Softube FET Compressor
Softube FET Compressor

FET Compressor, Software compressor from Softube.

Azuma 02/25/2013

Softube FET Compressor : Azuma's user review


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I haven't had any compatibility issues , the program works on any platform Windows XP, Windows Seven or MAC OS.

The book provided with the program was well detailed , all the information that was important to the product itself was there and you could get a wide understanding of it.

General configuration and setup is easy and doesn't require a lot of effort to get the results done.


The Software works correctly without any types of errors or mistakes , also the gear and configuration is very stable , this compressor is a very powerful one that has an old style touch to it.

I'm getting pro performances with it , I use it mainly on my vocal tracks or even or on my lead tracks.

I've been using this compressor for about 5 months now , but the weight of it , the impact it has on final mixes is huge.


What I like most about this compressor , is the effect it has on the layer itself , it has a powerful attack , you can side-chained to another or the same track , you can build nice parallel injection.

Another great thing about this product is the detector , which is basically an build in eq , that is quite useful to sculpture the frequency range.

I like the analog feel that this compressor makes , it has a vintage type of touch , it sounds big , wide , and yet very compact and pro.

My opinion about the value of price is awesome , I really think this is probably one of the best compressors that are digital yet are very alike to the old compressors.

Precision and quality of the sound is perfect , there is really nothing to complain about , I would rate 10/10.

Yes , I would buy this product over and over again.