working at now…

  • Softube Metal Amp Room

    Softube Metal Amp Room - moosers's review


    Softube's Metal Amp Room is an amp modeling piece of software that comes in a bundle of these Amp Room plug-ins. I'm not sure if it can also be purchased individually, but it's available in VST, RTAS, and AU formats as well as for both Mac and PC op…

  • Softube Bass Amp Room

    Softube Bass Amp Room - moosers's review


    Softube's Bass Amp Room is a bass amplifier simulator plug-in, and a cool one at that. Softube has a few different amp simulation plug-ins in this vein that share the same sort of interface. I don't own this plug-in, as I've just used it at the stu…

  • Softube Vintage Amp Room

    Softube Vintage Amp Room - moosers's review


    The Softube Vintage Amp Room plug-in is a piece of guitar amp modeling software. The plug-in is compatible across the board as far as I can tell, as you can get it for both Mac and PC and in RTAS/TDM, AU, and VST formats. I wasn't involved with the…

  • Softube Valley People Dyna-mite

    Softube Valley People Dyna-mite - moosers's review


    Softube's Valley People Dyna-mite plug-in is a multi-purpose dynamic processor, acting as an all in one compressor/limiter, gate, and expander. Softube has teamed up with a number of different hardware manufacturers out there including Valley People…

  • Softube Tonelux Tilt

    Softube Tonelux Tilt - moosers's review


    Softube's Tonelux Tilt is a unique equalization plug-in that was designed in tandem by Softube and Tonelux, the original hardware manufacturer and designer of the Tilt. The process of installing the plug-in was quick and easy as it only took a few m…